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British TV series

"Kipper" from Mick Inkpen, Grand Slamm Children's Films and HIT Entertainment

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producers: Grand Slamm Children's Films
                     for HIT Entertainment
   animation: 2D animation

                            1997 / 13 x 10mins
                            1998-1999 /  65 x 10mins

       "Kipper... Kipper the dog..."
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     Kipper is a cute, keen puppy dog who has lots of mini adventures with his pals,
     Tiger the grey terrier, Pig, and Pig's little nephew Arnold. Together, these
     friends explore, make, fix, play and pretend their way through the days,
     making more friends on the way, and finding out lots of interesting and
     exciting things about the world around them...
     Kipper was created by author/illustrator Mick Inkpen and adapted for television
     by Ginger Gibbons and his Grand Slamm team, working for HIT Entertainment,
     (see also, Percy the Park Keeper), and this simple but sophisticated little series
     tandems beautifully with the original story books. Our young pals usually amble
     around a pristine white environment, dotted with patches of colour. And they
     roam to the accompaniment of a shuffling jazzy beat. It's a classy show, and
     once Kipper's silky theme tune enters your head, it's very difficult to get it out
     again. Which probably explains why the show  won a 1998 BAFTA for Best
     Children's Animation. It also explains why, after that first prize-winning series
     of 13 episodes, HIT pushed the boat out and commissioned a further 65

     Cute little Kipper

     Kipper is prevailingly cute. In his very first story ("Kipper", 1992), the pup
     clears out his cluttered basket, but soon finds that he can't get settled without
     his trusty old blanket. How cute is that? Well, how about Kipper's beloved
     teddy bear, which he just keeps on losing everywhere? Or his wonderful
     bunny slippers? Or his sock puppet? And he keeps making little mistakes,
     like the time he sends out birthday invites a day late, with the word "tomorrow"
     written on them, instead of "today" ("Kipper's Birthday", 1999). In all the
     confusion, he thinks he has two birthdays - What a cute error!

    » More than 5 million Kipper books have been sold in the UK, and that total
        rises to more than 8 million copies sold worldwide...

» Mick Inkpen has also brought us the delights of "Penguin Small" and
        the wonderful Wibbly Pig...     

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     Broadcast info   

      The first series premiered on ITV, 5th September 1997...

      Series two premiered one year later, on 24th September 1998...

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     Series One
     The Visitor

     The Umbrella

     The Seaside

     Nothing Ever Happens
     Pig's Present

     The Rainbow Puddle

     The Butterfly

     The Bleepers

     Snowy Day

     Pig's Cousin

     The Paddling Pool

     Tiger's Torch

     The Conker Tree

     Series Three
The Lost Mug
The Rescue
     The Picnic

Christmas Eve
The Treasure Hunt
     Jake's Bird
     The Dinosaur

     Tiger's Sledge
The Swimming Pool
     Arnold's Balloon Trip
     The Magic Act
     Cakes and Tails
     The Long Walk

     Series Five
  Tiger's Joke Box
     Tiger's Rocket
     The Jumble Sale
     Water, Water
     Pig's Shop

     Hide and Seek

The Costume Party
     Hedgehog Watch  

     Flying Machine
     Arnold's Drum
     The Key

Series Two
The Goldfish

Sleepless Night
The Camping Trip
The Igloo
The Little Ghost
Space Invaders
The Magnifying Glass
ipper is Unwell
The Nest

The Magic Lamp

The Gizmo
Kipper's Circus

Series Four

Surprise Party

The Ball
Tiger's Cold

Looking After Arnold
The Mouse

Crazy Golf

Echo, Echo

The Big Freeze
Jake's Friend
he Fair
Big Owl's Bath

Series Six


The Big Race

Arnold on Wheels

Pig's Sweater
Buried Treasure
Clay Time
The Purple Park Monster
The River Trip
The Robot
The Missing Tape Mystery
Kipper the Hero
The Magic Carpet
The Farm
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     Series awards

     1999 Cartoons on the Bay - Silver Pulcinella
     1998 BAFTA - Best Children's Animation
     1998 Annecy - Special Jury Prize for films under 12 minutes

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     Kipper in print

     There have been 34 "Kipper" books published over the years,
     and they've progressed from simple picture stories to lift-the-flap books,
     light and sound books, audio books and tales about colours and numbers.
     Here are a few essential titles, to get you started...

    1992 - Kipper
    1994 - Where, Oh Where, Is Kipper's Bear?
    1995 - Kipper's Toybox
    1996 - Kipper's Snowy Day
    1999 - Kipper's Birthday
    2001 - Kipper's Sunny Day
    2002 - Kipper's Christmas Eve
    2002 - Kipper's Balloon
    2002 - Kipper's Monster
    2003 - Kipper's Beach Ball

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     Kipper on DVD

     UK DVD Kipper - The Classic Collection

                Region 2 / ten episodes / HIT Entertainment / January 2004

     UK DVD
Kipper - Treasured Tales
                Region 2 / ten episodes / HIT Entertainment / April 2007

     UK DVD
Children's Favourites
                Episodes are also included on several of these compilations
                from HIT Entertainment...

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    a Grand Slamm Children's Film Production
     for HIT Entertainment PLC

     based on the books by Mick Inkpen

  executive producers:


animation director:
art director:

production supervisor:
production manager:
script editor:
sound recording
& sound post-prod:
edited & mixed by:

off line editing:

on line post production:
on line editor:

animation director:
key animators:

production manager:
production assistants:
colouring supervisor:

camera & spfx:
Peter Orton, Kate Fawkes (Hit Ent. Plc)
Ginger Gibbons
Mike Stuart
David Ingham, James Mason,
Mick Inkpen, George Tarry,
Dave Westwood
Bob Heatlie

Grand Slamm Children's Films

John Perkins
Jill Brooks
Margo Marchant
David Ingham
Hilary Baverstock
Kevin Molloy, Jez Hall
Gunther Herbst, Louisa Duthie
Sue Butterworth

Hackenbacker Studios - London
Nigel Heath, Julian Slater,
James Feltham
Infrastructure Post Ltd
Jamie Martin
Sam Ives
Lorna Smith
The House

Roberto Arendse

Varga Studios

Jeno Vass
Miklos Varga
Laszlo Ujvary, Kata Bross,
Ildiko Taborita, Radoslav Bakalov,
Janos Svabo, Peter Popdonev,
Vladislav Tomov, Laszlo Kiraly,
Iliana Panajotova, Chritian Mindrut,
Zoltan Velkey, Ivan Kolev
Szilvia Patkai
Andras Schwarcz, Eniko Rohn
Csilla Fodor
Reka Kaloczy, Andras Somoskoi,
Judit Vadasz, Hajnalka Horvath,
Peter Semsey

Zoltan Wojnischek

Martin Clunes (Kipper)
Chris Lang (Kipper's friends)
Julia Sawalha (Mouse)

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      Mick Inkpen
      Kipper's creator...

      Grand Slamm Childrens Films
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      HIT Entertainment

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