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British TV series

     Jimbo and the Jet Set - Maddocks Cartoon Productions Ltd

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  and the Jet Set
producers: Maddocks Cartoon Productions
   animation: cel animation
     episodes: 25 x 5mins

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     Sometimes size does matter. It certainly does to Jimbo who is, in fact, a miniature
     747 Jumbo Jet, built by a shortsighted engineer who mistook inches for centimeters.
     Still, it doesn't prevent him from having mile-high fun with his airport friends, among
     them Tommy Tow-Truck, Phil Fuel truck, Sammy Steps, Amanda Baggage Truck
     and Jimbo's sweetheart Gloria Gatwick. But it's not all about fun, there's work to
     do too, and Jimbo and his friends are all at the beck and call of Jimbo's Boss,
     known simply as "Chief" and his put-upon assistant Suzy...

     Chief in Jimbo and the Jet Set (Maddocks Cartoon Productions Ltd)    Jimbo's engineer  is in trouble in Jimbo and the Jet Set (Maddocks Cartoon Productions Ltd)

     Unusually for this kind of show, the series opens with a specific origin episode.
     In "The Little Big Problem" we get to see Jimbo under construction at the
     airplane factory when that measurement error occurs. Chief agrees to purchase
     his new plane for just half of the original price, seeing as he's only half the
     original size. He's smaller than a Jumbo - He's a Jimbo!

     Subsequent episodes take young Jimbo on missions all over the world to
     Australia, The North Pole, South America, China, Hawaii and more. He's also
     regularly hassled about his size by other larger planes, but our stouthearted
     little jet battles through his problems and earns his due respect.

     Oh, and Jimbo's error-strewn designers return to muck things up again in
     the episode "The Computer Clanger". This time, their attempt to replicate
     Jimbo sees them making a masssive jet plane scaled up in yards!

     Jimbo and the Jet Set (Maddocks Cartoon Productions Ltd)    Jimbo and the Jet Set (Maddocks Cartoon Productions Ltd)

     This supersonic little series was a Peter Maddocks creation, featuring strong
     voicework from Peter Hawkins and Suzy Sheridan, and a great series intro
     which depicted various folks calling out Jimbo's name, one after another,
     as he passes overhead.
 Like The Family Ness before it and Penny Crayon
     after, these bright characters and fun stories make the production feel like an
     animated comic strip. In fact, Jimbo, Penny and those Nessies could have
     flown, sketched and stomped straight out of the pages of "The Beano".
     Of course, young Jimbo isn't the only "toon" jet to take to British skies.
     British Airways also had their own jumbo for juniors called Dilbert and even
     the Royal Family got in on the act when The Duchess of York launched
     Budgie the Little Helicopter...
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     For all you pub-quizzers out there, here's a list of the folks who shout out
     Jimbo's name in that fab title sequence:

    Three sheep
    Two cows
    A farmer and his wife
    A crowd
    Two drilling builders
    A bunch of schoolchildren
    Three crows on a London Airport sign

   "The Jimbo Book" published by Michael O'Mara Books Ltd 1990
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Jimbo episodes

    The Little Big Problem                 The Royal Visitors
    The Bermuda Triangle                 First Time Flyers
    Jimbo and the Whale                  Holiday Weather
    Jungle Jimbo                             Jet Lag
    Jimbo and the Astronaut             Every Silver Lining has a Cloud
    Jimbo Down Under                     Trouble at Sea
    Quiet Please                             Old Timer
    The Chief Gets a Rocket             Winter Wonderland
    The Controller's Apprentice          April Fool's Day
    Jingle-bell Jimbo                        The UFO
    The Pennand Inca Story
    The Great Air Race
    The Little Red Devil                    
    Chinese Panda-monium
    The Computer Clanger

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     Jimbo and the JetSet on DVD

     UK DVD
Jimbo and the Jet Set - The Great Air Race
                Region 2 / fifteen eps / Right Entertainment / April 2004

     UK DVD
Jimbo and the Jet Set - The Royal Visitors
                Region 2 / ten eps / Right Entertainment / August 2004

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     Maddocks Cartoon Productions Ltd

     created written and produced
      by Peter Maddocks

            Keith Learner
     music:               Roger Greenaway
                              Gavin Greenaway
        Clive Dawson
                             Julian Gibbs, Neil Salmon,
                             William Mobberley
     backgrounds:     Kevin Smith
     camera:             Chris Williams
     editing:              Keith Learner
     trace & paint:     Guy Maddocks, Simon Maddocks,
                              Vivienne Dempsey
     voices:              Peter Hawkins
                              Susan Sheridan

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      On the web

      Peter Maddocks
      Jimbo's creator has his very own web space...

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