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British TV series

    Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids

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   Grizzly Tales for
  Gruesome Kids
    (2000 - 2005)
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   producers: Honeycomb Animation and
                     Elephant Productions for CiTV            
3D intros / 2D stories
     episodes: 78 x 11mins (
six series)
                     1 x 22mins (special)


    "You are welcome to Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids,
     a series of cautionery tales for lovers of squeam!"


    Welcome to Uncle Grizzly's creepy theatre, the Squeam Screen, wherein
    are projected cautionery tales to make your hair curl and your toes twist
    with terror. In these badtime bedtime stories, naughty children get their
    come-uppances, silly boys and girls are made to squeal, and scheming
    brothers and sisters fall foul of their merry mischief in decidely
    'orrible ways.

    Each episode opens with a stop-motion introduction. We follows an unwitting
    boy in to the creepy theatre to see the latest tale of terror. Uncle Grizzly stalks
    around his projection box, as the boy's popcorn over-runs with bugs and we
    are drawn to the film. The tales that follow unspool in two dimensions, though
    there is a third dimension still on offer in the form of Nigel Planer's fun-tastic
    voiceover. He narrates from start to finish with hand-rubbing glee, building
    each sorry story to its ghastly conclusion, before the lightning fueled theme
    music kicks in once more...

Another child is traumatised by Uncle Grizzly!

    Those "Grizzly Tales" have all sprung from the insane mind of author Jamie
    Rix, and brought to life by the folks at Honeycomb Animation, who also brought
    us those fabulous Wolves, Witches and Giants. Of course, the stories aren't
    that gruesome, they're just great fun. The Guignol is never too Grand, the fear
    factor never too high, but each tale is told with a glint in the eye and great gleeful
    side-portions of relish. Which explains why the series has won a gruesome
    number of aplaudits, most notably two nominations at the Children’s
    BAFTAs 2005, the prize for Best Children’s Series prize at The British
    Animation Awards 2004 and a rather lovely Pulcinella.

» Ealing Animation animated the 3D inserts for the first couple of series.

    » The series was first broadcast on CiTV in January 2000. There
        have been six seasons produced thus far, and one special.

» The book "Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids" was first published
        in 1992. Author Jamie Rix brought us fifteen cautionery tales.

» For brevity's sake, the title is now often simplified to "Grizzly Tales".

» Speaking of brevity, those naughty folks at CiTV inexcusably cut
        the 3D intro from Series 4, when it was first broadcast in 2004.
        A visit from Uncle Grizzly soon righted the wrongdoing...


     Grizzly Awards

     2004 British Animation Awards - Best Children's Series 
     2000 Cartoons on the Bay - Pulcinella, Best Series for Children (6 - 12)
     2000 Bradford Animation Festival - Best TV Series for Children
     2000 New York Festivals - Intl TV Programming, Gold World Medal


Gruesome episodes

    The Spahgetti Man
         The Bugaboo Bear 
    Death by Chocolate
        The Butcher Boy
    The Wooden Hill
             The Fruit Bat
    A Tangled Web
               Monty's Python
    The New Nanny
              The Grub a Blub Blub
    Grandmother's Foosteps
   Wolf Child
    Doctor Moribundus          
The Weather Witch
    The Princess' Clothes
       Kiss and Make Up
    The History Lesson
    The Barber of Civil


Grizzly Tales on DVD

     UK DVD
Grizzly Tales: Monty's Python and Other Ghastly Tales
                Region 2 / Granada Ventures / April 2006


     based on the books by Jamie Rix

        Simon & Sara Bor
                           and Jamie Rix
      Simon & Sara Bor
                           and Clive Hedges (Series I, II)
                           and Sarah Muller (Series III - VI)
     exec prods:
     Michael Forte (Series I, II)
                           David Mercer (Series IV)
             Jamie Rix
Ed Welch
Jon Miller, Daniel Mitchell,
                           Oliver Knowles, Victoria Goy-Smith,
                           Liam Williamson, Karen Elliott,
                           Christopher Bowles
       Richard Randolph, Nick Herbert
     prod co-ord:     
Gareth Conway
     tech co-ord:
     Graham Hayter
     prod account:
   Melanie English
     prod sec:
         Emma Booth
   Lincoln Anderson
             Peter Beswick
             Bjorn Swinton-Berry
       Nigel Planer


      On the web

      Honeycomb Animation

      The official studio site with info on all of their productions
      past and present...

      Ealing Animation

      And here's Ealing, with all their series info...

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