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British TV series

     The Koala Brothers

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The Koala
  (2003 - )

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    producers: Famous Flying Films
                     Spellbound Entertainment
   animation: stop-motion animation

     78 x 10mins
                             OUTBACK CHRISTMAS
                             2005 /  1 x 48mins special


    "We're here to help!"

   Frank and Buster are the Koala Brothers and they're on a mission to help
    others. Every day they take their yellow plane out on patrol around the Australian
    Outback to look for folks who might need their assistance. And invariably, they'll
    find someone needing help, although that same "someone" doesn't always know
    that they need it...

    Folks the brothers help include the cute and feisty possum Mitzi, Archie the
    crocodile, George the turtle, Alice platypus, Josie the "joey", Sammy echidna,
    and Lolly the emu. Each of these pals have a job to do, a store to run, things
    to mend and maintain, or troubles which need untroubling, and Frank and Buster
    are only too keen to help. And to help Frank and Buster, there's their bestest pal
    Ned the wombat, who keeps their buzzing biplane in the air and in good repair.
    Everyone helps everyone in this show, it seems...

    Frank and Buster flew on to the BBC in September 2003. The show was
    originated by Dave Johnson and brought to our screens by Spellbound
    Entertainment and Famous Flying Films.
   "The Koala Brothers" is a splendid series. The bright Outback setting is a
    real breath of fresh air. The characters are a delight, with their "ripper" Ozzie
    ascents and the stories and adventures are infused with a breezy charm.
    There's an impeccable quality on display here here, right down to the last
    eucalyptus leave. Oh, if only every kids series was as well crafted as this...

    In 2005, the boys took to the air in a feature-length special. The Koala Brothers
    Outback Christmas sees them flying south, all the way to Antarctica to help
    their friend, Penny penguin...


    Some helpful info

» Spellbound Entertainment was co-founded by Peter Curtis and Nick
       Barrington in 2001. Peter launched the business on the back of his work
       with HIT Entertainment, where he oversaw development and production
       of Bob the Builder (and executive produced the first three series).
       He also created those splish-splashing Rubbadubbers.     

» For the record, Frank wears the blue/green overalls and clothing. His
        brother Buster prefers yellow...

» Someone who definitely needs help is the erstwhile "Thirsty Penguin",
        Penny who is found hiking around the Outback, miles from home in the
        same-titled tale...

»  Lolly the emu is aptly named. She operates a jingling ice cream van which
        drives out of the desert, on occasion, to dish out jolly lollies and ice creams
        - yum! - She first appears in episode thirteen "Lolly Comes to Town"...


See also

     The Koala Brothers Outback Christmas


Awards & nominations

     2006 BAFTA Nomination for Best Pre-school Animation
     2004 British Animation Awards - Best Pre-school series
     2004 Emil Prize (Germany) - Best Children’s Series
     2004 BAFTA Nomination - Best Pre-school animation


    Koala Brothers episodes

  1. Archie's New Home          40. Ned's Buried Treasure
    2. Sea Captain Ned             
41. Mitzi's Special Photos
    3. The Thirsty Penguin        
42. George's Big Mistake
    4. A Letter for George          
43. Ned the Knight
    5. Josie's Big Jump              
44. Archie Goes Camping
    6. Alice Can't Remember       
45. Josie's New Tune
    7. Ned's Scary Night            
46. Sammy's Cuckoo Clock
    8. What Mitzi Wants            
47. Archie Doesn't Listen
    9. Sammy's Bumpy Ride        
48. Josie in Charge
    10. Ned the Policeman          
49. Penny's Birthday Surprise
  11. Archie's Tooth                50. George's Broken Satchel
    12. Penny Comes to Stay      
51. Lolly's New Flavor
Lolly Comes to Town        52. Alice Gets Lost  
George and the Parcel     53. George the Sportsman
    15. Mitzi's Day Out               54. Mitzi's Special Present
    16. Sammy and the Moon      55. Ned's Shiny Balloon
    17. George's Day Off            56. Ned and the Wagaloo
    18. Archie to the Rescue      57. Sammy's Spoons 
    19. Alice Rides Again            58. Josie's Knotty Problem
    20. Ned the Pilot                 59. Alice the Poet
    21. Mitzi's Big Adventure       60. Archie's Giant Pumpkin
    22. Ned's Visitor                  61. Penny's Boomerang
    23. Lolly's Bell                     62. Mitzi's Funny Honey
    24. Ned Catches a Cold        63. Lolly and the Go-Kart
    25. Josie Can Dance             64. Ned Goes Red
    26. Penny Comes for Help     65. Ned's Shooting Star
    27. George Goes faster         66. Sammy the Postman
    28. Ned Finds his Whistle      67. George the Magician
    29. Sammy's Bad Day           68. Archie's Fall
    30. George's Little Plant        69. Mitzi the Artist
    31. Plane Crazy Ned             70. Lolly's Puppet Show
    32. George's Big Race           71. George's World
    33. Penny's Big Hit               72. Ned's Missing Teddy
    34. Mitzi's Busy Day             73. Mitzi the Flying Nurse
    35. Archie Tennis Ace           74. Alice Makes a Movie
    36. Josie's Little Accident 
     75. Mitzi's Hide and Seek
37. Sammy and the Bee        76. Ned Writes a Letter
     38. Alice gets Hiccups           77. George's Busy Day
39. Lolly's Long Goodbye         78. Alice's Night Mystery


The Koala Bros on DVD

     UK DVD 

     We're Here To Help

     Region 2 / 10 eps / Abbey Home Media / Oct 2007

Mitzi's Day Out
     Region 2 / 6 eps / Abbey Home Media / March 2007

     Ned the Pilot and other stories

     Region 2 / 6 eps / Momentum Pictures / July 2005

     Archie's New Home and other stories

     Region 2 / 6 eps / Momentum Pictures / Feb 2005

     A Letter for George and other stories

     Region 2 / 6 eps / Momentum Pictures / April 2004

     USA DVD

     The Koala Brothers: A Day in the Outback!
     Region 1 / 8 episodes / Live/Artisan / April 2006

     The Koala Brothers: Meet the Koala Brothers!
     Region 1 / 8 episodes / Live/Artisan / August 2005

     The Koala Brothers: We're Here to Help
     Region 1 / 8 episodes / Live/Artisan / August 2005


a Famous Flying Films Ltd production
      for Spellbound Entertainment Ltd

     exec prods:        
Peter Curtis (Spellbound)
                             Theresa Plummer-Andrews
     directors:          Tobias Fouracre, Martin Pullen

     line prod:           Alison Brown
     sup prod:           David Johnson
     originator:         David Johnson

     music & lyrics:   Kick Production 

     writers:             David Johnson, Alison Brown,
                             George Tarry, Andrew Brenner,
                             Dave Ingham, Diane Redmond,
                             Tammy Burnstock, Dan Wicksman,
                             Paul Dawson, Robin Kingsland,
                             Rachel Murrell, Gillian Corduroy
     animators:        Pete Dodd, Chris Tichborne,
                             Jason Stalman, Kevin Harris,
                             Kim Keukeleire, Brian Hansen,
                             Chris Mendham, Andy Joule,
                             Tom Edgar, Ben Halliwell,
                             Antony Elworthy, Kevin Walton,
                             Timon Dowdeswell, Dana Behrman,
                             Jens Jonathan Gulliksen
  storyboard:       Ruth Whiter, Richard Johnston,
                             Les Eaves

      & costumes:
     Mackinnnon & Saunders 

     puppet maint.
        & add. costumes:
   Deborah Cook

     assisted by:      Phoebe Coleman Strickland, Milly Newman
     first a.d.s:         Andy Carne, Kate Twiss
     prod asst:         Emma Puddick

     art director:      Colin Armitage
     sets & props:    Sue Harrison, Ben Weller
     runners:           Graham Staughton, Amy Burnand
     lighting &
      technical dir:
    John Gilluley
     digital fx
       Kelly Bruce
     digital fx:          Jesse Richards
     d.o.p.:              Simon Vickery, Eleanor Sayer
     camera assts:   Geoff Robbins, Nicky Lianos
     editors:             Alastair Reid
     colourists:         Alan Bishop, Ross Baker
     dubbing ed:       Gail Musselwhite, Chris Morris
     dubbing mix:     Colette Dahanne
     voices:              Jonathan Coleman (narrator)
                             Rob Rackstraw
                             Janet James

                             Lucinda Cowden
                             Keith Wickham


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      model needs...

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