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British TV series
      The Likeballs   

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The Likeaballs   (2006)
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producers: Cosgrove House for Animated
                      Adventures & Pictures
    animation: 2D animation
      episodes: 26 x 10mins

   This approachaball series focuses on the exploits of Team Likeaball, an odd
   assortment of ball-shaped aliens who are just mad about the Beautiful Game.
   Seriously, they'll play football anywhere, against anyone or thing. Hence a
   stream of mis-shaped and mismatched teams take up the challenge. Their
   opponents include plundering pirates, a bounty-hunting robot, a ruthless
   virus, even a giant's fingers!

   But their most fearful opposition comes in the form of The Dislikeaballs.
   These folks are the mirror image of our heroes, a most disreputaball bag
   of balls who are determined to deflate the efforts of our heroes at every
   turn. Fortunately for everyone, they can only ever puncture their own plans.
   You see, they just don't have that all-important team spirit.

   Both the Likeaballs and their Dislikeaball opposition originally hail from
   Planet Likeaball in the DIY Universe. But alas, those coniving
   Dislikeballs punctured the leather ball -like surface of their homeworld
   with their extra-pointy Screwship, leaving both sides homeless. Team
   Likeaball eventually found their way to Earth, where they won over
   the world with their fotballing exploits. But wouldn't you know it,
   those Dislikeaballs weren't too far behind...

   Each Likeaballs match kicks off with a message from Pam and Dan,
   sportscasters and commentators to the watching world. They endeavour
   to follow the twists and turns of the unfolding game, only, matters are
   often complicated still further by the super-secret agents of T.H.R.A.P.F.
   These are The Humourless Race Against Aliens Playing Football who
   always seem to be skulking on the periphery of each match. Which
   means a typical game will often feature Likeaballs Vs their Opposition
   Vs The Dislikeaballs & T.H.R.A.P.F.!


      Oh no! - It's the Dislikeaballs!

      Meet the teams

      Both our ball teams are ready and able. Or should that be "aball"? You see,
      each member takes his or her name from the "aball" stable. The Likeaballs
      are all on the positive side, whilst their dratted enemies take theirs
      from the negative. And needless to say, personalities take their
      cue from their appropriate name.

      The Likeaballs are led by an eager chap called Kickaball. He and the
      team dwell in Ball Control, a spaceship couched in a park in World City.
      Ball Control is rather TARDIS like, being small from outside, yet vast
      within. It's a mighty improvement on the initial prototype, for which the
      holographic plans got reversed...

      And in the opposing corner, there's Count Horriball and his Dislikeaballs.
      They dwell in The Screwship, parked in a hole on the dark side of the moon.
      It's the very-same ship they used to inadvertently puncture Planet
      Likeaball whilst searching for replenishment air. You see, this miserable
      lot are permanently leaking bad air. It pisses and farts from their bodies
      when ever they get worked up - which is very often!

      All our ball stars originally hail from Planet Likeaball in the DIY Universe.
      It used to be a good old-fashioned leather ball-type planet, until its encounter
      with The Screwship. Now, alas, it's a flat as a pancake...

      Likeaballs                          Dislikeaballs

     Kickaball                       Count Horriball
     Washaball                     M
utiny (his talikng staff)


The series kicked-off with an exclusive long-term partnership deal
        with The FA Premier League. This is the first time the FAPL has
        agreed to any association with a children’s tv property.

The production has been animated by Cosgrove House, a division
        of Cosgrove Hall, no less. They brought the balls to life for Jim
        Quick and his Animated Adventures & Pictures Ltd.

» Did someone mention Mad Balls? - Folks of a certain age will
        no doubt recall a certain 80s toyline and series which also featured
        bouncing ball stars...


      Likeaballs Episodes

      1. Grannits                   14. Guilty
Prisoner                    15. Bears
Bugbots                    16. Cows
Giant                         17. Sick
Slimey                       18. Lost
Tiddly                        19. Smelly
Ballbasket                 20. Hat
System                      21. Trophy
Snowy                       22. Manners
Training                   23. Scary
Shield                      24. Truth
Lucky                       25. Robot
Monopod                 26. Television


     Broadcast info

     "Grannits" premiered on CBBC on 1st July 2006, at 4.00pm


     Likeaballs on DVD

     UK DVD  The Likeaballs: Kick Off
                 Region 2 / five episodes / HIT Ent. / March 2008

     UK DVD Hit's Favourites - Active Collection
One episode is also included on this HIT Ent. compilation...


     Cosgrove House for
      Animated Adventures & Pictures

     created and developed by Jim Quick

     producer:          John Offord
     exec prod:         Jon Doyle
                             Jim Quick, Iain Pelling (for AAP)
     directors:          Jon Offord, Claire Grey,
                             Chris Evans
     art director:       Ben Turner
     writers:             Andrew Brenner, Alex Williams,
                             Ian Carney, Peter Cocks,
                             Richard Preddy & Gary Howe
     voices:              Gary Martin
                              David Holt


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      The bright and bouncy official site...

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      Animated Adventures & Pictures
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