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British TV series
Funnybones - animated by Cartwn Cymru

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Funnybones  (1992)
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producers: Cartwn Cymru for S4C / BBC
cel animation
   episodes: 12 x 5mins

   "In a dark, dark town
    there was a dark, dark street..."

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    Big, Little, and Dog are three skeletons abroad in a dark, dark town full of
    skeletal folk. They actually live in a dark, dark cellar at the bottom of some dark,
    dark stairs inside a dark, house, that's down a dark, dark street in that dark, dark
    town. Big and Little make a jolly pairing. They're inseperable, even sharing the
    same bed at night (or is that day?). Big wears a bright red bowler hat, and has
    a triangular hole where his nose should be, whereas Little sports a round button
    hole for a nose. Plus, of course, Big is slightly taller than Little. Their faithful
    pet Dog is a skeleton terrier who simply loves to chew on bones whenever he
    can - though not those of Big and Little, thank goodness.

    Darkness aside, Big and Little's dark, dark town is just like any other. It has
    a pet shop, a dinosaur museum, a dark, dark seaside not far away and lots
    of fun and bones - um - games to be had by our trio.

    Life isn't always so dark, though. In the episode "Cat Chase", white, white
    Dog disappears in the white, white snow!

    Cartwn Cymru's series was adapted from the popular picture books written 
    by Janet and Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by Andre Amstutz. The adaptation
    is extremely faithful to its source, and each tiny tale hops along to a xylophone
    rythmn as befits such a bone-centric creation. Stories are narrated by comedian
    Griff Rhys Jones, whose voice is also assumed by The Man In The Moon
    shining above the dark, dark town. The Moon Man introduces and concludes
    each tale for us.

    This is a fun and faultless production. It was Cartwn Cymru's second stab at
    animating a popular children's book series. Two years earlier they'd given us
    those globetrotting Toucan 'Tecs. The team have since brought us the
    more sophisticated pleasures of Miracle Maker and Otherworld...

      'In a dark, dark town...'

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    Funnybones episodes

    The Pet Shop                  
Mystery Tour
    Bumps In The Night          
    Give The Dog A Bone        
Shake Rattle And Roll  
Cat Chase
    Ghost Train                     City Nights  
Skeleton Crew                 Night Fright     

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» Funnybones books at

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     based on the books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

    illustrated by Andre Amstutz
    published by Heinemann Young Books

    producer:          Naomi Jones
    director:            Gary Hurst
    exec prod:         Christopher Grace
                            Theresa Plummer-Andrews
    script:               Jocelyn Stevenson      
    music:               Ernie Wodd
     storyboard:        Clive Dawson
    Neil Graham
    animation:          Graham Griffiths, Chris Webster, Steve Hayne,
                             Reg Lodge, Sue Rowe, Bill Tapp
     trace & paint
     & backgrounds:  
The Ink And Paint Co.
     prod co-ord:        
Ceri Griffin
     filmed by:            
Rostrum Camera Ltd
Robert Francis
              Griff Rhys Jones

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