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British TV series

      "Hilltop Hospital" from EVa Entertainment/ Siriol / Folimage / Millimages / France 3 / ZDF

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Hilltop Hospital   (1999-2002)
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producers: EVA Entertainment /
                      Siriol Productions / Folimage /
                      Millimages / France 3 / ZDF
    animation: stop-motion animation

      episodes: 52 x 10mins

    "If you're unsteady, we'll be ready - Hilltop Hospital!"

    Hilltop Hospital is a bustling animal hospital - or rather - a hospital for sick
    animals, run by other animals. It plays host to dogged Dr. Matthews, Nurse
    Kitty, Surgeon Sally the hippo, Dr. Atticus the tortoise anesthetist, and Clare
    and Arthur the rats who run the hospital laboratory. The wards are always full
    of poorly animals with every sort of ailment, injury, illness and condition. Thet
    most serious of which are rushed into Emergency by the Two Teds, identical
    bears who drive the ambulance and help out as hospital orderlies. Animals of
    every size and shape turn up for treatment, from pregnant whales to anaemic
    bats. And by hook or crook, the Hilltop staff find a way to help them...

    This tiptop stop-motion series was adapted from the book by Nicholas Allan.
    Now, a hospital environment isn't always the most comfortable of places to be,
    but rather than shy away from any potentially difficult scenarios, the producers
    of "Hilltop Hospital" have chosen to tackle them head-on. And they do it
    brilliantly. In the course of the series, they introduce stories about a whole
    range of complicated issues and traumas, from bedwetting (Wee Trouble)
    to bullying (Bully For You) to a troublesome stutter (C-C-Caspar). We meet
    a comatose bear (Radio Hilltop), a mouse who needs ear grommets (Earache
    at Hilltop), and a hedgehog with depression (The Blues). In other words,
    what we get is a kind of kids' "Casualty". A
n "ER" for ealy-learners, if
    you like. And true to those soap-laden dramas, there's even some extra spice
    between the staff and orderlies to gee along each tale. You see, Dr. Matthews
    has a soft-spot for brash Surgeon Sally. But she's quite dismissive of his
    affections. And meanwhile, Nurse Kitty is forever fluttering her eyes at her
    canine colleague. But alas, Dr. Matthews just seems to look straight past
    her. We also mustn't forget those Two Teds, who are forever bickering
    about the trials and tribulations of their employment. Their job's never
    given the respect it deserves, so it isn't, and they're always just half a
    step away from resigning...

    Oh, this is great stuff. Great for kids, and for adults, who can savour the
    soapy surroundings. Will Dr. Matthews and Nurse Kitty ever get it on

    Gracey Greyshell from "Hilltop Hospital", an EVA Ent. / Siriol / Folimage / Millimages / France 3 and ZDF co-production

    The series' crowning moments come in "Gracey Greyshell's Last Day"
    and "Pamela's Secret". In the former, an aged tortoise spends her last day
    on the ward helping others, before she passes away. And the latter confronts
    the traumas of a star poodle who's losing her fur through chemotherapy.
    Yep, you read that right. Death and cancer, in a teatime tv series. And
    both are handled with superlative skill and care...

» The series is something of a euro-toon, with EVA Entertainment, Siriol
        Productions, Folimage, Millimages, France 3, and latterly ZDF
all in
        the production bowl together...

» Which explains why the show was produced in three languages from
        the outset: these being English, French and German...

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     2003 Children's BAFTA - Best Preschool Series
     2001 San Francisco Intl Film Fest. - Certificate of Merit (for Pamela's Secret)

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     Broadcast info

     Hilltop Hospital first opened its doors to a UK audience
     on 27th September 1999, on ITV...

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     Some Hilltop patients

     Name                                      Ailment/condition
     Dandy (lion)                             Needs a new heart...
     Mrs Indianapolis (elephant)        Having a baby...
     Ruby (vampire bat)                    Needs blood...
     Bertha (whale)                          Having a baby...
     Derek Drake (duck)                   Hit by a runaway bed...
     Cyril Striker (centipede)             Injured leg...
     Fuzzy (bear cub)                       A bear in a coma...
     Beverly (bee)                             Allergic to flowers...
     Boris (bulldog)                           Wants plastic surgery...
     Aquline (elephant)                      Ditto...
     Pamela (poodle)                        Undergoing chemotherapy...
     Cassandra (caterpillar)               Doesn't want to grow up...
     Santa's Reindeer                       Smoke-inhalation...
     Henry (hedgehog)                      Hyperactive...
     Sammy (seal)                           Unhappy...
     Peter (polar bear)                       Black eye from being bullied...
     Bo (bear)                                  Sunstroke...
     Herbert (horse)                          Nightmares...
     Eustacia (mouse)                      Needs ear grommets...
     Morris (mole)                             Worried about going to school...
     Lucy (hippo)                              Overeats...
     Mrs Octopus                             Has nine new-born babies...
     Tiffany (hedgehog)                      Has depression...
     Even Ted Two becomes a patient, when his kidneys start to fail in
     "The Bear Who Wouldn't Share". Only Ted One can save him,
     by donating one of his own....


    Hilltop Hospital episodes

    Easter Bunnies                           Secret Beds
    Heart Trouble                             Saving Your Bacon
    Blood Bank                                 Teething Trouble
    The Big Event                             C-C-Caspar
    Rag Week at Hilltop                     Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
    The Big Match                            Wee Trouble
    Gracey Greyshell's Last Day          The Hyper Hedgehog
    Fire Alert                                   Lazy Eye
    Happy Birthday, Dr Matthews        Laughter is the Best Medecine
   The Mystery Illness                      Bully For You
    Radio Hilltop                               Hot and Bothered
    Nurse Kitty's a Star                     Nits
    The Ghost of Hilltop                     Nightmare at Hilltop
    Blind as a Bat                             A Good Sketch
    Accidents Will Happen                  Fond Memory
    Lift-off at Hilltop                         Safety First
    A Perfect Wedding                      Testing Time
    Flower-Power                             Earache at Hilltop
    Dogs Dinner                               Larger Than Life
    Weasel Kneasal                          Smile
    Mouth-to-Mouth                        New Talent
    All Creatures Great and Small        Skin Deep
    Butterflies in My Tummy               An Extra Pair of Hands
    The Bear Who Wouldn't Share       The Blues
    Press-ups and Bunny Hops            Siamese Twins
    Pamela's Secret                          Cold Feet


    Hilltop Hospital on DVD

   UK DVD Hilltop Hospital - Heart Trouble
                Region 2 / the first 13 episodes / Maverick / March 2006

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     English credits

     a Siriol Productions / Folimage co-production
     for EVA Entertainment, France 3, Canal J, ITV and ZDF

     based on the book by Nicholas Allan

    director:                Pascal Le Notre

    producers:             Patrick Eveno, Robin Lyons

    exec prods
     for EVA:
               Lucy Murphy, Mikael Shields,

    stories:                 Nicholas Allan
    writers:                 Nicholas Allan, Roger Planer,
                                Robin Lyons & Andrew Offiler,
                                Stan Hey, Othneil Smith,
    story editor:          Andrew Offiler
    co-ordinators:       Nicole Aver, Sarah Phillips,
                                Flore Poinsard
    music:                  Ben Heneghan and Ian Lawson
    storyboards:         Adrian Jenkins, Wayne Thomas,
                                Andy Janes
    animators:            Catherine Buffat, Sandra Corallo,
                               Gilles Coirier, Sophie D'Hurlaborde,
                               Francoise Grumeau, Sylvie Guerard,
                               Zoe Inch, Francois Lignier,
                               Cyril Maddalena, Marjolaine Parot
     operators:           Christian Eydoux, Lubomir Bakchev
     asst camera
     operators:              Thierry Holley, Cecillia Duhamel,
                               Nadine Buss
     set makers:         Eric Libman, Joris Sluizer
     set-makers:        Jean-Christophe Barbier, Candice Baud,
                               Marion Charrier, Delphine Daumas,
                               Alban Guillemois, Frdderic Lefort,
                               Nicolas Reveillard
     props:                 Sandrine Heritier
     plasticians:          Pierre-Luc Granjon, Loie Lemoine
     model makers:     Francois Cadot, Nicolas Herrison,
                               Gregory Beaussart, Clement Astier,
                               Cyril Valade
     painters:             Assina Benbetka, Veronique Fillot,
                               Myriam Gras, Carole Genault-Valladares,
                               Frederique Lecront, Grapette Lietar,
                               Mylene Seignobos, Isabelle Servien
     editor:                Herve Guichard
     breakdown:         Harley Jones
     asst editor:         Loie Burkhardt
     consultants:        Francoise Galland
                               (Association Sparadrap)
                               Dr Jean-Beneit Cotton
                               (Centre Hospitalier de Valence)
                               Edward Lyons
                               (M.B., Ch. B., D.O.M.S., FRC. Ophth.)
          The Sound Works

     recorded at:         Saunders & Gordon

     prod co-ord
     for EVA:               Stephanie Kirchmeyer
     studio manager
     for Siriol:              Lynne Stockford
     prod managers:    Tim Francis, Catherine Blanc

with special thanks to
                                        Brid Carr, Sarah Noone & Lesley Healiss
                                        from the Great Ormond St. Hospital
                                        for Children

                                        with the support of
                                        The Town of Valence
                                        The General Council of the Drome
                                        La Procirep
                                        and with the participation of the
                                        Centre National de la Cinematographie

     UK voices:            
Kevin Whately (Dr. Matthews)
                                Sally Anne Marsh (Nurse Kitty)
                                Celia Imrie (Sally Surgeon)

                                Brian Murphy (Dr. Atticus)
                                Julie Higginson (Clare / Others)
                                Jonathan Kydd (Arthur / Others)
                                Paul Shane (The Teds)
                                Dame Thora Hird (Gracey Greyshell)
                                Henry Morgan (additional voices)
                                Ronnie Quirk (additional voices)

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      On the web

      Nicholas Allan
      The creator's web site...

      The series co-producer and distributor...

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© EVA Ent / Folimage / Siriol Prods /France 3 / Canal J / F2008