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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

        Nellie The Elephant


   Nellie the Elephant    (1989-1990)

   producers: 101 Film Production
                     in association with FilmFair
                     for Central TV
cel animation
     episodes: 33 x 5mins


    "Extra! Extra!
       Nellie The Elephant runs away from the circus!"

                                                          - Nellie makes headlines
  spacer number two

    Based on the character in that song, "Nellie the Elephant" follows the adventures
    of a young and excitable pachyderm, a star circus performer who missed her
    friends in the elephant herd back in Mandalay So as we all surely know, she
    packed her travel case and took flight...

    Such an obvious idea for a series, the only surprise here is that it took so long
    for someone to think of it. That someone was prolific animation producer and
    director Terry Ward of Flicks Films (formerly 101 Productions). Ward's regular
    writer/story developer Bernie Kay co-wrote the series which takes Nellie off on
    numerous adventures, with her suitcase in hand. She goes ballooning, goes
    to the seaside, rescues tigers, joins a brass band and even goes to the moon.
    And all the while she remains on the lookout for her disgruntled ringmaster
    who's still in pursuit of his wandering pachyderm. Each tale ends with Nellie
    listening to the call of the head of the herd, carrying to her ears from far far
    away, urging her on to her next adventure...

     The Head of the Herd calls for Nellie...

    The song "Nellie the Elephant" was written way back in 1957 by Ralph Butler
    and Peter Hart. It was thrust back in to the spotlight over Christmas 1984
    when "The Toy Dolls" recorded an "indie" version of the track which reached
    number four in the festive hit parade.

    Terry Ward's toon series was narrated by Tony "Time Team" Robinson, and
    that ever-youthful Scots squealer Lulu provided the voice of Nellie, and sung
    the title song. Listen out for some fun character names, like Captain Match
    the fireman, and Mr Mack and Mr Tosh the tailors. When e'er Nellie comes
    to the rescue of folks and friends she always sounds her elephant rescue
    call - "Ta-Tum, Ta Ta!"


     Nellie episodes

    Nellie and the Ghost                     
 Nellie Goes to the Moon
Nellie Visits a Farm                        Nellie Goes Swimming
    Nellie Goes to Sea
                        Nellie and the Flying Saucer
    Nellie on a Snowy Day
                    Nellie Joins a Brass Band
    Nellie at the Seaside                      
Nellie Joins the Team
    Nellie's Raincoat                            
Nellie at the Big Store
Nellie and the Whale                      Nellie Goes Time Travelling
    Nellie and the Burning Barn
             Nellie on an Ocean Cruise
    Nellie Takes a Jumbo Jet                 
Nellie at the Olympics
    Nellie the Theatre Star                   Nellie Helps Out

    Nellie and the Haunted House
          Nellie the Ski Champion
Nellie and the Park Disco                Nellie Goes to Peanut Junction
    Nellie at the Funfair
                      Nellie Takes the Train
    Nellie Rescues Miss Maple's Moggy   
Nellie Goes Applepicking
    Nellie Goes Ballooning 
                    Nellie Makes a Friend
    Nellie at the Library



Nellie on DVD

     UK DVD Nellie the Elephant - Nellie and the Ghost
                Region 2 / 10 eps / Abbey Home Media / March 2006

     UK DVD Nellie The Elephant - Nellie and the Haunted House
                Region 2 / 10 eps / Abbey Home Media / March 2007


    a Flicks Films Ltd production
    adapted from the original song by Ralph Butler & Peter Hart

    produced & directed by Terry Ward

    writers:                Richard Everett, Bernie Kay

title song:               Ralph Butler & Peter Hart
                               1956 Dash Music Co. Ltd.
    title song singer:   Lulu
    incidental music:   John Hyde
       Andy Dixon
    asst director
    & layouts:            Janet Nunn
    animators:           Paul Donnellon, Bill Lee,
                               Alan Green, Geoff Loynes,
                               Dick Horn, Rosemary Welch 
               Janet Nunn, Terry Ward
    painters:              Pauline De Witt, Roger Lougher,
                               Charlotte Sackett, Simonette Mougne,
                               John Tillett, David Pedley,
                               Kozue Tillett
    tracers:                Sharon Cawdery, Chris Coates,
                               Katherine R Cowan
    trace & paint
    co-ordinator:        Anne Ward
    anim equipment:   Chromacolour
    rostrum camera:   Filmfex Srvices
    film processing:     Studio Film & Video Laboratories Ltd
    dubbing:               Ted Spooner
                                at Video London Sound Studios Ltd
    film editing:           Morgan Daniels Ltd
    voices:                 Tony Robinson (narrator / other voices)
                                Lulu (Nellie)


      On the web

       Flicks Films 
       Offline now, but this was the Flicks site - honest...

       And similarly, Chatsworth have disappeared...

       Abbey Home Media
       But Abbey are here. They distribute the UK DVD. They have
       their own web store too...

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