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British TV series


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Joe   (1966 / 1971)
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   producers: Q-3 London for the BBC
      animation: picture animation

        SERIES ONE
        1966 / 12 x 14mins

        SERIES TWO
        1971 / 13 x 14 mins


    Adapted from the stories by Alison Prince and illustrated by Joan Hickson, Joe
    was a pre-school child questioning and experiencing the big wide world around
    him - often from the back seat of his parents' blue VW Beetle. The animation
    was desperately simple, Joan Hickson's static artwork was merely panned
    and zoomed, but the simplicity was and is still the appeal of the piece. The
    stories were very astute, and that artwork highly distinct. Rosy-cheeked
    figures with strong outlines wearing the very latest catalogue fashions, and
    all coloured in rusty hues, burnt umber and tan shades. Laurie Steele's
    contemporary jazz score also pinned the series down to a very specific
    period in time.

    There were two separate series produced, the first in 1966, and a follow
    on series, broadcast in 1971. Both aired as part of the BBC's "Watch With
    Mother" strand. That second series showed some serious progression in
    Joe's little life.  He moved house, coped with the arrival of a new baby in the
    family, and made his way to playschool for the first time.    

    Both series were produced by Q-3 of London, who also brought us Crystal
    Tipps and Alistair, and Fingerbobs. The first stories were told by tough guy
    actor turned "Jackanory" reader Lee Montague. Colin Jeavons took over for
    series two. He featured in numerous tv shows of the period like "The Avengers",
    "Man in a Suitcase" and "Dr Who". He was also the narrator for the English
    version of "Barnaby the Bear" (orignally "Colargol" )- the fabulous animated
    series about the singing bear at Mr Pimoulu's circus.

    Joe's creator Alison Prince is an accomplished children's author and biographer.
    She's written books on Kenneth Grahame and Hans Christien Andersen and
    her fiction titles include "How's Business" (1987) and Guardian Children's Fiction
    Award Winner "The Sherwood Hero" (1996). She's also a figure on the Literature
    Committee of the Scottish Arts Council. Most famously, she wrote the tv scripts
    for Gordon Murray's evergreen  Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley series.


    Episodes & broadcast info

    Series One
    First broadcast as part of "Watch With Mother"
    BBC1 3rd Oct 1966 - 22nd Dec 1966

    Joe and a Horse
    Joe and the Flags
    Joe and the Ice Lorry
    Joe and the Flowers
    Joe's Rainy Day
    Joe and the Guolash
    Joe and the Sheep
    Joe and the Market
    Joe and the Fog

    Joe and the Marbles
Joe and the Dustcart 
    Joe and the Football

    Series Two

    First broadcast as part of "Watch With Mother"

    BBC1 23rd Feb 1971 - 18th May 1971

    Joe Moves House
    Joe and the Big Family
    Joe and the Pram
    Joe and the Painter
    Joe and the Baby
    Joe and the Busy Breakfast
    Joe and the Shop
    Joe and the Snow
    Joe and the Garden
    Joe and the Donkey
    Joe and the Plumber
    Joe and the Big Hill
    Joe and the Nursery


      Joe by Alison Prince
      produced by Q-3 London

      director:       Diana Potter

      music:          Laurie Steele
      illustrator:    Joan Hickson
      told by:        Lee Montague (Series One)
                         Colin Jeavons (Series Two)


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© Alison Prince / Q3 London / F2006