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British TV series

          Mr Bean - getting animated

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Mr Bean:
  The Animated Series
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producers: Tiger Aspect / Richard Purdham
                     Productions / Varga Holdings
   animation: 2D animation
     episodes: 52 x 12mins



    Surely everyone knows of Mr Bean by now? - Created by writer Richard Curtis
    and performer Rowan Atkinson this monosyllabic, frustrating but peculiarly
    endearing geek has experienced worldwide success, first through the Emmy
    winning live-action tv specials, then courtesy of the hit feature "Bean:The Ultimate
    Disaster Movie". The animated series is produced by Atkinson's own production
    company Tiger Aspect, in a co-production with Richard Purdum Productions in
    the UK and Varga Holdings in Hungary and it has earned itself a notch in tv
    history as the very first prime-time animated half hour to be commssioned for
    terrestrial television...

    The ITV commission was a brave one. 52 stories to be broadcast as double
    bills in a primetime Saturday evening slot. Atkinson himself lent both his voice
    and his body to the production, allowing the animators to film him as Mr Bean
    so they might capture the idiosynchrosy of the character. Mr Bean's beloved
    Teddy takes a more central role in the series. His mini is there too, and the
    unfortunate Robin Reliant we've seen in the original films now comes a cropper
    in almost every episode. Mr Bean also has an on-off girlfriend, Irma Gobb, and
    a crabby old landlady, Mrs Wicket who has a spitting, clawed moggy called
    Scrapper at her side...

    What seems on paper to be a risky venture actually succeeds rather well.
    There's some splendid character design - like the 'floating' feet and the nifty
    touch of having the characters eyebrows move like beads on threads. There's
    also lots of extra detail and cases of foreground character action causing ripple
    effects through the background of each tale. In keeping with the original creation,
    dialogue is minimal, just a few audible phrases and burbles from our star
    placed strategically to help decipher the action. Whilst it's not laugh-out-loud
    material, "Mr Bean: The Animated Series" still succeeds in raising a smile
    and keeping it there for the duration of each episode and there is a special
    appealing "cuteness" to procedings with its pleasant colour palette and,
    Mr Bean's on-off affection and disdain for Teddy. This is a great series
    to own on DVD, where you can freeze frame and step through all those extra
    background details and inclusions at your leisure...

    Ready, Teddy, Go...

» In the very first scene of the very first episode - "In The Wild" - pause your
        video as the night bus trundles past Mr Bean's house. There amongst
        the silhouetted passengers is a guy with his strangling hands around
        a second guy's neck!

» Speaking of houses, notice how the design of Mr Bean's end terrace abode
        changes from that pilot episode to the design used in the rest of the series.

» In the episode "Missing Teddy", Mr Bean causes the poor Robin Reliant
        to drive into the back of a removal van. Later, when he goes to the police
        station to put up a Missing Teddy poster, one of the other 'missing'
        posters in the background features - you guessed it - the Robin Reliant.

» In "No Parking", check out some of the shop names in the background.
        A favourite is The London Sock Exchange. Also, a shop near the cinema
        is called Claudia's Candys - interesting, given that the series producer
        is Claudia Lloyd. Has she a famous sweet tooth?

» In the episode "Royal Bean" we meet The Queen in the halls of Buckingham
       Palace which are lined with royal portraits, including one depicting that
       most cunning of royal figures, the one and only Lord Blackadder!

» Another of Rowan Atkinson's alter egos also stars in "Mime". Rowan
        had an early star turn as a comedic Mime, earlier in his career.

» In "Dead Cat" and "No Pets" Mr Bean pays a visit to Purrrrdoms Pet
       Shop - taking its name from Richard Purdham's animation company,
       Purdham Productions.

    » In "Birthday Bear" we discover that Mr Bean keeps two chamber pots
        under his bed: a large one for him, and a smaller one for Teddy. The
        smaller one even has Teddy's face on it!

    » In the same episode we discover that Teddy's birthday is 15th August

    » The mole character im "The Mole" is surely based upon Zdenek Miler's
        classic character and star of
a favourite imported series from the 70's
        (see Little Gems)

» Finally for now, when Mr Bean goes to jail in "Wanted", he's trundled past
       inmates who include Hannibal Lecter and Steve McQueen (complete with
       baseball glove and ball!)...


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     Those animated episodes...

     A Grand Invitation     
 Double Trouble        Neighbourly Bean
     A Ray of Sunshine      
Egg and Bean         No Parking
     A Royal Makeover     
The Fly                  No Pets
     A Running Battle        
Gadget Kid             Nurse
     Art Thief                  
Goldfish                 Restaurant
     Artful Bean               
Haircut                  Roadworks
     The Ball                   
Homeless               Royal Bean
     Bean in Love             
Hopping Mad          Scaredy Bean
     Bean's Bounty          
Hot Date               
     Big TV                     In the Pink             Spring Clean
     Birthday Bear            In the Wild             Super Trolley
     The Bottle                Inventor                Super Marrow
     Camping                   Keyboard Capers     Toothache    
     Car Trouble              Magpie                   Treasure
     Cat Sitting               Mime                      The Visitor
     Chocks Away            Missing Teddy          Wanted
     Dead Cat                 The Mole                 Young Bean
     Dinner For Two 


     Animated Mr Bean on DVD

     UK DVD

      A BIG Mr Bean box-set!

      Mr Bean The Animated Series - Vols 1-6

      Region 2 box-set / November 2008

Mr Bean: The Animated Series - Vol. 1
      Region 2 / Universal / August 2005

      Mr Bean: The Animated Series - Vol. 2
      Region 2 / Universal / March 2006

      Mr Bean: The Animated Series - Vol. 3
      Region 2 / Universal / July 2006

Mr Bean: The Animated Series - Vol.4
      Region 2 / Universal / November 2006

      Mr Bean: The Animated Series - Vol. 5
Region 2 / Universal / March 2007

     USA DVD

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series - Vols. 1 & 2
      Region 1 / A&E Home Video / Sept 2003

      Mr. Bean: The Animated Series - Vols. 3 & 4
      Region 1 / A&E Home Video / March 2004

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series - Vols. 5 & 6
Region 1 / A&E Home Video / Sept 2004


      Mr Bean with Rowan Atkinson

      based on an original character created by Richard Curtis
      and Rowan Atkinson

     pilot episode: "In The Wild"
                          director, storyboard, layout Richard Purdum
                          "Missing Teddy"
                          director Miklos Varga
     exec prods:     Rowan Atkinson
                           Peter Bennett-Jones
                           Katherine Senior
     for varga:       Andras Erkel, Jan Sawkins
     exec dir:         Richard Purdum
     series des:      Steve Small
     series dir:       Alexei Alexiev
     series prod:    Claudia Lloyd
     composer:      Howard Goodall
     story editor:   Robin Driscoll
     audio dir:        Dirk Maggs
     voices:           Rowan Atkinson
                          Sally Grace, John Glover,
                          Gary Martin, Enn Reitel


      On the web

       Mr Bean
       An excellent official site, with info on the series, episode
       guides, clips and more - very cute...

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