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       May 2007
 Extra! Extra! - Read all the Toon News!

    Thinking of JEO
Our thoughts are with you, Fresco...

Small collecatbles
 SmallFilms exclusives from Robert Harrop...

    Children's TV on Trial
A new BBC documentary...

    The Book Gnome knows
   The Hound's secret passion...   more »

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  Thinking of JEO   (24.05.07)

Our thoughts are most definitely with cartoonist J Edward Oliver today,
   with the news that his health has recently gone into rapid decline.
   Pete Sanders has been keeping The Hound abreast of developments,
   but the outlook does not appear to be too rosey for our favourite
   Fleetway friend. He's currently very poorly, and taking each day
   as it comes.

   Fresco-Le-Raye by J Edward Oliver

   JEO, or Jack, is best known for his work on the Fleetway fun comics,
   having brought us the delights of "Cliff Hanger", "Robin Good", "Master
   Mind", "The Loon Ranger", "The Teeny Sweeny" and so many more
   in the pages of "Whoopee!", "Whizzer & Chips" and "Jackpot". His
   strips are instantly recognisable, with their chunky black pen lines
   and lots of busy signs and silliness urging us to "Abolish Tuesdays"
   and other such lunatic notions.

   In recent years, JEO's had a new lease of life on the Internet, where
   folks have been able to rediscover his cartoons from "Disc" and "Record 
   Mirror", including a very affable dinosaur in the form of Fresco-Le-Raye.
   And of late, Jack has been producing full-colour Fresco strips which he
   emails to subscribers each week. There's even been some Fresco
   apparel for us to purchase. But these ventures have continued more
   for love than money, with the strips arriving free in our mailboxes,
   alongside other bits and pieces of cartoon madness to keep us
   smiling - Jack's just that kind of guy. He can't stop himself from
   tinkering with toons and an endless stream of tonsil-tying 

   Jack, we're thinking of you, and wishing and willing you well.

   -------------------- * UPDATED 27th MAY * ---------------------------

   Sad to say, Jack's family have been in touch today to let us know
   that he passed away yesterday (26th). So another Fleetway favourite
   has joined the great cartoon firmament...

                                                   More: The Hound talks to JEO


  Small collectables  (22.05.07)

Okay, these have been out for a few weeks, but The Hound just hasn't
   had a chance to put pen to paper - or paw to keyboard - to celebrate
   the wonders of these not-so-small SmallFilms collectables from the
   clever folks at Robert Harrop Designs.

   Ivor the Engine - Buy yours now from Boojog Collectables...

   Look! - That's Ivor the Engine in all his pss-t-koffing glory, complete with
   Jones the Steam and young Idris, atop his funnel. This beautiful piece
   is limited to just 600 editions, and is selling fast...

    Noggin the Nog - Now available from Boojog Collectables...

   Then there's this terrific Noggin the Nog piece, featuring Noggin and Nooka
   on their throne, with Nogbad and Graculus skulking them. Again, it's
   limited to just 600 editions. The throne is full of detail, the clothing so
   well textured..

   These are so good! We've waited decades for pieces of such quality to
   emerge on to the market. You can order yours now from the jolly folks
   at Boojog Collectables - along with those amazing Harrop ranges
   starring Bagpuss, the Clangers, Mr Benn and the myriad of folks
   vehicles and buildings from Trumptonshire...

                                                                            More: Boojog


   Children's TV on Trial  

    There's a new five-part documentary series beginning on BBC4 next
    week. "Children's TV on Trial" charts the development of our favourite
    genre over the years, with each episode featuring plenty of clips from
    iconic tv programmes in the BBC archives, and interviews from the
    main players of the day. The opening episode focuses on the very
    earliest days, in the 1950s, when "Muffin the Mule" and those
    "Watch With Mother" classics took to our screens, alongside such
    live-action fare as "Robin Hood". Subsequent shows move through
    the decades, up until the 1990s.

    Of course, children's tv is indeed on trial right now, what with
    advertising bans and reduced broadcasting times everywhichway.
    But given that this series doesn't continue through to the present
    day, it's a safe bet to assume the Beeb have decided to skirt the
    current problems - despite the provacative series title.

    Set your recorder for episode one on Sunday 27th May, on BBC4
    at 9.00pm. Subsequent programmes will air daily, at the same time,
    through to Thursday 31st May...


   The Book Gnome Knows  

    What does the Book Gnome know, exatly?

    Well, he knows all about the Hound's secret passion. Or rather,
    the Hound's other secret passion. You see, as well as being a
    topnotch toon freak, Yours Truly also likes nothing better than a
    darned good read.

    Yep, I'm a book freak. I devour 'em. But more than that, I collect
    them too. There's something just so special about having a signed
    first edition in your hands. It makes the reading even more pleasurable.
    Now, I don't just collect any old books. I like children's fiction.
    No, scrap that. I love children's fiction. It's my favourite genre.
    and I've always kept abreast of the latest news and releases.

    But you know, a funny thing happened a few years back. A chap
    called Harry Potter popped up on the book scene, and his success
    has led to publishers flooding the market, month on month, with
    titles that they like to think are The Next Big Thing. It's all a bit
    dizzying, if you don't know what's what.

    The Book Gnome knows...

    Only, the Hound knows exactly what's what. So I thought now
    might be a good time to start sharing that knowledge with folks
    on the web. And to this end, The Book Gnome was born
    ( Think of it as a companion to
    Toonhound, enthusing and informing in just the same way.
    Only this time, it's all about books, lovely books...

    Now it's very early days. The new site is still coming together,
    finding its layout and place in the scheme of things. Plus it needs
    more content - a heck more content, indeed. But if you drop by
    and take a gander, I hope you'll find it a worthwhile place to
    bookmark and return to, as it develops. And I hope you'll be
    informed. I'd certainly welcome any feedback you can offer, as I pull
    everything together and the new site yawns and stretches,
    and steps out, blinking into the online sunshine...

    Ah, me. Toons and books. My two great loves. I can't wait to
    share 'em with you...

    Till next time!

        Pooch says 'Stay tooned!'

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