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British TV series

     "Hana's Helpline" from Calon Ltd

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Hana's Helpline  (2006-2008)
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producers: Calon Ltd for Five
                      and S4C Wales
    animation: stop-motion animation

      episodes: 52 x 10mins

    "Moo, Baa, double Quack, double Quack,
    She'll send your problems packing..."


    If you're a little animal with a big problem, then Hana the Duck is waiting to
    hear from you on her Helpline. Think of it as a kind of animal Childline, if you
    will. Worried youngsters can give her a call and she'll do her very best to
    help them...

    What a brilliantly simple concept for a series this is. Hana and her assistants
    Owen Owl and Betty Bat help everyone from height-fixated giraffes to clumsy
    octopi. Big or small, short or tall, what ever their woes, they'll find the answer.
    Troubles are ironed out, worries are eased and problems suitably solved.
    And no one is excluded, not even Hana's young son Francis.

     Douglas the Duckling in "Hana's Helpine" from Calon TV

    Each episode opens with a young critter recalling their woes via a helpline
    camera. Let's take Douglas the Duckling (above). He was really scared
    of swimming until he called Hana...

    Oh, and the theme song acts as a handy promo for the Helpline. You see,
    instead of numbers, the keypads on the phones in the series sport images
    of various animals. The buttons correspond to the sound each animal makes.
    So we get Hana's famous Helpline number: Moo, Baa, double Quack,
    double Quack. Clever, eh?

    "Hana's Helpline" was producded by Calon TV of Cardiff. The production house
    was formed in 2005 by the former management of Siriol Productions (SuperTed)
    They also brought Hilltop Hospital to life, and Hana's Helpline feels like the
    natural successor to that BAFTA-winning toon. The soft-stitched design of
    the characters helps to set the cosy tone of the series and Hana
    (voiced by actor/comedienne Arabella Weir) has that lovely matronly way
    about her - firm when needs be, yet always fair...

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     One N One A

     She's not John Hannah, or Hanna-Barbera.
     She's just Hana. One n, one a - that's all you need to remember...

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     Hana helps...

    Muzzy the Mouse
    Ernie the Eagle

    Rosie the Panda

    Fergus the Firefly
    Gazza the Gorilla
    Cyril the Squirrel
    Myrtle the Turtle
    Olivia the Octopus
    Bert the Bear
    Gwenda the Giraffe
    Ellen the Ostrich
    Douglas the Duckling


    1st season episodes

    You're a Star                 
Fibbing Frog
    Gorilla Crossing               
Unwanted Gift
    Cyril the Squirrel            
 Super Squirrel
    Disappearing Act            
When Ducklings Dare
    Too Many Hands            
Best Mum in the World
    Beware of the Bear         
Bubble Trouble
    High and Seek               
Brave as a Lion
    Winging It                   
  Where's Teddy?
    Team Spirit                   
Bully for Douglas    
    No Fear                       
 Night Light
    Dancing Away                
Little Miss Sulky Pants
    I'm a Big Boy Now         
  Storm Brewing
    Help I'm Lost                 Stop That Ernie


    Broadcast info

     The series was first broadcast in Wales, on S4C, under the Welsh title
     Holi Hana, in April 2007. The English version subsequently premiered
     on Channel Five, as part of the channel's Milkshake! line-up,
     on 12th June 2007...


    Hana's Helpline on DVD

   UK DVD Hana's Helpline - Hide and Seek
                Region 2 / six episodes / 2 Entertain / April 2008

   UK DVD Hana's Helpline - You're A Star
                Region 2 / six episodes / 2 Entertain / November 2007

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   Series two credits

     a Calon production for Five

     in association with Wales Creative IP Fund
     and Seirbheis Nam Meadhanan Gaidhlig

Developed for television
     by Andrew Offiler

     From an original idea
     by Elke and Jack Counsell

    director:                                Tom Edgar
    producer:                               Robin Lyons
    exec producers:                      Nia Ceidiog, Sian Eirian (S4C)
                                                 Nick Wilson (Five)
                                                 Robin Lyons (Calon)
    line producers:                       Gemma Jones (ep 14 - 26)
                                                 Simon Quinn (ep 14 - 19)

    music:                                    Brollyman
    lyrics:                                     Robin Lyons
    sung by:                                Sally Ann Marsh
                                                 Eliot Otis Brown Waters
    story editor:                           Andrew Offiler
    writers:                                 Andrew Offiler, Chris Parker,
Mark Slater, Anne West,
Dan Wicksman, Marie Davis,
                                                 Niraj Kapur, Tea Orsi
    prod co-ordinator:                   Hannah Ferguson
    storyboard artists:                  Simon Bradbury, Mike Collins,
                                                 Gethin Jones, Wayne Thomas 

    storyboard assistants:             Bethan Sayer
    character design:                    Bekah D'Aborn
    prod designer/art dir:              Tim Farrington
    assistant art dir:                     Thecla Mallinson
    puppet makers:                      Cathy Snelling, Claire Cohen,
                                                  Martin Adamson, Lois Garland
    graphic artist:                         Kelly Thomas
    set & prop construction:           Jak Goodyear
    set painters:                           Celia Garrard, Johanna Lloyd
    set dressers:                           Lisa Kinsey, Eiko Ishii
    costumes:                               Lorraine Hole
    dop:                                       Christine Vestergaard
    asst lighting camera:               Geoff Robbins
    camera tech support:              Matthew Kitcat
    gaffers:                                  Rory Grey, Tim Daley
    animators:                              Andy Biddle, Austin Charlesworth,
                                                 Ben Halliwell, Jody Meredith,
                                                 Henry Nicholson, David Sethi,
                                                 Grant Maisey
    asst animator/runner:             Ed Jackson
    studio manager:                      Lynne Stockford
    prod accountants:                   Chris Mortimer, Gaynor Wilkie,
                                                 Lisa Watkins
    prod secretaries:                    Sian Lewis, Johanna Roberts,
                                                 Jackie Morris
    sup sound editor:                    Simon Jones
    audio editors:                         John Marshall, Darren Jones
    dubbing mixer:                       Sean Richards
    recording engineers:               Tim Lofts, Neale Laxton
    editor:                                   Stuart Bruce
    foley artist:                            Andrew Powell
    sp/fx compositing:                  Dan Hardstaff, Susannah Light
    2D animation:                         Steve John
    grading:                                 Derwen
    voices:                                   Arabella Weir
                                                 Caroline Harker
                                                 Boyd Clack
                                                 Joanna Ruiz
                                                 Peter Murphy
                                                 Dame Tanni Grey Thompson (ep 15)
                                                 Naomi Wilkinson (ep 23 + 24)
                                                 Penelope Keith (ep 25)

    childrens voices:                     Joshua Light, Daniel Joseph Williams,
                                                 Christopher Parkinson, Keri Lloyd,
                                                 Jennifer Veal, Paige Coulson,
                                                 Joshua Cottoll, Ellie Ruiz,
                                                 Billie Horsey, Alice Austin,
                                                 Elinor Collins, Ahmed Idris,
                                                 Madeleine Evans Webb, Eva Vestergaard,
                                                 Maria Farrington, Bethan Rees,
                                                 Lauren Shepherd, Megan Thomas,
                                                 Lloyd Lewis, Morgan Thomas,
                                                 Archie Weir, Herbert-Barnaby Bone,
                                                 Eddie Bowen, James Bunyan,
                                                 Jamilah Saleh, Nadifa Saleh,
                                                 Marianne Dawe, Niomi Paris,
                                                 Kiddus Murrell, Rumtin Daneshvar

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      The producers' web site...

      Start Licensing
      They handle the show's licensing...

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