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British TV series

    Nin aka "Frankenstein's Cat" from the Mackinnon & Saunders / Kayenta Productions series

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Frankenstein's Cat    (2007)
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     producers: Mackinnon & Saunders
                       A Productions / Kayenta Productions
     animation: 2D animation

       episodes: 30 x 10mins

    "Gather round kids, 'cos I've got a tail...
     And a leg... and an eye... and an ear!..."

    Nine is a cat from a kit who really does have nine lives within him. That's
    because he's the cooky cross-stitched creation of mad Dr. Frankenstein, who
    lives in a lightning-stabbed mountain-top castle retreat. And the doctor obviously
    wasn't very good with his needles, because this poor old moggy has a habit
    of coming apart at the seams, at the most unfortunate times. Still, Nine is a
    chipper chappy, who doesn't appear to be too phased by such inconvenience.
    And young Lottie can see past those fraying threads too. She's a girl from
    the local village of Oddsburg, down in the valley, who's Nine's best friend
    and buddy. Lottie's at a loose end herself, COs - well - she's a girl, and she's
    odd, and she just doesn't fit in with the boys in Mr Crumble's class.
    Together this feline-female double-act get up to all sorts of mirth and mischief
    as they right wrongs about town, mop up mad experiments that have gone awry,
    and generally help everyone and thing to get along - however odd they may be!


    If the bobblehead design of this show looks a little familiar, it's because it's
    sprung from the brilliant mind of Bob the Builder's designer, Curtis Jobling.
    It's actually adapted from his book of the same name, published in 2001.
    And - fanfare please - it is in fact the very first self-produced series from
    Mackinnon & Saunders, who have been supplying amazing modelmaking
    services to the animation industry for several years now.
    Originally, the series was conceived as a stop-motion project, with the
    Mackinnon & Saunders crew constructing the characters and sets. But
    in the end we got a 2D series, with Kayenta Productions sewing everything
    together, with assistance from A Productions and animation studio 4:21.
    And it's a delight, with its rich, inky backgrounds, and rip-stitching segueing
    between scenes. Alan Gilbey (Mr Hell, Bounty Hamster) corralled the scripts
    and wrote the lyrics for the infectious theme song that is guaranteed to
    brocade itself upon the brains of those who've watched this
    award-winning production...

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» They're not often referred to by name, but in case you're wondering,
        Lottie's classmates are called Sweeny, Bigtop, Clever Trevor and

» They appear in the opening titles, but Dr Frankenstein's other Frankenpets
        don't pop up in the series proper until episode three ( "Lucky Ticket").
        Igora chicken, Heidi hamster and Fifi dog are of a similar patchwork
        construction as our Nine, but alas, they despise the jaunty fellow
        and do their best to undermine his good deeds and endeavours...

    » Gunther Van Halen, Monster Hunter to the Crown Teeth of Europe, comes
        to town in "The Monster Man". He's dedicated his life and his limbs to
        his employment. He lost his arm whilst capturing the terrifying Two-Headed
        Transylvanian Zombie. He lost his nose fighting the Giant Blood-Sucking
        Leech from the Black Lagoon. And he lost his heart to Brumhilda Boot
        from Dusseldorf (though, that's another story). Gunther fails to win the
        big bag of money on offer to capture Oddsburg's monster (Nine). But he
        returns to torment the feline in the episode "Freakshow"...

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    Frankenstein's Cat prints by Curtis Jobling - on sale at The Animation Art Gallery


    To celebrate the launch of the series, Curtis Jobling got his brushes out
    and painted nine funtastic film posters, based on episodes from the
    series. These were then transformed into mouthwatering, limited edition
    giclee prints - just 100 signed editions of each - and put on sale at galleries
    like London's Animation Art Gallery from september 2008. The nine
    creations were/are:

   • Plan Nine From Outer Oddsburg
 The Very Lost Boys
 Let's Make Friends
 One of Our Castles is Missing
 Friday the 1th Part Nine
The Wall
 Fantastic Captain Bat

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    Nine wins a Pulcinella + on the BBC...

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    broadcast info

    The series opener "Tricky Spot" premiered on CBBC
    on 4th February 2008, at 18.00...
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    2008  Pulcinella for "Best Children's Show" at Cartoons On The Bay
    2008 "Best TV Show" award at the BAF awards

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    Tricky Spot                              The Apprentice
    Brains                                      Halloween
    Lucky Ticket                             Trapped
    The Great Dust Up                      Pest in Show
    The Wall                                   New Best Friend
    Wrong Thing                              Freakshow
    Election                                   The Big Foot Burglar
    New Kid                                    A Tale of Tails
    Heidi and Shriek                         The Horror of Little Shops
    Birthdaze                                  Film
    Hero                                        One of our Castles is Missing
    The Night of the Lost Blankie        Hay Day
    The Lost Boys                           Weird Science
    Let's Make Friends
    Unlucky Day
    The Monster Man

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    "Frankenstein's Cat" fridge magnet set

    Frankenstein's Cat on DVD

    That fridge magnet cat kit, above, was given away free inside copies of the
    UK DVD when it first launched. Cool, eh?

    UK DVD
Frankenstein's Cat
               Region 2 / eight episodes / Right Ent. / October 2008

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   based on the book by Curtis Jobling
    a Mackinnon & Saunders / Kayenta production

    in association with
    CCI Entertainment

    developed with the support of
    North West Vision, through the Regional Attraction Fund

    supported by the CNC


exec producers:

executives in charge of
production for CBBC:

program advisor:
h of kids programming:

design &
creative direction:
head writer:
storyboard artists:

clean storyboard:

head of studio:
clean layout:
chief background artist:
main background artist:
colour background:
character & prop build:
1st directors asst:
animation director:

preparation & checking:

technical support:
head of compositing:


production manager:

head of studio:

main background artist:
colour background:

asst to director:
animation director:
character & prop build:

production manager:
production asst:
voice director
& recording engineer:
sound design:
audio mix:
asst editor &
post-production asst:
production manager:
post-prod manager:
production asst:
master tapes
& compositing:

Jackie Edwards (Mackinnon & Saunders)
Sara Mullock (Mackinnon & Saunders)
Kourtney Kaye (Kayenta)
Ian McKinnon (Mackinnon & Saunders)
Peter Saunders (Mackinnon & Saunders)
Michel P. Pinard (Kayenta Productions)
Thierry Rivard (Kayenta Productions)

Nikki Chaplin, Melanie Halsall
produced with the participation of France 3

Pierre Siracusa
Julien Borde
Alan Gilbey, Ian Carney,
Darren Jones, Lee Pressman,

Curtis Jobling
Alan Gilbey
Pierre Violot, Gordon Harrison,
Philippe Saunier, Trevor J Ricketts,
Isabel Castellanox, Paul Stone
Emmanuel Brughera, Frederic Carvallo

animation studio 4:21

Pascal Gayrard, Eric Magrangeas
Clara Chardavoine
Christophe Lassale
Sebastien Deniaux
Yannick Lafolas
Camille Meunier, Miguel Larzillere
Alexandre Boudon, Amhed Gerrouache
Bertrand Bonnin
Jerome Pradet
Michael Bataille, Valerie Breand-Barreau,
Christophe Callissoni, Raphael Chabassoi,
Stephane Cronier, Chloe Cruchaudet,
Gary Domingez, Sophie Dupont,
Matthieu Giner, Elodie Hiolle,
Patrick Imbert, Patrick Quach,
Nicolas Leger, Antoine Maillere,
Fabien Martin, Carole Maurel,
Chloe Miller, Stephanie Misiak,
Christophe N'guyen, Graziella Petrini,
Khodom Outhaithavy, Benjamin Renner,
Vincent Vadurel, Wang Xiong,
Yannick Zanchetta
Virginie Guyot, Claire Matthieu,
Pierre-Hadrien Gougne
Christophe Pacaud
Christophe Nardi, Jeremy Thomas,
Virginie Paternostre, Marie-Pierre Barallon,
Sandrine Beaujour, Laurence Brun,
David Henriot, Jonathan Nardi,
Pascale Chau Huu, Corine Garcia
Carole Debaere, Cristobal Martinez,
Elodie Boudard

a production

Mark Taylor
Vivienne Heath, Denise Heywood,
Theresa Whatley
Monica Herman
Matthew Morgan, Ian Friend,
Tom Readdy, Henry St Leger
Romi Thirunamam
Jane E. Davis
James D. Wilson
Tom Evans, Dave Cropley,
Hamish Baird, Kirsten Thacker,
Nick Price, Stefan David Warran,
Steve Whittle, Joe Wood,
Ken Hayes, Robert Brown,
Zoran Jankovic
Katherine McQueen
Zoe Radford
Dave Peacock
Kass Woyciechowski
Bertrand Boudaud, Christophe Burdet
Ael Dallier-Vega, Penda Houzangbe
Flavie Doubesky
Cecile Boscher
Jacques Davidovici
Isabelle Kopecky
Valerie de Bergh
Clarisse Devillers
Natacha Prima
Manu Pouilloux

Joe Pasquale (Nine)
Teresa Gallagher (Sweeny / Igora / Lottie's Mum)
Jimmy Hibbert
Alex Kelly (Lottie)
Keith Wickham (Dr Fr'stein / Pip / Trevor / Mr Crumble)


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      They stitched him together...

      Kayenta Productions
      Using thread produced here...

        A Productions
      And material from here...

        Alan Gilbey

      He added the stuffing...

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