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British TV series

Gogs! - Ogo

  Gogs!     (
1993 - 1996 / 1998)

  producers: Aaargh! Animation / S4C / BBC Bristol
stop-motion animation

                          13 x5mins
                                                     1998 / 1 x 30mins special

Claymation with a kick.... in the teeth!'"
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    Say hello to young Ogo, Oglas, Ogla, long-haired Igi, grandpa Gogas and baby Girj,
    otherwise known as The Gogs, and otherwise unnamed within these two series
    of prehistoric encounters because The Gogs do not actually use language to
    communicate with one another. Instead they gesticulate, thump, grunt, and
    - um - expel in equal proportion. Yep, the Gog family are our all-farting, all-belching,
    snot-dribbling, bottom-exposing caveman ancestors. More missing stink, than
    missing link. They inhabit a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, extremes of climate, and
    environmental chaos. The word "subtlety" hasn't been invented here. They're crude,
    a little rude, and frequently very funny to watch...

     Gogs! - Baby Girj   Gogs - Ogla

    This prehistory claymation was the brainchild of Mike Mort and Deiniol Morris of
    Aaargh! Animation. A pilot was developed in 1993 and the subsequent first series
    brought initially to welsh screens by Meirion Davies of S4C. From there it was
    sprung on to a national platform with the help of Colin Rose at the BBC.
    The five episodes of that first series - Gogs I - were first screened nationally on
    BBC2 as a run of daily episodes during the Christmas Holiday schedules in 1996.
    Gogs went on to acquire a 1995 Children's BAFTA Award for Best Animation, and a
    prestigious Banff Animation award, and it also spawned a sequel, imaginatively
    titled Gogs II.

    But that wasn't the end of things, of course. A half-hour feature beckoned. Gogwana
    has bigger sets, bigger effects and bigger bogeys and takes the club-thumping clan
    out of their cave and off on an extraordinary dino-filled, pygmy-stuffed adventure to
    a new home. What's more BAFTA stardom beckoned again when the film was
    nominated for Best Animation in the prestigious film section...

    Aaargh! went from strength to strength on the back of those Gogs. They
    won plaudits for their Levi 501s commercial - the Mr Bombastic/Shaggy one -
    they also animated for ReadyBrek, and in 2001 they mined still more BAFTA
    gold, winning their second Children's BAFTA for Best Animation for the film
    "Aunt Tiger". This was Aaargh!'s contribution to the "Animated Tales of the
    World" tv series. The Animated Tales series proved to be the world's largest ever
    co-production venture with numerous animation studios contributing versions
    of famous and some not-so-famous folk tales from around the globe.

» For those who need to know, the ever-chomping dino in that first Gogs
        series has a name. He's apparently called Ray...

» Trivia Hounds will also note that comedian/actor Josie Lawrence lends
        her voice to The Gogs. And that's her shrieking tones on the funky
        end titles, too...

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      1998 British Animation Award - Best children's Series
      1995 Children's BAFTA - Best Animation
      1995 Banff Animation Award

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      See also


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      episode titles
     1.Fire                   8.Illness
     2.Stone Circle        9.Bear
     3.Hunt                 10.Gramps RIP
     4.Cave                 11.Apes and Men
     5.Earthquake         12.Babysitting
     6.Inventions          13. Snow


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      Broadcast info
      "Fire" premiered on BBC2, 21st December 1996 at 8.50pm...

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     Gogs on DVD

     This title is now deleted, but there might be a third-party seller selling it:

     UK DVD
Gogs - The Complete Collection
                Regions 2 / 89mins / Warner Vision / April 2001

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       an Aaargh! and S4C production
       for BBC Bristol

     director:          Deiniol Morris
     producer:        Helen Nabarro
     exec prod:      Mike Mort, Deiniol Morris
     for S4C:          Meirion Davies
     for the BBC:    Colin Rose

     voices:           Marie Clifford
                          Gillian Flisa
                          Dafydd Emyr
                          Rosie Lawrence
                          Rob Rackstraw
                          Nick Upton

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