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                                               March 2000


      So the fantastic 'Batman Beyond' has finally made it to terrestrial TV
      here in blighty. But why, oh why, the title change to 'Batman Of The
      Future'? Surely Warners would be keen to cross-promote this one
      from the States to the UK, especially with there still being mutterings
      about a Batman Beyond live-action movie? - Apparently, there was
      even talk about calling it Batman 2000 over here!

      What with the patchy release of Batman Animated on vid. it really
      does smell like those calling the shots don't know what they've got.
      Warners should put the toons on DVD in series order. Make it mail order
      only, if you have to boys. Okay, so you probably won't make mega bucks
      from the release, but you will turn a profit. Hell, if Farscape and The Flumps
      can do it, why can't Batman?


      Okay, I'm on a roll now. Can someone please tell me what the deal is with
      the BBC and 'The Simpsons'. They seem to be repeating the same
      episodes over and over again. What gives?  When are going to see some
      newer material? - We don't all have Sky, you know!


     Okay, the final grip here: What's happenned to 'South Park' series II on
     R2 DVD? It was listed as a Nov/Dec release last year, but it never appeared.
     So what's happenned? Was it put back out of respect for Mary Kay Bergman?
     Oh well, at least we've got 'Bigger, Longer and Uncut' to keep us going...

     8/4/00 - stop press!
     Series II should be hitting the shops as I speak - Hurrah!


     Still with SP, here's a little something to cheer you up: Terrific 3D South Park
     images from - some fabbo pics, including the three here, plus
     Chef as Blade, Cartman as Jabba The Hutt and loads more!

     It's a triple dose of South Park this time, cos the first of Parker & Stone's
     39 cartoon shorts have been delivered to, and word from
     Variety is they're not happy: Apparently the old boys are too rude, but the
     terms of the deal won't let the shocking fellows edit them down.

     Marketing ploy or genuine concern? - You can check out 'Brown Noise',
     'Cartman For The Prosecution' and numerous others at:

     Personally speaking, they're about what you'd expect: lewd and crude and
     very funny. They load quick too, once you've got the software installed.
     Which means I'm even keener than ever to view Tim Burton's short films
     when they go online at shockwave later this year. Press reports say he's
     animating material from his book 'The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy'
     - can anyone confirm this?



     The Sinbad animated feature with Brendan Fraser - Where is it? - When's
     the release date for this motion-capture movie? - It seems to have quietly
     slipped off the release schedules. Is it going straight to vid? - If so, when?
     Hell, even don't seem to know. But they've got some big pix:



     Courtesy of the boys and girls at IGN FilmForce, here's a toy fair report with
     piccies of the forthcoming 'Chicken Run' figures from Playmates. Top stuff, eh?
     Just be patient whilst it loads:



     For the serious collector, plasticene God Mr Nick Park is putting in a special
     appearance at London's Animation Art Gallery this May where he'll be promoting
     a new line-up of gallery collectibles. The original 'Wallace & Gromit' maquette
     is still available, but shifting fast - check it out at:

     Looks like being Mr Park's year, what with 'Chicken Run' almost upon us,
     a new W&G 10min short in prodction and a confirmed W&G movie in the offing....



     Presenting a mouth-watering entree of toon collectibles which I really,
     really must have...


     'Iron Giant' poster
     A beautiful limited edition framed one-sheet featuring the original poster art
     that Warners rejected. I've done a swift gallery check, but it looks like it's all
     sold-out now. If you can find it, it'll set you back between £150 - £200. I'm
     desperate for one of these so ple-e-e-ase mail me if you find one available!
     'Bender' from Rocket USA
     Coming soon - this fabbo 8.5" robot 'Bender' from 'Futurama', complete with cigar
     and a bottle of Olde Fortran Malt Liquor. The new range also features a 'Nibbler'
     robot and some brilliant tin signs. Place your orders now! - 'Bender' is $24.95

     'Wallace & Gromit' chess set
     Got just shy of £300 to spend? - Then grab one of these amazing chess sets:
     Eh-up, the board's a piece of jammy toast! And our heroes are mounted on


     The search goes on for those elusive links:

     Anyone found a 'Noah and Nelly' homepage yet?
     And how about 'Alias The Jester'?
    And this here gem: a 'Cloppa Castle' site?
     - Till next time!



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