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British TV series

     MaisieMac in "Meeow!"

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Meeow!         (2000)
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    producers: Scottish Television/Siriol
                      in association with SKD Media
                      & Comataidh Craolaidh Gaidhlig

2D animation
     episodes: 26 x 10mins


"She's a pretty little kitty from the capital city..."

   Maisie MacKenzie (MaisieMac) is a happy-go-lucky tabby cat who lives with
    her Granny in Edinburgh. Our kilted kitty dreams of becoming an explorer, just
    like her globetrotting father, who works for the Adventurology Department of
    Edinburgh University. Which is just as well, because her own adventures with
    Granny, and with her pals, take her all around Morningside, and away around
    Scotland and the world. MaisieMac travels to Glasgow, Ben Nevis and Loch
    Ness. She tangles with New York gangsters, gets stranded in the Australian 
    Outback, visits Paris, Egypt and Japan, and even discovers a Wild West
    gold mine!

     MaisieMac's pal Archie

    "Meeow!" is based upon the popular Maisie books by Aileen Paterson,
    and the series is narrated by legendary Scottish comedian Stanley Baxter, who
    has great fun with the vernacular. There are lots of wee colloquialisms
    to savour here.
    The $1.8m series was animated by Robin Lyons' Siriol Animation in Wales,
    and in Scotland, and a gaelic version of the series was developed alongside its
    English counterpart. Siriol have a raft of series either filmed in gaelic, or
    developed from Welsh stories and characters. But MaisieMac is an
    altogether different kitty, being of Scottish descent...

    Cat or Mouse?

    Don't get confused now. Maisie is a cute cat.
    But Maisy is a cute white mouse...


   MaisieMac's mates

   In "Meeow!" Maisie makes friends with people and animals all over the world.
   Here are a few of them...

    MaisieMac's best schoolfriend

    Marjorie McKitty (aka Mrs McKitty)
    MaisieMac's neighbour

    Lydia McSporran
    Mrs McKitty's niece

    Maureen & Daureene Purrdy (aka The Purrdy Twins)
    MaisieMac's school friends

    Mrs Purrvis
    MaisieMac's teacher

    Mrs McTutu
    MaisieMac's ballet teacher

    Tommy & Morag McTwirl
    Snooty seniors in Mrs McTutu's ballet class

    Sergei Jumpov
    A famous Russian ballet dancer

    Noreko & Kobana Hatsumi
    MaisieMac's Japanese friend, and her
aspiring Sumo brother

    Mr Hatsumi
    Their father

    An Egyptian camel

    Alfonse Moose
    A Parisian Mouse

    Skipper, Cracker & Darlene Dinkum
    An Australian Kangaroo, a kookaburra, and a koala


    Maisie books by Aileen Paterson

     The Maisie Books

     Aileen Paterson's wee little kitty made her first published appearances
     in 1984, and she's still going strong today. Here's the full list of titles:

     Maisie comes to Morningside
     Maisie goes to Glasgow
     Maisie’s Mystery Tour
     Maisie Meets her Match
     Maisie in London
     Maisie and the Monster
     Maisie goes to School
     Maisie and the Space Invader
     Maisie and the Posties
     Maisie’s Festival Adventure
     Maisie Loves Paris
     Maisie goes to Hospital
     What Maisie did Next
     Maisie in the Rainforest
     Maisie and the Puffer
     Maisie Digs up the Past
     Maisie at the Edinburgh Book Festival
     Maisie Goes to Hollywood
     Maisie’s Merry Christmas
     Maisie and the Pirates
     Maisie Jumps into Japan
     Maisie Bites the Big Apple
     Maisie and the Abominable Snowcat
     Maisie and the Botanic Garden Mystery
     Maisie’s Colouring Book
     Maisie’s Second Colouring Book
     Maisie’s Fun and Games Activity Book
     Maisie’s Millennium Calendar
     Maisie’s Botanic Activity Book
     Children’s Guide to Edinburgh (with Maisie illustrations)


     Meeow! episodes

    What Maisiemac Did Next
    MaisieMac Hits the Right Note
    MaisieMac and the Owl Hoot
    MaisieMac Joins the Brownies
    MaiseMac and the Highland Games

    MasieMac in Australia

    MaisieMac in the Big Apple
    MasieMac in Japan

    MaisieMac's Holiday Surprises
    MaisieMac and the Cat Burglar
    MaisieMac Lost in Glasgow
    MaisieMac's Mountain Rescue

    MasieMac in Moscow

    Merry Christmas MaisieMac
    MasieMac Loves Paris
    MasieMac Goes to Egypt


Meeow! on DVD

     UK DVD  Meeow! - Around the World with MaisieMac

                 Region 2 / 5 episodes / 4 Front / January 2005

     UK DVD 
Children's Christmas Collection
                 This super DVD compilation includes the episode
                 "Merry Christmas MaisieMac"...


     based on the stories by Aileen Paterson

      made in Scotland and Wales
      by Siriol Productions/Siriol (Scotland) Ltd

      a Scottish Television/Siriol co-production
      in association with SKD Media & Comataidh Craolaidh Gaidhlig
     director:                 Les Orton
     producer:                Robin Lyons
     exec producer:        Elizabeth Partyka
     music:                    The Singing Kettle
     writers:                   Robin Lyons, Andrew Offiler,
                                   Roland Moore, Les Brooksbank,
                                   Steve Sullivan, Simon Jowett,
                                   Peter Thornhill, Matthew Hurst,
                                   Holly Lyons
     script editor:           Andrew Offiler
     script assistants:     Luci Hammond, Sarah Phillips,
                                   Tracey Price, Julie Stenner
     development:          Lawrie Dalziel
     & layouts:               Andy Janes, Wayne Thomas,
                                   & Richard Clay, Yvonne Boylan,
                                   Helen Comloquoy
     animators:              Hilary Audus, Simon Bradbury,
                                   Robert Brown, Marc Burnell,
                                   Mike Coles, Wesley Doheny,
                                   Chris Evans, Keith Greig,
                                   Morgan Griffiths, Ken Hayes,
                                   Steve Hayne, Steve John,
                                   Eryl Jones, Marc Lewis,
                                   Dave Livesey, Nicola Marlborough,
                                   Neil McCann, Josie Solis,
                                   Sam Twigge, Dickon Waring,
                                   Steve Whittle, Simon Williams,
                                   Hugh Workman
     animation checker:  Samantha Yates
     assistant checker:    Mari Sheard
      ink & paint

     supervisor:              Ben Lamb
     digital ink & paint:    Catherine Baraka, Paul Bannister,
                                   Melanie Cowley, Justine Dolan,
                                   Thomas Petith, Jo Samuels,
                                   Inez Stoodley
     prod accountants:    Chris Mortimer, Jackie Price
     prod runner:            Ben Hassan
     recording facilities:  Saunders & Gordon
                                   BBC Resources
           Vivian Jones, Flix Facilities
     audio post-prod:      The Sound Works
     editor:                     Sabina Mayer
     studio manager:       Lynne Stockford
     assistant director:    Mike Price
     prod manager:         Tim Francis
     voices:                    Stanley Baxter


     On the web

     Classic Media
     "Meeow!"s UK rights were held by Entertainment Rights, but
     Classic Media have snapped up most of their portfolio now...

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