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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

    Microscopic Milton from SPLASH! Ltd  

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 producers: SPLASH! Ltd for the BBC
    animation: 2D animation

      episodes: 26 x 5mins

"Microscopic Milton is very small indeed..."

   Like the title says, Milton is a microscopic little chap who lives in a clock,
   on the mantelpiece, in the parlour of the house that belongs to a lady
   named Mrs Witherspoon. He's so small that Mrs Withersponn can't even
   see him. But douglas can. He's a shaggy dog with a big red nose, who likes
   to snooze in front of Milton's fireplace, and he and the little guy have all
   sorts of microspically big adventures together...

   Milton's miniature stories are slim, but perfectly formed. They're chock full
   of wit, as Milton enthuses about one thing or another, and gets some half-cooked
   idea about the big world in and around their home. And most tales end up with
   Douglas casting a wry or bemused glance towards camera, before his pal hops
   on top of his nose for a lift back to Mrs Witherspoon's fireplace.

    Douglas the dog from Microscopic Milton, a SPLASH! Ltd production

   Milton's creator, writer and director is the mult-talented Tony Garth and the
   production displays his distinctive stylings in its character designs and layouts.
   (they're also on show in the likes of Alias the Jester and The Fiddley Foodle Bird).
   The series has a lovely wah-wah theme but alas, the music isn't credited in
   the front or end titles. But we do know that Brian Wilde ("Porridge", "Last of
   the Summer Wine") is the narrator, and as you'd expect, he's delightfully droll...

» Although Mrs Witherspoon is often on screen, we only ever see her
       from the chest down, with her face remaining out of view throughout
       the series...

» Kristen Johnson ("Third Rock From the Sun") replaced Brian Wilde
       as narrator for the US version of the series.. .


Milton and...

    Milton and the Bubble Bath
    Milton and the Camping Holiday

    Milton and the Dust Collection
    Milton and the Fitness Plan

    Milton and the Toybox

    Milton and the Beanstalk

    Milton and the Kitten

    Milton and the Leprechaun

    Milton and Mrs Witherspoon's Wish
    Milton and the Parrot
    Milton and the Snowdog
    Milton and the Space Alien
    Milton and the Time Machine
    Milton and the Visitor
    Milton and the Big Freeze

    Milton and the Birthday Party
    Milton and the Bumble Bee
Milton and the Circus
    Milton and the Disappearing Dog
    Milton and the Dog Show
    Milton and the Dog That Ate New York
    Milton and the Halloween Party


Milton in print

     Four tie-in books were published by Splash! to accompany
     the series, and all were were written and illustrated by Tony Garth
     and Ian Jackson:

    Milton and the Big Freeze

    Milton and the Bubble Bath

    Milton and the Dust Collection

    Milton and the Kitten



    Milton on DVD

     Alas, Milton and Douglas have yet to put in an appearance here in
     the UK, but folks with Region 1 machines can get their paws on
     all 26 "americanized" episodes of the show:

     USA DVD
Microscopic Milton - Volume 1
                Region 1 / Vintage Home Ent. / February 2004

     USA DVD
Microscopic Milton - Volume 2
                Region 1 / Vintage Home Ent. / February 2004

    written and directed by Tony Garth

    exec producers:         Lucy Ellson, Russell Dever
    producer:                  Heather Pedley
    directing animator:    Mark Mason
    paint and trace:         Aimee Taylor
    storyboards, layout
    and backgrounds:      Ian Jackson
    colour sytlist:            Tim Thackeray
    post-production:       Nigel Rutter
    dubbing mixer:          Richard Lambert
    thanks to:                 Keith Brumpton, Magaret Wiley,
                                    Jo, Oscar and Amy
    narrator:                   Brian Wilde


      On the web

      Tony Garth
The creator's home...

Mark Mason Animation
      Mark was the directing animator on the series...

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