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British TV series

Foxbusters - Ransome takes charge...

    Dick King Smith's
The Foxbusters   (1999-2000)

    producers: Cosgrove Hall Films
2D animation
      episodes: 26 x 11mins

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   The chickens of Foxearth Farm are at the mercy of fox King Voracious and his
   ever-hungry pack. Or they might be, were it not for those dambusting chickens
   of the sky, The Foxbusters. Ransome, Sims and Jeffries are hens with wings,
   defying the Old Wive's Tale that chickens can't fly and always alert to that
   not-so fantastic Mr Fox and friends. When the enemy is spied they are soon
   driven off by a volley of grit pellets, egg bombs and more!

     Sims - big on ideas..   Jeffries - the nutty one...   Voracious - king of the foxes!

   "The Foxbusters" was adapted from the best-selling children's book by author
   Dick King-Smith ("Babe", and many more). Cosgrove Hall's series was developed
   and written by David Freedman and Alan Gilbey. They subsequently formed
   Peafur Productions and went on to bring us thered-hot hilarity of The Mr Hell Show
   and the interstellar delights of Bounty Hamster before going their separate ways.
   David is now an in-demand show-runner and producer, whilst Alan is equally in
   demand for his screenwriting skills.

   The series shares many similarities with Aardman Animation's first full-length
   feature film Chicken Run. There's the regimental nature of the hens, like they've
   stepped out of a WW2 film. There's the flying connection as well as the
   notion of a "Hollywood" voice in the lead role. In Foxbusters' case it's
   comediene and actress Whoopi Goldberg. "Chicken Run" and "Foxbusters"
   also share a voice in the form of Jane Horrocks, who plays Babs in the former
   and Jeffries in this show. What's more, both characters are of the rather
   nutty variety. Then there's Sims, the hen with the Big Ideas, rather like Mac
   in "Chicken Run", isn't she? - That's not to knock either production, though.
   "Foxbusters" stands on its own two chicken feet as a snappy, funny show,
    with bright characters and plots. The series collected a British Animation
    Award for Best Animation 2000 and, even better, went to pick up a BAFTA
    for Best Childrens Animated series. Bally-good stuff, eh?

   Spanish foxes

   The series was actually animated by Alfonso Productions in Spain
. They
   had already worked with Cosgrove Hall on Avenger Penguins and Fantomcat.
   Busting foxes

Note the slight change between the title of the book and that of the series.
   The novel is called "The Fox Busters", with the words written separately.
   Here with the series, the words are run together, so it's "The Foxbusters".

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    2000 British Animation Award - Best Children's Series
    2000 BAFTA - Best Animated Children's Series

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   Broadcast info

The series premiered on ITV on 9th September 1999....    

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    Series One
Hen Night
Where Ego's Dare
Winging it
Icky's Sticky Situation
A Fete Worse than Death
Follow My Leader
The Ring Cycle
The Trojan Chicken
Going Underground 
See the Dog, See the Dog Run
The Long Walk Home
Three Hens and a Baby
Passing the Buck 
Series Two
Ackluclalypse Now
Big Trouble

Day of the Hunter
Fear of Flying
The Not So Great Escape
Love Bites
Eggs, Lies and Videotape
Of Mice and Hen
Some Like it Otter
The Prishener
One Paw in the Grave
In the Beak-ginning

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     Further reading

     "The Fox Busters" was first published in the UK by Gollanz, in 1978.
     Since then, numerous editions have surfaced, including a 1999 tie-in
     edition from Puffin Books, illustrated by Jon Miller...

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     The Foxbusters on DVD

     UK DVD
 Series One: episodes 1 - 6
                Region 2 / six episodes / Cinema Club / Jan 2003

     UK DVD
Series One: episodes 7 - 13
                Region 2 / seven episodes / Cinema Club / Jan 2003

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     based on the book "The Foxbusters"
     by Dick King-Smith

     developed for television by David Freedman & Alan Gilbey
     for Cosgrove Hall Films

executive producer:
script editor:
animation directors:

production managers:

production assistants:


storyboard artists:

layout artists:


background artists:

line test:
computer dept

online & offline editing:
audio post-production:
voice recording:

Brian Cosgrove
Jon Doyle
Oliver Ellis
Keith Hopwood & Phil Bush
John Offord (UK)
Carlos Alfonso (Spain)
Laura Duncalf (UK)
Alex Alfonso (Spain)
Julio Diez (Spain)
Hilary Downs, Nicola Davies,
Roy Huckerby
Steve Maher, Chris Fenna,
Chris Coady, Mike Whaite
Kepa De Orbe, Alex De Orbe,
Alex San Vincente
Gorka Aranburu, Alex De Orbe,
Javier Vaquero, Alex San Vincente,
Eduardo Urrutia, Txenna Diaz,
Jon Fernandez, Asier Arrillaga,
Dani Zarate, Jon Villabeitia,
Joseba Acebes
Luisa Sanchez, Sandra Sasu,
Julio Altozano, Ismael Arrais,
Isabel Fernandez, Marta De La Rosa,
Luis Amor, Jose Carlos Rudea,
Sacramento Martinez, Cristina Gabriel,
Benito Martin, Nieves Castineira,
Lourdes Santos, Miguel A Abad,
Lius Orellana, Amanda Del Monte,
Julio Santos, Juan Perez,
Ma Luisa Ruiz, Blanca Ruiz,
Pedro Pablo Perez, Cristina Calle,
Maribel De Pedro, Victor Rodriguez,
Monica Diaz
Andres Hernandez, George D Popov,
Denitza Deneva, Javier Mota,
Carmen Martin, Fermin Rodriguez,
Cristina Ray, Concha Munoz,
Mar Viejo
Mayte Alonso & Eve Montero
Fernando A Santiago

Jose Maria Lopez
Paulino Martin
Maribel Lopez, Carmen G Sangrador,
Asuncion Tomas, Dolores Torres
Juan Manuel Guerrero, Victor Gonzalez
Jackie Mitchell
Flix Facilities
Hullabaloo Studios
The Bridge Studio (London)
Howard Schwartz Inc. (New York)
Whoopi Goldberg (Ransome)
Joanna Lumley (Sims)
Jane Horrocks (Jeffries)
Jimmy Hibbert (Voracious)
Rob Rackstraw

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    On the web

    David Freedman
    One half of Peafur, still going strong...

    Alan Gilbey
    And the other, going just as strongly...

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