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British TV series

      Hmm... I wonder who this is? - It's Huxley Pig!

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    Huxley Pig   (1989)
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    producers: Rodney Peppe / FilmFair for Central tv
    animation: stop-motion animation 

      episodes: 26 x 10mins

      "A new dream every day, Huxley Pig - Oink! Oink!
       Who you gonna be today, Huxley Pig? -Oink! Oink!"


      Cheery, chipper Huxley Pig was always dreaming of adventure, of exciting
      professions and encounters. The series was adapted from Rodney Peppe's
      picture book tales. Each episode would begin with our Huxley in his bedroom
      talking to Sam the squawking seagull and "wondering" about some exciting
      thing or other before we were whisked off into his imagination.

      Huxley's dreams featured the same recurring characters in a myriad of
      circumstances. Huxley would be there with Sam, who could talk all "cock-a-ney"
      now. They'd then be joined by effervescent Horace, a breezy-natured hamster
      with a black country accent who had little time for Huxley's cheerfulness.
      Vile Vincent was a very droll vampire pig-butler, and close on his heels was
      Chewit-monster lookalike Cuddles, a fanged green beastie with a softhearted
      centre. Episodes took Huxley and the gang in space, on a fishing trip, into their
      own restaurant - well, almost anywhere really, provided there was food in there
      somewhere. Food was always close to Huxley's happy heart!

       Huxley and Vile Vincent agog in 'Huxley At The Restaurant'     Rodney Peppe's original Huxley...

      FilmFair's animation was splendid, with some terrific set details, an oink-ingly
      good theme tune and fine interplay between the main characters. Interesting
      how the first Fun House Video releases played up Huxley's picture-book origins,
      with Rodney Peppe artwork on the sleeves instead of screen shots (above, right).
      Interesting, because there was and is still greater crossover potential here.
      HP plays equally well with adults who can pick up on the subtleties of the
      production. Vincent's drollness, Horace's camp brusqueness and Huxley's
      ever-jolly nature were offset against one another to great effect and boosted by
      excellent voice work from Martin Jarvis. I mean, who can forget Horace cooing
      for "Hooxley Pig" every episode...?


      PC Huxley

      In 1990, Alternative Software produced a popular platform game for the
      CMB64/128. The gameplay had Huxley running around his house attempting
      to collect toys and clothing to take to his bedroom and help him sleep.
      Of course, its all aged terribly nowadays, but it was a well-played
      platformer, back then...

      The same software firm also created a game for The Trapdoor.

      Huxley pig from Alternative Software


Huxley Pig episodes

     Huxley Pig and the Sea Monster     Huxley Pig Goes Camping
     Huxley Pig and the Burglar             Huxley Pig Goes Flying
     Huxley Pig in the Haunted House    Huxley Pig's Cinderella
     Huxley Pig on a Desert Island         Huxley Pig in Space
     Huxley Pig Makes a Movie              Huxley Pig Goes Fishing
     Huxley Pig at the Circus                Huxley Pig the Magician
     Huxley Pig at the Restaurant         Huxley Pig the Reporter
     Huxley Pig Goes Skiing                  Huxley Pig's Home Movie
     Huxley Pig and the Village Fete      The Abominable Snow Pig
     Stoneage Huxley                         Huxley Pig at the Beach
     Huxley Pig Meets                         Huxley Pig at the Big Top
     The Snow Monster


Huxley Pig on DVD

     UK DVD Huxley Pig at the Circus
                Region 2 / 5 eps / Abbey Home Media / April 2006

     UK DVD Santa's Favourites
                You'll also find "The Abominable Snow Pig" on
                this seasonal compilation...

        Huxley Pig by Rodney Peppe

        dir of animation:
   Martin Pullen
Jo Pullen
        exec prod:   
         Barrie Edwards
            Herbert Chappell
         John Gilluley, David Johnson
        camera asst:  
       Paul Street
        model makers:  
    Alan Murphy, Heather Boucher
          Lizzie Agnew
        puppet makers:  
   Justin Exley, Pauline London
        prod man:   
          Kath Swain
            Andi Sloss, Robert Dunbar
        asst ed:     
           Jackie Munro
              Martin Jarvis      

     On the web

      Abbey Home Media
      Abbey distribute the UK DVD. They have their own web store too...

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© Rodney Peppe / FilmFair Ltd / F2007