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British TV series

        Moschops and his best friend Ally

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Moschops   (1983)
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producers: FilmFair London Presentations
stop-motion animation
      episodes: 13 x 11mins


    "Moschops thought and thought until he got that dizzy feeling,
     which meant a special thought was coming..."


    Set in prehistoric times, this memorable series stars the young baseball
    cap wearing dinosaur Moschops and his friends, Ally (an allosaurus), Uncle
    Rex (a tyrannosaurus), Mrs Kerry (a triceratops), big Grandfather Diplodocus
    and Mr Icthyosaurus, a Welsh water-saurus who dwells in the nearby lake.

    These dinosaurs live in a brave new world, with lots of strange scenarios
    and concepts to get their heads around. Take Flower. She appears over
    night in front of Moschops' cave. She's a pretty red thing, all on her own.
    The first flower on earth, no less. And she's not just a plant but a living
    creature able to move with her moods and to "sing" when she is happy.
    Moschops helps to keep her content, watering her when necessary and
    protecting her from harm. Then there's the notion of light and dark, and
    night and day - a confusing concept for this young dinosaur.

    In between the complex things that make his head dizzy, Moschops and
    his best friend Ally like nothing better than to munch on some fresh
    horsetail plants, or to play prehistoric football. But mean old Uncle Rex
    is always on the prowl, looking to give Ally more Fierceness lessons.
    And Mrs Kerry is best avoided too, given her penchant for tidying
    and cleaning everywhere she goes...

Mrs kerry,  Uncle Rex and Mr Icthyosaurus

    What a classic series this is. There are some great characters here,
    a terrific easy-listening theme and the simple stories are speckled with
    some wonderful melancholy and musing. Bernard Cribbins' adds his
    laconic narration to proceedings, and the addition of strange, mystical
    Flower helps to lift "Moschops" up onto its own unique plateau.
    Only thirteen episodes were produced and although more might have
    been desirable at the time, with hindsight, it's actually rather splendid
    having one unique season to hold on to and to cherish...

» Mrs Kerry doesn't rumble into the valley until the episode "Tidiest
     Dinosaur", when she drops into make the place shipshape



» World Distributors published a Moschops annual in 1983, featuring further
       stories and games, but alas, no pictures from the series apart from those
       on the cover...

» Now here's a gem: Prinknash Potteries created a small range of chinaware
       for our delight. The range included cups and plates adorned with wonderful
       Moschops artwork!

    Moschops picturebooks by Purnell

» Purnell Books published six 24page mini-books.
         Here are the titles:

 Moschops Digs a Hole          
 Moschops and the Mystery    
 Moschops and the Sneezes    
Moschops and the Surprise
 Moschops Plays Football
      • Moschops and the Fierceness Lesson

     » Finally, like many popular series from the time, Moschops appeared
         in his own comic strip, in copies of "Pippin" circa 1983/1984.


     Moschops episodes

     The First Flower               Moschops' Party
     All's Well That Ends Well    Just Like Me
     Night-time Sun
     Fiercest Dinosaur
     Tidiest Dinosaur
     Ally Takes to the Air
     Wheels Within Wheels
     Moschops' Garden


     Moschops on DVD

     UK DVD
Moschops: Ally Takes to the Air
                5 eps / Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / March 2007

     UK DVD
Moschops: The First Flower
                5 eps / Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / March 2006

     UK DVD Moschops

                3 eps / Region 2 / Contender / July 2004


     created and written by Ruth Boswell and Gregory Stewart
     designed by:     Sue Marke
     exec prod:        Graham Clutterbuck
        Martin Pullen
     editor:              Robert Dunbar
     assisted by:      Andi Sloss
     music:              Daryl Runswick
    Barrie Edwards
     as told by:        Bernard Cribbens


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