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British TV series

     Little Miss

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Little Miss     (1983)
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      producers: Flicks Films  
      animation: 2D animation
        episodes: 13 x 7.5mins

   "Little Miss, we're waiting for you,
    Ready.. Steady.. How do you do?"


    As created by Mr Roger Hargreaves, the Little Misses are colourful cousins
    to the Mister Men. Just like before, each character is named after their own
    unique and perculiar foible or quirk or penchant. Thus we have Little Miss
    Sunshine, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Scatterbrain, etc. and they all
    appear to dwell in the same sunny, funny Misterland. Each character
    has her own standalone story, and most reveal how our Little Miss
    learns to cope with her uniqueness in her day-to-day life. But more
    importantly, rather than deriding or undermining their character, we are
    instead encouraged to celebrate their quirks. It's a trick previously mastered
    so well by the Mister Men, and it goes along way towards explaining their
    continued popularity.

    The first batch of Little Miss stories were published in 1981 and quickly
    proved just as popular as their predecessors. A tv adaptation was thus
    inevitable and the characters were duly brought to life by Terry Ward,
    Trevor Bond and Flicks Films - the same team behind the Mister Men.
    This time, we got a razzle-dazzle title song to kickstart proceedings,
    as well as one or two musical ditties in the midst of the stories. Sadly,
    the original voice of the Mister Men - Arthur Lowe - died in 1982,
    so the producers now turned to real-life husband and wife Pauline
    Collins and John Alderton - she giving voice to each Litte Miss whilst he
    told the tales.

    For their first run on BBC1, each Little Miss film debuted as a doubleheader 
    with an earlier Mister Men production - clever, eh? And a new jazzy interlude was
    created, to segue the stories together. Of course, these first films only feature
    13 Little Miss characters, but over the years, the ranks have swelled so that
    today there are 38 Little Misses in circulation in the UK. Given that the list
    of human foibles and personality ticks is endless, it's safe to assume there
    are a lot more Little Misses still to come...


    A little broadcast info

    As has already been said, when the BBC first broadcast these Little
    Miss films they were spliced together with a selection of earlier
    Mister Men productions and aired as "Little Misses and
   The Mister Men"

    The series commenced with "Little Miss Tiny & Mr Tickle",
    which was first broadcast on 14th February 1983 at 1.45pm on BBC1.

    Here are all the pairings:

Little Miss Tiny & Mr Tickle
   Little Miss Shy & Mr Silly
   Little Miss Splendid & Mr Jelly
   Little Miss Magic & Mr Daydream
   Little Miss Naughty & Mr Forgetful
   Little Miss Neat & Mr Chatterbox
   Little Miss Bossy & Mr Greedy
   Little Miss Plump & Mr Happy
   Little Miss Scatterbrain & Mister Bounce
   Little Miss Late & Mr Mean
   Little Miss Trouble & Mr Impossible
   Little Miss Helpful & Mr Fussy
   Little Miss Sunshine & Mr Bump


    Plump and Greedy? - Liitle Miss Plump & Mr Greedy!

    Little guest stars

    The 13 Little Miss films feature lots of cameo appearances from other
    Mister Men and Little Misses. Many have important roles to play in
    the stories, whilst others only put in fleeting, non-speaking appearances.
    So for those who need this kind of info, here's the complete
    line-up of tv guests:

    Little Miss Splendid
    Mr Small, Mr Happy, Mr Daydream

    Little Miss Late
    Mr Silly, Little Miss Neat, Mr Topsy-Turvy, Mr Greedy,
    Mr Uppity, Mr Lazy

    Little Miss Plump
    Mr Greedy

    Little Miss Helpful
    Mr Tall, Mr Small, Mr Happy

    Little Miss Tiny
    Mr Strong, Mr Funny, Mr Greedy, Mr Silly, Mr Small

    Little Miss Bossy
    Mr Chatterbox, Mr Noisy, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Lazy, Mr Nosey

    Little Miss Naughty
    Mr Uppity, Mr Greedy, Mr Mean, Mr Worry, Mr Bump, Mr Small,
    Mr Nosey, Mr Jelly, Mr Lazy, Mr Impossible

    Little Miss Trouble
    Mr Uppity, Mr Clever, Mr Worry, Mr Small, Mr Tickle, Mr Bump

    Little Miss Magic
    Mr Happy, Mr Tickle, Mr Mean, Mr Greedy, Little Miss Sunshine,
    Mr Quiet, Little Miss Plump, Little Miss Shy

    Little Miss Neat
    Mr Muddle

    Little Miss Scatterbrain
    Mr Funny, Mr Slow, Mr Tickle, Mr Happy, Mr Silly, Mr Nosey

    Little Miss Sunshine
    Mr small (pictured upon her handbag), Mr Happy

    Little Miss Shy
    Mr Funny, Mr Strong, Mr Bump, Mr Small, Mr Greedy, Mr Nosey,
    Mr Tickle, Mr Noisy, Mr Mischief, Mr Dizzy, Mr Quiet

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    A Little Miss timeline

    Looking beyond the series now, here are all the Little Miss who've
    appeared in the UK over the years, together with the date of their arrival.
    All bar Little Miss Nobody have their own standalone story, and two
    of the girls have had a namechange since they first appeared...

Little Miss Bossy 
    Little Miss Helpful

    Little Miss Late

    Little Miss Plump (Little Miss Greedy
from 1995)
Little Miss Magic

    Little Miss Naughty 
    Little Miss Neat

    Little Miss Scatterbrain
Little Miss Shy
    Little Miss Splendid

    Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Tiny

    Little Miss Trouble

    Little Miss Chatterbox
Little Miss Contrary
    Little Miss Dotty (Little Miss Ditzy from 2001)

    Little Miss Fickle

Little Miss Giggles
    Little Miss Lucky

    Little Miss Star

Little Miss Twins


    Little Miss Brainy

    Little Miss Busy

    Little Miss Curious
    Little Miss Fun

    Little Miss Quick

    Little Miss Somersault

    Little Miss Stubborn

    Little Miss Tidy
    Little Miss Wise

    Little Miss Bad
Little Miss Scary

Little Miss Whoops

    Little Miss Christmas

Little Miss Birthday
Little Miss Jealous 
ittle Miss Nobody (appears in Little Miss Stella)  

Little Miss Stella (ltd edition)

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    Current promos/Tie-ins

    Fans will surely want to get their paws on this splendid little series of
    giclee prints which have recently been produced by FL!P and The Animation
    Art Gallery in London
There are 3 numbered, limited editions to choose
    from in this particular range, each reproducing a doublepage spread from
    a famous Little Miss adventure. That means we get a portion of story text
    on one side, and its associated illustration opposite. Aren't they fab?

     Little Miss Trouble - a giclee print from FL!P and The Animation Art Gallery

    Each print measures 20"x12" and is restricted to just 200 editions. And
    if you're still trying to decide which you like best, well, you might want to
    look away now. You see, these are just the tip of a Little Miss and Mr Men
    iceberg that's floating through our favourite gallery. Just take a look at
    these numerous miniature etchings, and that signed anniversary edition!...


     Little Miss on DVD

     The Little Misses are free agents on DVD. That is to say, the 13 x 7.5mins
     films stand on their own, with ne'er a Mister Man story in sight. Although,
     curiously, each episode is still capped off with the series interlude.

     Here's the disc singularly:

     UK DVD
Little Miss - The Complete Original Series
                Region 2 / all 13 episodes / Delta Music / September 2003

     And this same disc also appears in these two compilations:

     UK DVD Mr Men & Little Miss 35th Anniv. edition
                Region 2 / two discs / Delta Music / August 2006

     UK DVD Mr Men & Little Miss Complete DVD Collection
                Region 2 / twelve discs / Delta Music / Feb 2005

    Little Miss characters created and written
     by Roger hargreaves

    produced and directed
    by Trevor Bond and Terry Ward

    words & music:  Dave Cooke, Richard Everett

    trace & paint:    Anne Ward, Annie Morris
    processing:       Studio Film Laboratories
    camera:            Stephen Williams, Doug Weymouth,
                            Gerald Walters
    editor:              John Gibson
    narration:         Pauline Collins
                           John Alderton


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