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British TV series

     The Mister Men

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The Mr Men              (1974-1976)
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      producers: Flicks Films  
      animation: 2D animation

                       1975 / 13 x 7.5mins
                       1976 / 15 x 7.5mins

   "What a lot of Mr Men there are.
    I wonder which one we'll be meeting next.
    Can you guess...?"


    Roger Hargreaves' Mister Men characters have been with us for more than
    30 years. Their design is elegantly simple; bright geometric shapes with little
    hands and feet. Sometimes there are boots and maybe a simple hat as well.
    But most importantly, there is a quirk, an oddity or speciality about each
    individual that gives rise to their name. And it's not just limited to the men.
    In 1981, the Little Misses were born to accompany them, and there is
    now a Mister Man or Little Miss for every facet of human nature. Everyone
    has their own particular favourite - be it Mr Bounce, Mr Messy, Mr Noisy,
    little Miss Trouble or Scattterbrain, Mr Lazy, Mr Greedy, Mr Silly or any
    other members of the 80+ gang of characters.

    In the beginning, however, there were just 7 Mr Men. They were "born"
    in 1971 when Roger's young son Adam asked him what a Tickle looked like. 
    Joining Mr Tickle in the original line-up were Mr Bump, Mr Sneeze, Mr Happy,
    Mr Nosey, Mr Greedy and Mr Snow. The small 14x12.5cm books were an
    instant collectible hit and the format has remained the same ever since.
    Sadly, Roger Hargreaves passed away in 1988, but the characters remain
    in the hands of the Hargreaves estate with Adam himself now holding
    the pen.

    Over the years we've a lot more introductions, further books based on the
    existing Mr Men and Little Misses, regular annuals and large format editions
    and even special new arrivals and stories, like the seasonal Mr Christmas,
    a Little Miss Sunshine hair care promotion book and Mr Cheeky, who was
    inspired by a Mr Men 30th anniversary competition winner. Over 100m
    Mister Men books have been sold to date, making the late Roger Hargreaves
    the second most successful author in the UK, after J K Rowling.

    As for the tv Mister Men, well, they first appeared on UK screens four
    years after their initial publication, in 1975. The animated series was produced
    by Terry Ward's Flicks Films and it stuck faithfully to the original format, both
    in look and story. The films were narrated by Dad's Army star, Mr Uppity
    himself Arthur Lowe, and his unique indignant jollity suited the tone of
    the series perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that many folks still consider
    this to be the definitive adaptation...

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    Broadcast info

    Initially the BBC aired seven individual Mr Men stories as standalone
    episodes. But this latterly gave way to a doublebill format in which two
    Mr Men stories were told, back-to-back, with a memorable interlude
    sandwiched between them. Arthur Lowe would ask us which Mr Man
    we might care to meet next, and he would thrump and bumble through
    the theme tune casually as we waited.

    Arthur Lowe narrates The Mr Men

    Incidentally, the BBC released at least two collections of Lowe's Mr Men
    recordings in the late 1970s and they're well worth tracking down.

    Over the years, the 28 films have been repeated ad-infinitum by the
    BBC. A bunch have also been separated again and attached to the
    Little Miss films. So, for the record:

    The single episodes premiered with "Mr Happy" on 31st December 1974,
    on BBC1.

    They were then followed by the doublebill broadcasts, which started
    their run on 4th July 1976, again on BBC1. You'll notice that the previously
    aired episodes were included in the new line-up...

    Singular episodes           Doublebills
    Mr Happy                        Mr Mean & Mr Tickle
    Mr Topsy-Turvy               Mr Bounce & Mr Silly
Mr Bump                         Mr Chatterbox & Mr Topsy-Turvy
Mr Tickle                        Mr Jelly & Mr Nosey
Mr Silly                          Mr Impossible & Mr Small
Mr Snow                        Mr Muddle & Mr Daydream
Mr Daydream                  Mr Strong & Mr Happy
Mr Greedy                      Mr Forgetful & Mr Uppity
Mr Happy                       Mr Fussy & Mr Snow
                                        Mr Noisy & Mr Sneeze
                                        Mr Funny & Mr Messy
                                        Mr Lazy & Mr Bump
                                        Mr Dizzy & Mr Greedy

                                                  Mr Worry & Mr Grumpy

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     Old & New Mr Greedy

     Old Mister / New Mister
    Time has seen lots of developments with the Mister Men. Most notably,
    their appearance has changed. Originally they were very neat, felt pen
    creations. You could even see the in-fill marks where Roger Hargreaves
    had worked the colours around the page. When Adam took over he brought
    a looser style with him. He added additional 'smiling' eye lines, mouth lines
    and movement strokes on the characters, and each is now filled with bright
    blocks of colour.
    The other major change has involved the stories. The gang have moved
    on from their introductory tales and have now been granted lots more 
    adventures abroad, around their Misterland home. It's these further
    adventures which formed the backbone to a second tv series. "Mr Men
    & Little Miss" was produced in 1995 by Darguad-Marina. It ran to 104
    episodes and lead on to a 1999 Christmas Special called "The Christmas
    Letter". And in 2008 we got a whole bunch more, thanks to yet another
    animated outing. The currents rights holders, Chorion recently put
    together The Mr Men Show with Renegade Animation, and alongside
    all their even newer new stories are some radical redesigns for
    a number of our stars...

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     In the news

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     Chorion's new-look Mr Men...            Mr Sneeze in trouble...

     The Hound: July 2007               The Hound: February 2003
     Mr Men prints for sale...                   New Mr Men coming...

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     A Mr Men timeline           

    Here are all the Mister Men who've appeared in the UK over the years,
    together with the date of their arrival. Officially - that is, as of March 2010 -
    we are told there are 47 Mister Men. But as you can see, the list below
    gives us a tally of 50. Plus we mustn't forget Mr GOSH, created as a
    special promotional character for The Great Ormond Street Wishing
    Well appeal, back in the late '80s. So, technically, it might be argued
    there are 51 misters to track down, in various guises....

    1971                             1978
    Mr Bump                         Mr Busy
    Mr Sneeze                      Mr Clever
    Mr Happy                       Mr Clumsy
    Mr Nosey                       Mr Grumpy
    Mr Greedy                      Mr Mischief
    Mr Snow                        Mr Nonsense
    Mr Tickle                       Mr Quiet
                                       Mr Rush
    1972                            Mr Skinny
    Mr Daydream                  Mr Slow
    Mr Messy                       Mr Tall
    Mr Silly                          Mr Worry
    Mr Small                        Mr Wrong
    Mr Topsy-Turvy
    Mr Uppity                      1984
                                       Mr Christmas
    Mr Bounce                     1990
    Mr Chatterbox                Mr Brave
    Mr Dizzy                        Mr Cheerful
    Mr Forgetful                   Mr Grumble
    Mr Funny                       Mr Perfect
    Mr Fussy
    Mr Impossible                 2001
    Mr Jelly                         Mr Cheeky (ltd edition)
    Mr Lazy
    Mr Mean                        2003
    Mr Muddle                      Mr Cool
    Mr Noisy                        Mr Good
    Mr Strong                      Mr Rude

                                       Mr Birthday

                                       Mr Nobody


     Current promos/tie-ins

     Those Mr Men are currently all over the news, as their brand-new series
     screens around the world. And their latest incarnation has caused
     quite a stirr amongst fans.
But if you're hankering for those fat, felt-tipped
     Roger Hargeeaves originals, you'll surely be transformed into Mr Delighted
     when you see this fantastic series of giclee prints from FL!P and London's
     Animation Art Gallery.

     Mr Silly - a giclee print from FL!P and The Animation Art Gallery

     There are 10 prints in this particular range, each depicting a doublepage
     spread that's lifted straight from the original Mr Men stories, so you have
     the text on one side, and an illustration on t'other. The prints measure
     20"x12", and they're restricted to just 200 editions... and they're fab...
     and choosing between them all is bloomin' impossible... *sigh*...

     And just to make matters worse, The Animation Art Gallery have also
     brought us 3 Little Misses, a big selection of miniature etchings, and a
     special signed anniversary edition, which have transformed this particular
     fan into Mr Completely Spoilt For Choice!...


     The Mister Men on DVD

     All 28 original episodes are available on UK DVD.
     Here they are in a standalone edition:

     UK DVD Mr Men: The Complete Original Series 1 & 2
 Region 2 / all 28 episodes / Delta Music / October 2003

But you may still prefer to collect the two series singularly:

     UK DVD Mr Men: The Complete Original Series 1
Region 2 / 13 episodes / Delta Music / June 2003

     UK DVD Mr Men: The Complete Original Series 2
Region 2 / 15 episodes / Delta Music / August 2003

And then, the options widen:

     UK DVD Mr Men & Little Miss 35th Anniv. edition
                This two disc release features all 28 original episodes,
                plus all 13 of  the original Little Miss stories...

 UK DVD  Mr Men: Series 1 & 2 + Christmas Special
                 And this two disc set also features all 28 original episodes,
                 only now they're packaged with the newer 1999 Christmas

     UK DVD Mr Men & Little Miss Complete DVD Collection
                Then again, completists may go for this eyepopping twelve
                disc collection. This features all 28 original Flicks Films,
                plus all 13 original Little Misses, plus the 1999 Christmas
                Special and all 104 episodes of the 1995 series from


    series created and written
     by Mr Roger hargreaves

    director:     Mr Terry Ward
    producer:    Mr Trevor Bond
    music:        Mr Joe Campbell, Mr Tony Hymas
    animation:  Flicks Films
    editor:        Mrs Jean Morrice
    camera:      Mr Doug Weymouth, Mr Bob Cheesman
    storyteller:  Mr Arthur Lowe


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      Peter Gray's a BIG fan of Roger & Adam Hargreaves...

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