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British TV series
Jim Hawkins in  "The Legends of Treasure Island" from FilmFair/Central/Carlton TV

    The Legends
  of Treasure Island

    producers: FilmFair for Central TV (S1)
                      Howling Wolf / Central Animation /
                      FilmFair for Carlton UK (S2)
    animation: cel animation

                              SERIES ONE
                              1993 / 13 x 22mins

                              SERIES TWO
                              1995 / 13 x 22mins

    "The island where nothing is ever quite what it seems
     and almost anything can happen..."

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This glossy animated production reworks R L Stevenson's classic tale of
    pirates, Black Spots and treasure. The stars are anthropomorphic animals.
    More importantly, the Big Twist this time that Treasure Island itself is a
    more sinister, mysterious place, indeed, it's almost personified, behaving
    in various magical ways to thwart our villains or aide our heroes.

    The series opens in familiar territory. In "The Quest Begins" young Jim Hawkins
    is a pup at home in Olde England. Forced to flee for his life
 with his father's
    many-riddled treasure map Jim falls in with a sea-dog called Captain Smollett.
    They are joined by another pooch - Dr Livesey - and Squire Trelawney, a clucking
    pigeon. They set sail in search of Flint's treasure, although they've yet to fathom
    the riddle of the island's location. The map says it can be found in "Poseidon's
    Swirling Eye". But it doesn't matter anyway because they are overrun by a
    mutinous crew, lead by that old fox Long John Silver. Jim escapes and befriends
    a vixen called Jane who was kidnapped by Silver as a child (apparently her wealthy
    parents refused to pay the ransom because she was so spoilt). But the duo are
    recaptured and
in a wild storm our heroes are collectively forced to walk the plank.
    Fortunately, Jim spies the answer to the map's first riddle in the form of a frothing
    maelstrom starboard . The five jump into its spiraling heart and emerge on the
    shores of Flint's secret, mysterious island...

    The rest of the series is centered on escapades in and around Treasure Island,
    deciphering clues, discovering hidden magical places and objects, and inching
    closer to their goal of finding Flint's treasure. In hot pursuit all the while are
    Silver and his misshapen trio of shipmates, a hyena called Niblet, a warthog
    and a weasel. Controlling them is the twisted demonic Pew, a wizened
    rat with electric glowing eyes.

    Jane in "The Legends of Treasure Island" from FilmFair/Central/Carlton TV  Long John Silver in "The Legends of Treasure Island" from FilmFair/Central/Carlton TV

    In the tradition of pantomime pirates, Jim Hawkins was voiced by a woman.
    Dawn French, actually. A fistful of stars filled the the other roles. Richard E.
    Grant voiced Silver, Robert Powell was Dr Livesey and Hugh Laurie played
    Squire Trelawney. Jane was voiced by Juliet Stevenson.

    Music for the first season was composed by Barrington Pheloung, the Australian
    composer who famously brought us the theme for "Inspector Morse". And
    director Dino Athanassiou previously animated on "Asterix and Caeser's
    Gift" and the Martin Gates/FilmFair production of The Deamstone. In 2001
    he directed the short film "Fish and Chips Din Din".

    Producers FilmFair are, of course, more famously known for their stop-motion
    animation productions, like Paddington, The Herbs, and Huxley Pig...

    For the first season, the producers utilised the facilities of MII (eleven episodes)
    and Jade Animation (two episodes). For series two they turned to the folks at
    Fil Cartoons, Inc.

    With all those different production partners - FilmFair, Central
    Howling Wolf,  Central TV, Carlton UK - you'd expect the series to stumble
    and fall, but it doesn't. Episodic adventures like this are few and far between,
    here in the UK. It's ovely to look at and fun to watch. Or rather, it  would be
    fun to watch again, but the show has yet to make any kind of DVD
    appearance, alas...

    Squire Trelawney in "The Legends of Treasure Island" from FilmFair/Central/Carlton TV
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    Broadcast info

    The first series premiered on ITV on 10th September 1993...
    Series Two premiered on the same channel, on 4th Febbruary 1995...

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    Series One                                 Season Two
   The Quest Begins                   Consequence
   Memories Are Made of This       Silver in the Island's Underworld
   The Watch Tower                   Silver's Bond
   Now You See Me                    Reunion
   Flint's Return                         Emily
   The Cave of Babel                  Forest of Darkness
   The Labyrinth                        City in the Sky
   The Merman Prince                 Antidote
   The Fountain of Truth             Dragon
   The Pool of Prophecy              Allegiance
   Return to Sender                   The Oracle
   Tails We Win                         Double Cross
   The Beginning of the End         One For All

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    First series credits

     a FilmFair production for Central Independent Television

    devised by Peter Lewis and Barbara Slade
    based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson

executive producer:
executive producer

for Central:
production supervisor:
development consultant:
production assistant
for FilmFair:
music composed
& conducted by:
story editor:

character design:

background design:
storyboard artists:

timing directors:

titles animation:
camera supervisor:
assembly editor:
NED operator:
dubbing mixer:
telecine colourist:

general manager for MII:
assistant animation

layout supervisor
& key layouts:
layout artists:

assistant layout artists:

production assistant:
key animators:

special effects:
background supervisor:
assistant animation

animation checking:
colour styling:
tracing co-ordinator:
painting co-ordinators:

production facilities:
general manager:

assistant animation

key animators:

final check:
Dino Athanassiou
Peter Lewis  
James Driscoll

Lewis Rudd       
Robert Dunbar
David Yates

Jonathan Wigfield

Barrington Pheloung
Barbara Slade
Barbara Slade, Marty Isenberg,
Robert N Skir, Matthew Malach,
Frank Kerr, Jules Dennis,
Richard Mueller, Jimmy Hibbert,
Chris Trengove
Dino Athanassiou, Paul Stibal,
John Martin, Simon Ward-Horner,
Bruce McNally, Alan Kerswell
Richard Zaloudek
John Martin, Alan Kerswell,
Simon Ward-Horner, Andrew Painter,
Clive Pallant, Nick Pratt
Paul Stibal, John Martin,
Simon Ward-Horner
Paul Stibal Production
Elias Macute
Jerry Tinsay
Simon Cox
Roger Dobson
Bob Jackson
Colin Peters
Andi Sloss
Dawn French (Jim Hawkins)
Juliet Stevenson (Jane)
Richard E Grant (Long John Silver)
Robert Powell (Dr Livesey)
Hugh Laurie (Squire Trelawney)
Chris Barrie (Captain Smollett)
Gary Martin (additional voices)
Carla Mendorca (additional voices)


Louie Jhocson

Royce Ramos
Moving Images International

Kinjo Estioko
Ray Indolos, Moses Macasinag,
Abeth Dela Cruz
Rodel Gravo, Ronel Gravo,
Gener De Ocampo
Jepot De Jesus
Royce Ramos, Aylene Ramos, Raul Mimay,
Danny Dela Cruz, Jojo Reynon, Boyet Gopez,
Dondi Juan, Jun Flores, Jun Libunao,
Roni Samala, Sung-Jin Kim, Gino Gozo,
Bobby Fajardo, Alex Ragsac, Alex Acayen,
Doods Busmente, Andy Flores, Ted Camahalan,
Rey Dagsaan, Gem Deseo, Jun Fernandez,
Ronnie Fuentes, Lo Hernandez, Polloi Javier,
Vladi Naval, Dan Obligar, Robert Ocon,
Benny Quilatan, Lito Soltura, Apple Soriano,
Hensor Soriano, Eniong Perez, Alan Coniconde
Tobee Barretto, Sonnie Lagonera
Ruben Romanban

Jay Agraviador
Fran Lawrence, Narida Bennett
Candy Chaves
Roel Medel
Flora Almario, Barbara Bago

Jade Animation

Jade Animation
Wallace Wong

Sun Zhe
Zhu Yong Yan, Wu Yin Zi
Simon Cox
Ma Shou Hong, Zhang Jian Jun
Lie Rui Ting, Zhou Chang Cun, Cao Pei Min,
Shang You Jun, Li Wen Fang, He Bin
Yang Ge, Li Hong, Zhong Zhi Qiong,
Deng Ben Quin, Huang Jie Pei, Mei Jun,
Hu Tian, Xu Zhou, Zhang Wei Dong,
Yu Hai Yin, Wang Li Pin, Zhou Xiau Hua,
Tang Shao Shen, Li Hui, Guo Yi,
Ma Jian Jun, Lei Jian Chen
Gu Yan Hua, Zhang Jian Jun, Ma Shou Hung
Chen Yi, Yu Mei Rong, Deng Li Hua
Qiu Jian Pin, Xiau Wei Wen, Cai Yi Tao

Series Two Credits

a Howling Wolf Production in association with Central Animation
and FilmFair for Carlton UK Productions

devised by Peter Lewis and Barbara Slade
based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson

executive producer:

art direction:

production manager:

character design:

background keys:
colour styling:

timing directors:
production facilities:
key animators:

dubbing mixer:

Simon Ward-Horner
Peter Lewis
John Marsden
Glenn Keiles
Alastair Swinnerton, Peter Lewis,
Dino Athanassiou, Simon Ward-Horner,
Rejean Bourdages
Alan Kerswell

Jon Wigfield

Dino Athanassiou, Paul Stibal,
John Martin, Bruce McNally
Monica Herman
Kathy McDonald
Dino Athanassiou, Simon Ward-Horner,
Alan Kerswell, Jurgen Gross, John Martin
Duncan Varley, Peter Western, Paul Chung
Fil-Cartoons, Inc.
Abe Legasti, Dennis Fuentes, Juvie Amistoso,
Tony Bugas, Phat Ejercitado, April Garcia,
Ricky Yoingco, Jbet Francisco, Melvin Silao,
Marco Plantilla, Lorna Santos, Glenn Arriola,
Erik Diano, Atoy Valencia, Shirley Garcia,
Ynot Agrysa, Achiu So, James Fusilero,
Dynes Fabian, Rhem Valencia, Tino Guanlao
Andi Sloss
Bob Jackson

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     Stardust Pictures
     Dino Athanassiou's production company...


     The official site for composer Barrington Pheloung...

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