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British TV series
Little Robots from Create TV & Film

   Little Robots   (2003)

a Cosgrove Hall Films production
Create TV & Film Ltd
   animation: stop-motion animation
x 10min episodes       30 x 1min 35s interstitials


   "They made a world from junk,
    With a bang, and a clang and a clunk!"

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   The Little Robots live in the shadow of a Nut and Bolt Tree, in a fantastic corrugated
   realm they've constructed for themselves beaneath a gigantic scrap heap. The robots'
   little world has its own automated Day-Night lever, which is used to turn the dome
   of sky above their heads 180 degrees and bring them under the influence of their own
   self-created little sun and moon. Now they can get on with the important things in life,
   like getting along with each other, discovering new friends and things and creating
   a jolly home for themselves...

   Tiny is the little leader of the gang, a keen blue robot with a flip-top head, used to
   store tools. It's Tiny who lead the way through the scrap heap down to their new
   home. Joining him are the ever-energetic Sporty robot, exuberant Noisy, bossy
   Spotty, the twins Sparky One and Sparky Two, teddy-loving Stripey, Stretchy the
   robot engineer, Messy the robot dog, the vampirific Scary robot, and Flappy the
   robot bat.

   This is a clanking brilliant kids series, beautifully designed, with great character
   voices and a cluck-click theme song. It's so very appealing on the eye, with its
   rusty and riveted environments,and cute characters, and once again, the Brits
   show the world how to present a perfect pre-school package.

   The robots first appeareed in a picture book from author Mike Brownlow. The
   subsequent series was then constructed by Create TV & Film Ltd. and brought
   to life by the ever-busy team at Cosgrove Hall Films - who surely need no introduction
   here. As with othe recent Cosgrove productions, the fabulous puppet figures were
   put together by Mackinnon & Saunders.

The series has close ties with the folks at LEGOŽ, who produced a number
   of associated toys and sets when the series was launched. But it's not the
   first time the toy firm have been involved with a successful animated show.
   Their animated connections stretch right back to 1987, when that fabu-lous
   Fabuland series Edward and Friends first aired...

    Little Robots LEGO®toy

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     Broadcast info

    The series premiered on January 7th 2003, on BBC2...

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     Little Robots episodes

    The Sound of Music          Wheels are Fun
    The Hiccalots                  Big Bounce
    A Friend For Teddy           Reach for the Sky
    Robot Race Day               Not Just Junk
    Knock Knock                   Sporty the Hero
    Spotty's Clean Machine     The Show Must Go On
    One Hundred                   Sparkle Day
    Stretchy in a Twist          Under the Stars
    Stripey on the Ball           Metal Makes Us Special
    Scary Scary                   Sweet Dreams Scary
    Hole in the Sky                Good Sport Sporty
    A Bit of Give and Take                
    Noisy's New Song      

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     Little Robots on DVD

     UK DVD Little Robots: Hooray! - Let's Build and play!

                Region 2 / seven eps / BBC Worldwide / Oct 2003

     UK DVD
Little Robots: Wheels are Fun and Other Stories
                Region 2 / seven eps / 2 Entertain / March 2007

     You'll also find episodes on these CBeebies compilations:

     CBeebies: Big Fun Time

    (Metal Makes Us Special)

    CBeebies: Ultimate Summer Collection
    (Under the Stars)

    CBeebies: Bedtime
    (Sweet Dreams Scary)

     CBeebies: Get Set Go

    (Good Sport Sporty)

    CBeebies: Greatest Hits
    (The Sound of Music)

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      a Cosgrove Hall Films production
      for Create Tv & Film Limited

      based on a book by Mike Brownlow
      published by Ragged Bears publishing

  director:             Tim Harper
     producer:            Francis Vose
     exec prods:        Vanessa Chapman, Michael Carrington
                              Theresa Plummer-Andrews (for the BBC)
     writers:              Jimmy Hibbert, Neil Arksey, Mellie Buse,
                               Diane Redmond, Mike Brownlow, James Mason,
                              Alan Plenderleith, Ross Hastings, Jan Page
     animators:          Steve Boot, Joanne Challdey, Adam Farish,
                              Lucy Gell, Lisa Goddard, Russell Hicks,
                              Phil Gray, Susan Guy, Rob Skrzynsld,
                              Richard Haynes, Danny Ramsay, Bob H Scott
     Mackinnon & Saunders
    Patricia Brennan, Amande Thomas
     prop master:      Simon Walmsley
     set maint:          John McGuinness
     set & prop
             Max Doig
     art director:       Bridget Appleby
     st'board art:       Chris Fenna, Andrea Lord
     light camera:     John Duffy
     asst light cam:   Christophe Leignel
     asst camera:     Tom Lloyd, Jo Richards
     trainee asst:      Daniel de Giovanni
        Flix Facilities
        Hullabaloo Studios
     casting dir:        Janie Fraser
     prod man:          Karen Dudley
     prod asst:          Kate Preston
     prod co-ord:      Muriel Dunn
       Brian Neish
     show runner:    Jackie Edwards
     script editor:     Hilary Baverstock
     music:              Bob Heatlie   
                             title song sung by Lenny Henry  
Hayley Carmichael (Tiny)
                             Lenny Henry (Sporty)
                             Martin Clunes (Stripey)

                             Emma Chambers
                             Jimmy Hibbert (Sparky)
                             Su Pollard (Noisy)
                             Mel Giedroyc & Sue Perkins (Sparky Twins)

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     On the web

     Mackinnon & Saunders
     Not-so little puppet-makers...

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