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      Piella Bakewell and Fluffles in "A Matter of Loaf and Death" (Aardman Animations Ltd)

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A Matter of
  Loaf and death

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producers: Aardman Animations Ltd
   animation: stop-motion animation
      run time:
30 mins

   "Wallace and I are engaged to be married.
    Till death do us part!"


    That insatiable inventor Wallace, and his dogged doggy pal Gromit have embarked
    on yet another new business adventure. This time, they've converted their home in
    West Wallaby Street into a floured-up "dough to door" bakery, complete with a
    grinding windmill. And business is - er - blooming. But there's trouble in store.
    Someone's been bumping off their rival bakers around town, and no one can be
    sure where or when the killer will strike next...

    Wallace isn't scared, though. He's far too busy falling in love with his new paramour,
    Piella Bakewell. Piella is the former pin-up for the Bake O Lite bakery. She used to
    star in an array of famous advertisements and posters, together with a most
    memorable slogan:

   "Light as a feather, I'm the Bake O Lite Girl!"

    Only, she's not quite as light as she used to be. And underneath that puffed pink
    exterior there beats a piqued and wicked heart, bent on revenge. Wallace can't
    see through her facade, he's too smitten, so once more it's Gromit who uncovers
    the self-raising truth. But will he be able to persuade his master in time, or will
    Wallace wind up as the unlucky thirteenth victim on Piella's murderous list...?

     "A Matter of Loaf and Death"  from Aardman Animation
  "A Matter of Loaf and Death" from Aardman Animation
    Here, then, is yet another glorious stop-motion adventure from Nick Park and the
    multi-talented folks at Aardman Animation. Wallace and Gromit's West Wallaby
    Street world is once more created in glorious minutiae. No stone is left unturned
    in the hunt for authenticity. And once again, we have a crazy plot that's stuffed-to-
    busting with sly asides, homages and movie references galore. Better still, these
    are never allowed to over-run this masterful tale of suspense. As always, the film
    encourages repeat viewings and it delivers upon them, as Piella's dough-lightfully
    deadly plot plays out once more.

    Oh, and Piella herself is the most delicious femme fatale for Wallace. There's
    a Umbridge-like quality to her, with her preference for pink dresses, decoupage
    and fwuffy toys. But she's no softy. She's deadly. Beneath that swirled bun
    hairstyle is a devious mind, hell bent on the death of thirteen budding bakers!

   "Gromit! - I've got a bomb in me pants!"

    Deliriously British to their plasticene core, Wallace and Gromit's ongoing
    adventures are Big Events on their home soil. The BBC rolled out the red
    carpet for the christmas premiere of this installment. The puppets took
    over the front cover of the "Radio Times" and starred in channel idents which
    played throughout the festive period. And the move paid off, because the
    film went on to top the Christmas ratings, beating the likes of "Eastenders"
    and the mischievious delights of "Doctor Who"...


    Top Bun!

    Once more, the fine folks at aardman have stuffed their production full of
    incredible animated detail. And once more, The Hound has settled down with
    his remote control to identify some of it for you!...


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    2009 BAFTA - Best Animated Short
    2009 Annie Award - Best Animated Short Subject


   a dozen deaths

    The twelve bakers previously bumped off by Piella are:

    Norbert Stodge          Quiche Richards
    Wayne Scales            Crusty Rolls
    Rich Teabiscuit           Herb Bruschetta
Basil Dumplings           Shorty Shortcrust
    Phil O'Pastry              Brendan Butterpudding
    Bread Astair               Bob Baker


    Broadcast info

     The film premiered on BBC1 on December 25th 2008, at 8.30pm.
    and that first screening picked up 14.4m viewers, making it
    the top- rated tv show over the Christmas period..


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    Loaf and Death on Blu-ray

UK DVD W&G: The Complete Collection [Blu-ray]
               Region 2 / all four W&G short films / BBC / November 2009

    Loaf and Death on DVD

UK DVD W&G: The Complete Collection
               Region 2 / all four W&G short films / BBC / November 2009

UK DVD A Matter of Loaf and Death
               Region 2 / just the film + extras / BBC / March 2009


      a film by Nick Park

      exec producers:
      produced by:
      written by:

      development exec:

creative consultants:
      storyboard artists:
      read in artist:
      voice of Fluffles:
      Bake o Lite singer:
      supervising animator:
      character animation:

      asst animators:

      puppet prod designer:
      puppet prod managers:
      senior puppet makers:

      puppet makers:

      set prod designer:
      art director:
      asst art directors:
      graphic designer:
      scenic artist
      prop supervisor:
      set dress/prop makers:

      carpenter/prop makers:
      set construction:
      lighting camera:
      motion control:
      camera assts:
      specialist props
      and vehicles:

      production technology:

      adr recordist:
      add't'l dubbing editor:
      prod co-ordinator:
      asst floor manager:
      prod assistants:
      prod runners:
      asst to Nick Park:
      first asst editor:
      additional editor:
      voice track breakdown:
      visual effects sup:
      visual effects:
      sound designer:
      prod manager:
      head of production:

Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Miles Bullough
Steve Pegram
Nick Park & Bob Baker
Nick Park

Julian Nott

Richard Hansom
Mark Burton, Richard Goleszowski
Michael salter, David Vinicombe
Ben Whitehead
Melissa Collier
Sarah Laborde
Merlin Crossingham
Will Becher, Alison Evans, Dave Osmand,
Loyd Price, Claire Rolls, Ian Whitloak,
Lee wilton, Andy Symanowski, Seamus Malone,
Christopher Sadler, Darren Thomson, Wendy Griffiths,
Jo Chalkley, Suzy Parr, Jay Grace,
Dan Ramsay, Jo Fenton, Dug Calder
Steve Edge, Dean Watson, Elodie Poncon,
Justin Smith, Sara Barbas
Jan Sanger
Lizzie Spivey, Zoe Starzak
Claire Drewett, Harriet Thomas, Andy Spradbery,
Ellie Weston, Jon Frier, Anne king,
Claire Cohen, Debbie Smith
Arlene Arrell, Nancy Jones, Chris Booth,
Gary Roberts, Will Harding, Jay Anfield Smart
Phil Lewis
Matt Perry
Sarah Laborde, Manon Wright
Gavin Lines
Jo Symanowski
: Fred Gray
Jane kite
Helen Javes, Paul Bryant, Rachel Bowen,
Andy Brown, Sophie Brown, Stuart Mallaber
Alan Barrett, Richard Modlen, Alan Scrase
Matthew Healey, Cathryn Webber
Cod Steaks
Dave Alex Riddett
Charles Copping, Paul Smith
George Milburn
Sam Morris, Churton Season, Ben Stradling
Richard Hoskin
Clive Scott

John Wright Model Making,
Jeff Cliff Model Effects
Tom Barnes, Peter Forde, Bob Gregory,
John Morrissey, Nathan Sale Snr,
Richard Crocombe, Lew Gardiner, Guy Holme,
Paul Reeves, Luke Smith, Ian Fleming,
Alan Gregory, Suzi Little, Morgan Roe,
Andy Woodland
Dave Peacock
Will Norie
Kate Munkenbeck
David Button
Sarah Powell, Stef Ingram
Ben Barrowman, Richard Bowen, Sam Horton
Angie Last
Andrew Ward
Angharad Owen
Chris Stock
Bram Ttwheam
Tim Brade, Hugh Brazier
Dave McCormick
Adrian Rhodes
Richard "Beeky" Beek
Jacqueline White
Peter Sallis (Wallace)
Sally Lindsay (Piella)


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