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           June - 2001

Big (not very), bad (probably), and back for your perusal....

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   'Time for a film...'
   news on the just-announced Magic Roundabout movie!
Hellish News...
Mr Hell rescheduled again!
Here we Glo 
seen these new Beano
What about Bob? ...and Stingray?
more stoopid tv scheduling...
toys are GO!

and these at Little Chef?
The Saggiest collectors plate...
Bagpuss comes to Danbury Mint...
Sites for sore eyes...
it's all about me this month!



     Incredible, but true: The Magic Roundabout is to be turned into
     an animated feature film for release in 2003. And what's more
     Dougal, Dylan, Zebedee et al will be transformed into cgi-assisted
     stars for the film by the Bolexbrothers studios in Bristol!

     The film will be a co-production betwen the Bolexes and Films
     Action, the French company which owns the Roundabout

     Now that's exciting... and bizarre... and, well, just plain
     fascinating on so many levels. I mean, the Bolexbrothers,
     turning their unqiue styled hands upon a so-familiar tv
     creation? Remember, these guys brought us the rivetting but
     so-far-away-from-'cute'-you-wouldn't-believe Secret
     Adventures Of Tom Thumb (see The Movie Toon Guide).
     Will they soften their approach? Certainly, they have the unique
     creative ability to capture the more - er -'groovy' elements of
     the concept. I can't wait to see what they do to it...

     The whole business of a Roundabout movie is intriguing. It's
     been tried before, of course, with Dougal And The Blue Cat,
     but how on earth is this new film going to be constructed for
     modern audiences? - From what I hear, the story will begin in the
     familiar garden and roundabout location before taking the
     characters outside their colourful realm to embark on a 'round
     -the-world' adventure. So where's that? - The real, human
     world? - Another Roundabout-type world?

     And there was me thinking it was a quiet month for toon news!
     Does anyone know any more? - If you do, pass it on please,
     I'm dying to know! - In the mean time, there's more on the
     original series on my Magic Roundabout page...



     Ah me, Spring has come and gone, and now the warm breeze of
     Summer has blown in, but still we wait for Peafur's Mr Hell
     Show to ignite our tv sets...

     Well it looks like we may have to wait a wee while longer yet.
     That's 'cos the BBC, in their infinite wisdom, have pushed back
     the broadcast date for the first season until November - er, maybe.
     Ouch! - That doesn't half scupper a number of topical 'Clinton'
     jokes from the show...

      In its place you may have noticed another devil - God, The
      Devil And Bob - screening mid-week in the kind of  late-night
      slot they had reserved for Mr Hell. (And look how they
      snuck THAT one in, almost apologetically...). I don't know
      why they're so hesitant. Mr Hell's run on Canadian tv has proven
      most successful and earned its producers a Best Comedy Series
      award at Worldfest, Houston (where it beat off live-action       opposition!), and a Best Animated Show gong at the Canadian

      Still, I guess the Beeb funded the show so they can do what
      they want. Let's just hope it gets the Big Push it deserves when
      the time finally comes. They've a long enough lead-in to play
      with. Gosh, I can see it now, Bob Monkhouse and his Mr Hell
      counterpart on the cover of the Radio Times, both with one
      mischievous eyebrow raised, with the headline 'Oh, Bob,
      you devil!...'

      In the mean time, if you're wondering what I'm rambling on
      about check out the Mr Hell Special Edition of The Hound,
      including the lowdown on the show and a Q&A with Peafur's
      Alan Gilbey. Plus you'll find the several associated links
      indexed on the Mr Hell TvToons page...



      Speaking of rough deals, have you seen the latest broadcast
      of Snowden Fine's Bob & Margaret yet? - No, you probably
      haven't, seeing as the schedulers at C4 have, in their infinite
      wisdom, decided to broadcast it at half-past-one on a
      Sunday morning!

      I know, I know, it's a repeat. It doesn't need to go primetime.
      But is still a hopelessly derisive timeslot and it comes on top
      of the somewhat clumsy broadcasting of both Family Guy
      and Futurama. But, hey, what should we expect from the
      channel whose Animation Week films also fell foul of such
      cold-footed practices? 

      And all of this comes on top of the BBC's hopeless mis-
      treatment of Stingray. What on earth is going on? - It's changed
      days, times, shifted from double bills to single episodes. No
      doubt it'll be pulled any day soon, and they'll point to 'poor
      ratings' and how The Simpsons seems to survive the changes,
      but please folks, give us genre fans a break, eh? Science
      Fiction and cartoon geeks seem to get the worst broadcast
      deal going (look at Voyager, and the X-Files, Buffy and
      Angel, Batman Beyond...)

      I was about to say 'Buy the video. Collect the DVDs. Skip
      the broadcast' but I'm forgetting something. Most of the
      above have gotten a raw deal on homevideo too. Only Carlton
      appear to have seen what genre fans want and given it to
      them. Fox, in particular, will tie that cash-cow up and milk
      her dry...

     Gosh, the lament of the genre geek never ends - *sigh *

   Seen these yet? - They're called Beano Glo Bodyswopz
   and there are 20 to collect inside special packs of Skips corn
   snacks. The backs feature tops and bottoms of various Beano
   characters so you can mix-and-match 'em....

   The set includes all your DC Thonson favourites, like Dennis and
   Gnasher, Minnie The Minx and The Bash St. Kids. Plus, there are
   larger Bodyswopz to find in Skips Multipacks - cor...

   Okay, so it's a rather childish thing to get worked up about.
   But think about it; other Tazo-style giveaways have featured the
   Looney Tunes stars, Pokemon or Star Wars. This is the first
   truly British toon-Tazo-type-thingy promotion - Let's be proud
   of it!


    Er, seen these as well? - The fine folk at Little Chef are offering
    up this here range of Thunderbirds collectables at their 400
    restaurants around the UK...

    The 6 toys have been produced by Leisurehouse Merchandise
    in a hot deal struck directly with Carlton - whom we all know
    has been cannily exploiting the old Gerry Anderson catalogue
    of late...

    Anyways, like those there Beano Bodyswopz I reckon it's all to
    be applauded. Especially as the silly summer season of all-american
    toys and promos is almost upon us - it really does make a
    change to see British licenses out there, fighting the good fight...


    Okay, so it's a very 'girly' collectible, but - look! - it's Bagpuss
    on his very own official collectible porcelain plate from the
    Danbury Mint...

    I don't usually go for this kind of thing, but it does look very
    smart in the advert, and the rim is decorated with a brilliant
    Peter Firmin decoration detailing the Organ Mice and the
    various 'Things' found in the series - from the fiddle to the


    The plate measures 8 1/4 inches in diameter and it comes with
    the usual certificateof authenticity and costs £22.95 (+p&p).
    Here's the orderline number for UK customers: 020 8391 2291

    For the record, I'm not connected to the promo in any way.
    I'm just playing messenger, 'cos I thought it looked so smart...



    Just for a change, I thought I'd throw in a plug for yours truly
    this issue. Why? - Well, there are big plans afoot here at

    First up, you'll spy that Fleetway St. has just started a refit. Comics
    pages are being upgraded and stuffed with as much info as I can
    lay my paws on. I'm also aiming to have every fun Fleetway title
    finally online and cross-referenced by the end of the month. But
    let's not get carried away: The indexing of all those associated
    strips is still going to take a fair while longer, isn't it? - Still, it's
    creeping up to 100 indexed strips now, which surely ain't bad...

    Movie Toon fanatics have no doubt already visited Toonhound's
    Movie Toon Guide. Well, spurred on by success I'm on the
    verge of launching a sequel: Stay tooned for the Mini Movie
    Toon Guide, indexing the wealth of British animated short films
    out there, like Bob Godfrey's 'Great' and Tony Collingwood's
    fabulous 'Rarg'. Another huge undertaking then, but - hey - there's
    nowt like a challenge...

    What? - You want more? - Okay, I've a host of new scans
    planned for Bunty's Booty, plus an idea to 'expand the brief'
    into other licensing territories. And there are several new shows
    almost ready for indexing in my tvtoons and puppet directories,
    more Wired World strips to come (and a refit there too) and
    - well - as you can see, I've got my work cut out. So what
    am I waiting for...?

     - Till next time!

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