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                                               May 2000

    Yes, indeed. Aardman's ANGRY KID has finally debuted on the web.
    'Swearing' and 'Buzz Off!' are the first 1min films online courtesy of atomfilms.
    They've also got some AK wallpaper for you lucky people,and an Angry Kid
    screensaver is arriving soon - Coo!

    I encountered a few glitches signing up, but all seems fine and
    viewable now. Remember he's loud, lewd, and definitely not for kids.
    Got get steamed up for yourself at:  


     Brace yourselves, boys and girls. It seems nostalgia is coming back to
     terrestrial TV with a vengeance. Don't know what I'm talking about? - Then
     you'd best read on at once...



     Yes indeedy, put your sticky little paws together for the one, the only
     Mr Basil Basil!

     Basil's new show 'The Brush Is Back' was apparently the
     subject of a hot bidding war between the BBC and ITV down at the
     Cannes TV Festival. A primetime site beckons once more - Coo...



   Not so good, perhaps, is the news that France's AB Productions are
     talking to Disney with a view to them  purchasing rights to 'The Magic
     Roundabout'. Apparently the mouse house wants to give Dougal and
     co. the old Hollywood makeover treatment!

     Does that sound like bad news, or what? According to The Sunday
     Times' even Nigel Planer - he of the more recent C4 relaunch - has
     apparently urged Disney to resist the temptation to meddle. Looks like
     the only beneficiary of this deal could be Emma Thompson and family,
     who stand to receive a hefty sum if rights to the late Eric Thompson's
     400 or so magic tales do get sold...



     Who needs ACDC? - Those rock bastions Pinky and Perky are staging yet
     another comeback! They took the world by storm after appearing on the Las
     Vegas stage in 1959. The following year they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show,
     and from there, well, the world became their oyster. The porky duo have
     scratched up 16 albums all told, and are credited with launching one of the
     largest merchandising assaults of the 60's.

     And now they're back. Creators Jan and Vlasta Dalibor sold the rights to
     entertainment company Just Group for a tidy £500,000. A funky new series
     is planned for 2001 plus another ocean of merchandise, including a new P&P
     comic book...

     There's a P&P website being planned at: (nothing here yet, though)



     You want more? - So how about news that the BBC are producing all-new
     versions of 'Watch With Mother' classics 'The Woodentops' and
     'Andy Pandy'! - Looks like nostalgia's back with a vengeance, eh?

    S'funny how everyone's looking back for new product, when there's some
    modern-day classics right under their noses: Witness 'The Big Knights'
    a brilliant show lost in the wilderness of Xmas and Easter holiday

    You'll find plenty of nostalgia at:



     Uh-oh! - It seems that lovable laborer 'Bob The Builder' has upset our
     Far-East friends. See, our Bob only has three animated fingers per hand.
     That doesn't go down too well in Japan, where the Triads frequently
     remove the pinky from their victims, as a sign of strength. Hence the
     announcement that Big Bob is to gain the required extra digit for all
     licensing deals over there...

     Could they fix it? - Yes, they could!

     You'll find the three-fingered Bob at his official website:



      Meanwhile, an interview with Mr Nick Park in 'The Sun' (April 20th) confirmed
      that the next Aardman/Dreamworks movie will be an adaptation of the classic
      tale of 'The Hare and The Tortoise'. When you think about it that could be
      a perfect CR follow-up: There's loads of potential in the notion of these two
      critters scheming to go faster than their rival...

      The same interview also reconfirmed Park's desire to make a 'Wallace & Gromit'
      movie and, apparently, he already has an idea of what the story will be. Says Nick:
       '...While I've enjoyed working with a bunch of chickens, those two are my

      Stay informed with Aardman's official site:



     Speaking of aardman (again), if you collect movie posters, like me, then you'll
     be salivating over these:


     Yep. That's right. Courtesy of, six advance one-sheet
     posters for the pant-wettingly exciting 'Chicken Run' movie!

     But you'll have a dog of a time trying to find them anywhere. So far I've only got
     hold of Rocky as 'The Lone Free Ranger' (thank you, Mr M). If anyone stumbles
     across a source for these please let me know pronto...

     Check out these and loads more up-to-date CR info at the 100% unofficial:

     And don't forget the official ones:
     USA -    
     UK -



     The search goes on no more for one of my elusive links:

     Those fabulous Big Knights at 'Little Gems' have conjured up
     a 'Noah and Nelly' page at:

     So now I know you're listening:

     Can someone unearth a 'Cockleshell Bay' site?
     Or this here gem: a 'Cloppa Castle' site?
         - Till next time!



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