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British TV series

  I Am Not An Animal - copyright Baby Cow Productions/BBC

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    I am Not
  an Animal
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   producers: Triffic Films for Baby Cow
                     and the BBC
2D cel-action animation
     episodes: 6 x 24 minutes


    Meet the stars of Project S. Philip the pompous horse, Mark the right-wing
    sparrow, Winona the dog, Keiron the cat, Claire the breast-infatuated rat,
    Hugh the sex-mad monkey and Niall the call-centre rabbit are the world's
    first genetically modified talking animals. This absurd gang are housed in
    the cosseted confines of a research lab, in which they are pampered with
    all the creature comforts they could wish for. But what's this? - A team of
    anti-vivisectionists have infiltrated the center and "liberated" the experiments,
    and that means this ill-equipped and over-privileged gang are forced to face
    the uncouth horrors of the real world!

    This satirical sideswipe comes from Steve Coogan's Baby Cow productions,
    via the animated talents of Tim Searle and Triffic Films (of 2DTV fame). The
    animals are extreme photomontage creations, animated with CelAction software
    and a pool of "alternative" comedy talent provide the voices. The concoction
    is an unsettling blend of highbrow humour, observation and anarchy.
    How unsettling? Well how about scenes with Philip the horse on the toilet,
    with his trousers round his ankles, soliloquizing and reading from a James
    Herbert novel. Then there's Claire the squeaky-voiced rat with a little yellow
    dress who is obsessed with the size of her breasts. And in the background,
    poor Niall gabbles a nonstop stream of nonsensical call-centre
    consciousness - his  mind having been fried in an earlier version
    of the Project...

This controversial series was first announced in November 2002, and it
    immediately ruffled a few feathers. The BUAV (British Union for the Abolition
    of Vivisection) were swift to vocalize their concern for such laboratory humour.
    But it's only us humans who are being abused here. The Project S animals
    are boorish, tedious fellows, who use their new-found wisdom merely to
    naval-gaze and infatuate on the minutiae of their lives - Why, they're
    almost human!

And by the way, in case you haven't realised, the series title takes its cue
    from the David Lynch film "The Elephant Man" (1980) in which the deformed
    title character is heard to shriek the immortal line: "I am not an animal!"


     This is not broadcast info

     The series premiered on BBC2 on Monday 10th May 2004,
     at 10.00pm...

      I am not news

      The Hound: May 2004
      I am not being broadcast....

      The Hound: November 2002
      I am not a controversial series...


    I am not an episode list

    1. London Calling
    2. Planet of the Men and Women
    3. Money
    4. A Star is Hatched: The Glen Belt Story
    5. My Fair Mare
    6. Rat, Rabbit, Monkey, Horse, Bird and Dog Day Afternoon


    I am not a DVD

     UK DVD
I am Not an Animal
                All 6 episodes + Extras / R2 / BBC / April 2005


      director:           Peter Baynham
     anim dir:        Tim Searle
     Richard Bennett
      exec prods:
    Steve Coogan, Henry Normal (Baby Cow
                           Helen Nabarro (BBC)
      script editor
      & add. mat:
    Sarah Smith
      prod co-ord:
   Hilarie Mendel
      prod sec:
       Lisa Brooks
      studio man:
    Shaun Brake
      output man:
    Chris Scott
        Amanda Jennings, Mark Nute, Alex Turner
        Scott Millar
        Tim Fancourt
             Chay Hawes, Lloyd Lugsden,
                           Jim Nolan, Stuart Whiting
      tech sups:
      Andy Blazdell, Simon Lipowicz
      source photo
      & design:
        Emily Conway
      Oliver Brown, Joe Brumm, Jonah Buckley,
                           Christian Chessell, Phil Clarke, Julian Hanshaw,
                           Nick Harrop, Martyn Jones, Cath Lloyd,
                           Chris Parior, Simon Tofield, Shane Barrell
Simon Couzens
            Peter Bakie, Willie Dowling     
           Steve Coogan (Philip, Mark)
                           Julia Davis (Winona)
                           Simon Pegg (Keiron)

                           Kevin Eldon (Hugh)

                           Amelia Bulmore (Claire)
                           Arthur Matthews (Niall)
                           John Shrapnel


     I am not on the web

I am Not an Animal

      A character guide,episode guide and background info
      at the official site...

Baby Cow

      Steve Coogan's company site, with info on the personnel and
      their various projects...

Triffic Films

      Tim Searle's team are profiled here, together with all their animated
      projects and commsions...

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© Baby Cow Animation Productions / BBC / F2008