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British TV series
Funky valley - Dippy the Cow

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Funky Valley       (2004 -)
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Honeycomb Animation for Channel 5
     animation: 2D animation

                             SERIES ONE
                             2004 / 26 x 5mins

                              SERIES TWO
                              2006 / 26 x 5mins


    Funky Valley is home to a host of hopping-mad farm animals. There's Dippy
    the dreamy cow, buslting Clara the hen, the far-too sensible pig called Porker,
    bossy Daphne duck and the neurotic sheep Fleecie, and they're aided and
    abetted by Hoot, the owl with lots of not-so clever ideas. All the critters share a
    common trait. They're too cream-headed to fit in to a regular farmyard. But
    here in Funky Valley they can run amok with their wild schemes and crazy
    notions, well, till the cows come home...

    This frisky series comes to us from Sara and Simon Bor and their production
    outfit Honeycomb Animation. Funky Valley has a suitably funky design.
    It's made up of swatches of landscape. It's a torn paper patchwork akin to a
    kid's collage. And there's some equally funky narration by that off-the-wall
    actor and comedian Mark Williams. There's something so special about his
    brilliant Brummie accent. A madness lurking just beneath the surface. He's
    got the perfect voice. Little wonder the show's been a hit on Five, where it
    airs as part of the morning Milkshake! line-up...

    »  Series co-writer Alan Plenderleith has previously brought us the
         ploppy delights of The Odd Squad...

    » "Funky Valley" has hit the spot with the bosses of UK broadcaster Five,
         because a spin-off - "Funky Town" - has now been commissioned...

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     Funky Valley - Fleecie gets funky!

In the news

    The Hound: June 2006
    News of Series II...

    The Hound: October 2005
    Funky Valley leads to Funky Town...

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     Episode titles

Dippy Over The Moon

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    Funky Valley on DVD

     There's no standalone UK release for the show right now, but the
     episode "Dippy Over The Moon" is included in this frothy
     Milkshake! compilation:

     UK DVD
Milkshake! Treats
                 Region 2 /
2 Entertain / June 2007

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     created, designed and directed
      by Sara and Simon Bor

     animation and technical co-ordinator
      Graham Hayter

     animation and production co-ordinator
      Gareth Conway

     producers:             Simon and Sara Bor

     scripts:                  Allan Plenderleith, Sara Bor,
                                  Simon Bor

     music:                   Ed Welch

     animation:             Lloyd Harrison, Dan Mitchell,
                                  Trevor Phillips, Owain Roberts,
                                  Will Rose, Casey Fulton,
                                  Steven Buckler, Nick Price
     sound:                   Paul Roberts
     editor:                   Paul Brown
     prod accountant:    Melanie English
     narrator:                Mark Williams

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      On the web

      Funky Valley
      A little more info on the show...

      Honeycomb Animation
      The studio site, with all the info on the producers...

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