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British TV series
Meg and Mog

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Meg and Mog   (2003 -2004)
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   producers: Absolutely Productions,
                     Varga Ltd, Happy Life
                     Animation AB
2D animation
     episodes: 52 x 5mins



Adapted from the best-selling picture books from Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski
   "Meg and Mog" follows the day-to-day adventures of the good witch Meg and her
    familiars, a black cat called Mog and Owl. Together these three make breakfast,
    they picnic, go boating,
have fun at the circus, frolic with their witch friends
    Cress, Bess, Jess and Tess, and most importantly cast spells with Meg's
    big black cauldron.
    Meg isn't the most skillful of witches, though, and a great many of her spells
    go awry and asunder, causing all manner of colourful problems. But everything
    is safely back to rights before the credits roll. 

    Jan Pienkowski is a legend in his own lifetime.
His designs are instantly familiar,
    and utterly unique
. They tend to focus on simple, black-outlined characters
    posed against bright blocks of colour. And they leap off the page - often quite
    literally, because as well as the "Meg and Mog" books, Jan has brought us
    a number of extraordinary award-winning pop-up books like "Haunted House",
    "Small Talk","Fancy That", and "Dinner Time".

    The producers of "Meg and Mog" have resisted the temptation to meddle with
    magic. They've worked closely with their creators and as a consequence Meg
    and her friends seem to have sprung effortlessly into life. It therefore goes 
    without saying, if you're a fan of the books you'll enjoy the series too.

» "Meg and Mog" was produced in the UK, but animated in Hungary by
        Varga and Happy life.

» Series director Roger Mainwood animated and directed sequences for
       "The Snowman", Father Christmas, Granpa, The Bear,  TVC's Wind in
        the Willows and several of their Beatrix Potter films. He was also 
        employed on Stressed Eric, an earlier production for Absolutely,
        which is how his name came up when "Meg and Mog" went into

» Before they hit our screens, Meg and Mog appeared on stage, courtesy
        of David Wood (The Gingerbread Man). Jan designed this theatrical
        production too and under David's assured hand, four Meg and Mog
        stories were brought to life with accompanying songs...


     Meg, Mog, Owl and the cauldron

     Making magic

     When Meg casts a spell it usually involves her big black cauldron.
     The ingredients go in, Meg chants the required magic rhyme and
     a dazzling lightning bolt strikes the cauldron.
    A spell to turn witches into mice (by mistake)
    Frog in a bog, bat in a hat,
    Snap, crackle, pop and fancy that!

    A spell to make your cake bigger
    Feather, frog, and ten black flies,
    Cake grow fat before our eyes!

    A spell to make eggs
    Lizards and newts, three loud hoots,
    Three frogs legs, three big eggs!

    A spell to visit the moon
    Three chunks of cheese, a very loud sneeze,
    Man in the Moon, we'll see you soon!


    Spell casting is tricky business for Meg, but she can't be that bad
    because Mr and Mrs Farmer are quite happy to let her baby-sit for them,
    whilst they hop off to market ("Meg and the Baby")...


     In the news

     The Hound: The Main Man
     a Q&A with director Roger Mainwood...


Meg and Mog episodes

     Meg, Mog and Owl            Meg's Cauldron
     Owl's Voice                     Meg at the Funfair
     Meg on the Moon             Meg's Car
     Meg's Tent                      Meg's Treasure
     Meg's Cake                      Meg's Race
     Meg at Sea                     Meg's Music
     Meg at the Circus             Meg Up the Creek
     Meg and the Baby            Meg and the Sheep
     Meg's Veg                       Mog's Mumps
     Mog's Hiccups                  Meg's Museum
     Mog in the Fog                 Owl at School
     Meg's Picnic                     Meg's Christmas
     Meg's Eggs                      Meg and the Snow

     Meg's Fancy Dress
     Meg and the Volcano
     Meg's Leg
     Mog at the Zoo
     Meg's Castle
     Mog Can't Sleep
     Meg's Cauldron
     Cress' Hat
     Meg and the Kitten
     Meg and the Viking
     Meg and the Pirates
     Mog's Mistake
     Owl at the Vet


     Meg and Mog on DVD

     UK DVD 
Meg and Mog: Volume 1
                13 episodes / R2 / Momentum Pictures / April 2004

     UK DVD
Meg and Mog: Volume 2
                13 episodes / R2 / Momentum Pictures / October 2004



     from the books by Jan Pienkowski
and Helen Nicoll

    series director:      Roger Mainwood

    producer/writer:   Carl Gorham

    writer:                  Moray Hunter

    anim producers:    Kirstie Baillie, Claes Dietmann
    exec producers:    Andras Erkel, Peter Gustafsson,
                                Miles Bullough, Chris Pye
    episode dirs:         Miklos Varga, Elena Rogova
    music:                  Peter Baikie, Willie Dowling
    storyboards:         Maria Petterson, Raul Lunia,
                               Trevor Ricketts
    art director:          Diana Nagybakav
    designer:             Anders worm

    backgrounds, clean-up,
     inbetween, paint by Varga Budapest
    voices:                 Fay Ripley (Meg)
                               Phil Cornwell (Mog)
                               Alan Bennett (Owl)
                               Morwenna Banks (additional voices)
                               Paul Shearer (additional voices)


      On the web

      Jan Pienkowski
      The master illustrator has his own web site here..

      Roger Mainwood
      The director has his own space on the web too...

      David Wood
      David identifies his work on the stage show here, and
      he includes some song lyrics...

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© Absolutely / Varga / Happy Life / F2006