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British TV series

    The junglies - Tyrone Tiger

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Junglies    (1991)
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producers: Flicks Films
                       for TV-am Enterprises
cel animation
       episodes: 13 x 5mins

   "Take the jungle, jungle, jungle...
    Take an animal, animal, animal...
    Take an island, island, island...
    Put the sea around it all..."

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   The Junglies are a group of young animals who live with their families on Jungle
   Island. The gang hang around together at jungle school and at home, and like
   all school kids, encounter mishaps, upsets and surprises every day. The Jungle
   Island kids include Tyrone Tiger, Marvin Monkey, Penny Parrot, Albert Alligator,
   Henrietta Hippo, Ethel Elephant, Zoe Zebra, Lester Lion and Geraldine Giraffe.
   The fine minute tales include such stories as Tyrone's first day at school, Albert
   getting fearful of a trip to the dentist, Penny becoming jealous of her new baby
   brother and Henrietta's misjudged attempts to lose some weight...

      Ethel Elephant   Geraldine Giraffe   

   This bright and lively series was produced by Tery Ward, who has also brought
   us The Pondles, The Mr Men, Bananaman and many more splendid toons
   over the years. It was commissioned by TV-am and voiced by Gary Wilmot
   and Jessica Martin. At that time comedien and actor Gary was a popular member
   of the kids-tv line-up. He's since gone on to even bigger and brighter things on
   the West End stages...

   Jungled up...

   Notice that the title is simply Junglies, and not The Junglies...

   Now here's a bit of Jungly fun. When we first meet Tyrone Tiger in the episode
   titled First Day At School, he's in bed without his tiger fur on. Tyrone springs
   out of his bed covers to get washed and dressed, pausing only to snatch his
   tiger fur from its coathanger and zip it on!

   Also, in Albert's Tooth closer inspection of Albert Crocodile's breakfast table
   reveals that he's munching on a bowl of Kerunch Geco Brekkies - Yum!

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     Junglies episodes

     First Day at School         Hide and Seek
     Penny's Little Brother      Echo Valley
     Albert's Tooth                Journey to the Moon
     Where's Zoe                  Say Cheese Everyone
     Heavy, Heavy, Heavy      Down the River
     Flying South                  The Great Storm

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      a Flicks Films Ltd production

      producer:        Terry Ward
      script writer:    Bernie Kay
      music:             Mark London
      prod co-ord:     Andy Dixon
      prod asst:        Tracy Dean
      layout artist:    Janet Nunn
      animators:       Geoff Loynes, Bill Lee,
                             Janet Nunn, Rosemary Welch
       paint & trace
co-ordinator:     David Pedley
      tracing:            Angela Bristow, Chris Coates,
                             Anne Ward
      painting:           Christine Courtney, Pauline DeWitt,
                              Linda Mawson, Rachel Smith
      camera:            FilmFex services
      editors:             Morgan Daniels Ltd
      voices:              Gary Wilmot
                              Jessica Martin

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