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British TV series
"Lavender Castle" (Carrington Productions Intl)

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Gerry Anderson's
  Lavender Castle
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producers: Carrington Productions Intl
                    & Cosgrove Hall Films
stop-motion animation
    episodes: 26 x 10mins


    The Paradox is an interstellar starship resembling a kind of thatched Tudor
    cottage. At the helm are a peculiar band of misfits, lead by three-eyed Captain
    Thrice and his living Walking Stick. There's a mechanic called Isambard, a warrior
    pilot called Roger, a kind of butterfly-being called Lyca who acts as the crew's
    doctor, ship's robot Sir Squeakalot and cute-but-oh-so-incompetent navigator
    Sproggle. Their goal remains an elusive one: They seek the mythical Lavender
    Castle a floating city of peace and harmony and purity somewhere in the furthest
    reaches of the galaxy. The problem is, wicked Dr Agon wants to find this city first
    and destroy it. Agon plots and schemes on board his massive warship, the Dark
    Station, which rumbles through the galaxy on a limitless tank of fuel, with one
    thousand enslaved souls toiling in its bowels. He also has a mighty steam-
    powered vehicle he calls the Mammoth which he can bring into play for closer
    encounters, and a rather menacing robot spider at his beck and call, which
    means the race to find Lavender Castle is well and truly on!

      Dr Agon in "Lavender Castle" (Carrington Productions Intl)

    This fantastic space quest was born from the marvellous mind of artist Rodney
    Matthews, brought into production by Gerry Anderson and in to splendid
    animated life by the multitalented folk at Mackinnon & Saunders and
    Cosgrove Hall Films.

    The first episode - "In the Beginning" - sets the scene with Captain Thrice
    rescuing his newly picked crew from the clutches of Short Fred Ledd, a
    scurvied space pirate in league with Dr Agon...

    The characters, ships and settings are extraordinary and instantly recognisable
    as the work of Rodney Matthews. In the 1970's and 1980's Matthews' distinct
    stylings graced innumerable Big O posters, Andre Norton and Michael
    Moorcock book covers, TSR Hobbies publications, record covers for Praying
    Mantis, Nazareth and others. He favours rich ink and gouache colours and trees,
    horns, tails and towers are embellished with extravagant extensions and
    that's all here, in abundance. There's a semi-religious theme buried in
    here too, in the shape of that celestial titular city. What strange power
    does it hold, exactly? - The details are left deliberately sketchy.
    As Rodney Matthews explains on his web site, the concepts for Lavender
    Castle actually took shape a decade earlier after an encounter with Gerry
    Anderson in 1986 and relate to a song he had written by the same name.
    At the time it would have been extraordinarily difficult to adapt Matthews'
    designs into animated form. But a decade on and new production techniques
    including the introduction of CGI meant that his imagination could be
    unleashed. And indeed, Lavender Castle is a designer's delight. The
    models are quite beautiful, with intricate design work on their costumes and
    armour. Elsewhere, fantastic starfields and galactic starships have been
    designed using CGI software - all staying true to the Matthews' style.
    Seriously, there's a cornershop's worth of eye candy here!


    Lavender Castle?

   "Lavender Castle, a place of legend at the center of the
    universe. An elusive city floating in the sky, where peace
    exists, hopes are met, and dreams come true!"

    Captain Thrice has encountered the Lavender Castle once before.
    It made the walking stick he was carving come to life...

    Alas, no one catches up with the Lavender Castle in the series. But
    Dr Agon comes perilously close in the final episode ("Birds of a Feather")
    The evil doctor brings the three biggest bad guys from the series together
    on the Dark station to announce a union of evil, buit they're so tied up with
    their own maleficence they fail to see the ship passing within inches of
    that illusive, illuminated wonder...


    Lavender Spanner

    Oh, this is fun. In the episode "The Twilight Tower" the gang are
    coerced into watching The Most Fabulous Object in the Universe, which
    is a kind of future-television. And playing on its screen is a clip from
    Gerry Anderson's first ever stop-motion production, "Dick Spanner"!
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   The Paradox heroes
   Captain Thrice
   Walking Stick (his talking stick)
   Roger (pilot)
   Lyca (ship's doctor)
   Isembard (engineer)
   Sir Squeekalot (ship's robot)
   Sproggle (navigator)

   The Dark Station villains
   Dr Agon
   Trump (his alien bird-thing)

   Alien guests
   Short Fred Ledd (captain of the Cutting Snark)
   The Guardian (mesmeriser) 
   Dim & Duff (rocket salesmen)
   Quagmire alien (wicked banjo player)
   Colonel Clump (collector android)


   Lavender Castle episodes

  Series One
In the Beginning
Flower Power
The Twilight Tower
High Moon
The Lost Starfighter
A Stitch in Time
Double Cross
Bird of Prey
Collision Course
The Black Spot
Raiders of the Planet Zark
Swamp Fever
The Galacternet

Series Two
Brightonia on Sea
The Traitor
The Collector
Lost in Space
Duelling Banjos
The Legend
Cloud Of Chaos
Diamonds Aren't Forever
Galactic Park
Birds of a Feather


     Lavender Castle on DVD

     UK DVD Lavender Castle: The Complete Collection
                 Region 2 / two disc set / Universal / September 2005


   Carringtion Productions International

   from an original concept by Rodney Matthews
   produced at Cosgrove Hall Films Limited

executive producer:

line producer:


banjo playing:
dialogue recording:


trim & seam:
foam technician:


production supervisor:


visual effects:
visual effects assistant:
art director:
lighting camera:
off-line editing:
production manager:
production assistant:
audio post:
on-line facilities:

Gerry Anderson
Craig Hemmings
Brian Cosgrove (for Cosgrove Hall)
Chris Taylor
Rodney Matthews
Chris Bowden
Gerry Anderson, Chris Trengrove,
Pauline Fisk
Gerry Anderson, Rodney Matthews,
Craig Hemmings, Chris Trengrove,
Chris Taylor, Pauline Fisk  
Crispin Merrell
Paul Bishop
Angelsound, The Bridge 
Tim Collings, Matt Palmer,
Lisa Goddard, Justin Exley,
Andy Joule, Haydn Secker
Barry Purves, Bill Martin
Mackinnon & Saunders

Patricia Brennan
Noel Baker, Darren Marshall,
Alison Lloyd, Joe Holman,
Justin Exley, Richard Johnston
Astrig Akseralian
Bethan Jones, Emma Boyson
Michelle Scattergood
Georgina Hayes, Stuart Sutcliffe,
Shannon O'Neil, Caroline wallace,
Haydn Secker
Bridget Smith, Vilija Kontrimas,
Robbie Manning, Mark Thompson,
Gavin Jones
Christine Keogh
Christine walker
Jess Spain, Richard Sykes,
Rick Kent, Paul Jones,
Samantha Hanks, Nick Wilson
Owen Ballhatchet
Clare Elliott, Geraldine Corrigan,
Karen Betty, Barbara Biddulph
Stephen Weston
Manfred-Dean Yurke
Peter Hillier
Tim Harper, Joe Dembinski
Flix Facilities
Zygggy Markiewicz
Laura Duncalf
Mary Anderson
Debbie Peers
Hullabaloo studios
4:2:2 Manchester
David Holt
Kate Harbour
Rob Rackstraw
Jimmy Hibbert


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