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                                                                   November 2003
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New associations...
The Hound bites the affiliate bullet....  More...

    Robbie reins in an Emmy
Reindeer special gets rewarded...

    The Trailer is GO!

    Thunderbirds online...

   Who's here
    Animated Dr Who now online...

    Bloomin' Briggs
    A new Raymond Briggs book...

    Leaping Leopards!

    Top Buster strip returns...

    That's yer lot, Wullie

    Thomson toons up for auction....

    Dust storm

    Monkey Dust in trouble again...
     Roger Mainwood - The Main Man! THE MAIN MAN
The Hound talks about 'Meg and Mog', 'Metalheads'
and more with Roger Mainwood!...


    Robbie reins in an Emmy

     Congratulations all round today for Robbie The Reindeer's triumph at
     the International Emmys. Robbie's second film, 'Legend Of The Lost Tribe'
     was given the award in the Children's and Young People category and
     this shiny trophy will no doubt sit comfortably next to the BAFTA his
     first animated special - 'Hooves Of Fire' - acquired...

         Emmy-winning Robbie!

     This second animated offering premiered on the BBC last Christmas.
     The voice cast included Ardal O'Hanlon, David Attenborough, Rob Brydon,
     Rickey Gervais, Steve Coogan, Harry Enfield, Jane Horrocks, Sean Hughes,
     Jeff Goldblum, Alistair McGowan, Natalie Imbruglia and Paul Whitehouse.
     'Legend Of The Lost Tribe' was directed by Peter Peake, who previously
     brought us that gratuitously gleeful short film 'Pib And Pob', and the
     Oscar and BAFTA-nominated film 'Humdrum'. Producer Jacqueline White
     came to the Robbie films via 'The Morph Files' and 'Rex The Runt'.
     The film was executive produced by the 'lovely' Richard Curtis, with
     all net profits accrued to BBC Worldwide being handed over to
     Comic Relief - Gawd bless 'em...

     Robbie's Emmy success follows in the illustrious footsteps of FilmFair's
     'Paddington' (1981) and Cosgrove Hall's 'Fool Of The World And The Flying
     Ship' (1991). Although, if you want to get picky, you could argue that they
     were fully-fledged Emmy wins, whereas Robbie's is an International award.
     But hey, quit with the negatives, an Emmy is an Emmy folks and a fine and
     very rare thing it is, too. Our Robbie is definitely a reindeer with
     hooves of gold...

    The trailer is GO!

     Now online for our viewing pleasure is the first proper trailer for the
     live-action 'Thunderbirds' movie from Working Title/Universal. And, well,
     it's certainly a bright and busy affair. Take a look for yourself over on
     Working Title's web site. There's also some stills and behind the scenes
     gumph to gander.

         The Thunderbirds Movie is GO!

     Interesting to see how those fx shots of Thunderbird 3 taking to the
     skies that were highlighted on the web and on the BBC back in Summer
     have now woven their way into this first 'true' trailer, plus a whole lot
     more besides, like Thunderbird 5 experiencing some serious collateral
     damage and a flying FAB-1 (as identified in June).

     So is this a 'hit'? - The Hound can't tell you. Frankly, it feels weird,
     watching 'real' people operating those big plastic toys. Folks like Yours
     Truly remember the puppets so well. The film is aimed at an audience
     unfamiliar with the series, so maybe they'll 'dig' it. Let's hope so.

     Regardless of the film and its merits or failings, it's still a little sad
     to see the demise of them there puppets - indeed - any puppets from
     our screens big and small nowadays. Sure we have Basil Brush, and
     there'll always be those Muppets fooling around, but you just can't beat
     those larger-than-life Anderson-style puppets in extraordinary adventures.
     It's difficult to put your finger on the appeal, but it's probably just the
     heightened sense of the fantastic you get from that kind of show.
     It's so - well - dynamic.

     Oh well. Reminiscing aside, look out for more 'T'birds' movie news soon...

                                                                        More:  Working Title


    Who's here

     Great news for 'Doctor Who' fans this week, because the all-new animated
     'Who' toon has at last materialized onto BBC-Cult. As headlined back in
     July the new adaptation stars Richard E Grant as the time-travelling doc.
     The toon has been animated by the folks at Cosgrove Hall and the
     production follows in the footsteps of their previous online success
     with 'Ghosts of Albion'.

      'Doctor Who' - now online!

     The new story is called 'The Scream of the Shalka' and it's been
     produced to coincide with 'Doctor Who's 40th anniversary celebrations.
     Joining Richard E Grant for the adventure are some topnotch actors
     including Derek Jacobi and Diana Quick. The webcast runs for six
     episodes in total, with a new episode being made available each
     week. Beam on over to http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho now for the
     first chapter...

     All together now: 'Oo-ee-oooh...'



    Bloomin' Briggs

     Hmph. What's this here book thingy, then? - A brand new guide to
     the works of Raymond Briggs - Bah!

     Buy this 'bloomin' title now, from Amazon!

    'Blooming Books' is a big new book by Nicolette Jones, looking at the
    works of one of The Hound's favourite authors and illustrators, Raymond Briggs. 
    It's a weighty volume, split into sections and identifying the underlying themes
    of his work. Similar to the kind of thing The Hound has been doing on his mini-site,
    actually (but hey, who's quibbling?). As well as a foreword from Mr Briggs, there
    is also some previously unseen material, including preparatory drawings for
    published titles and work from several planned sequels to 'Fungus the Bogeyman'.
    Plenty of top material to 'dig' through, then, and a must-buy for fans of his work.

    'Blooming Books' is out now, courtesy of Bodley Head, and you can
    use this here link to stop by Amazon.co.uk if you like, and help a
    hardworking cyber chappie earn a crust-or-two in commission.

    Of course, 'Fungus' will be on everyone's lips again very soon because
    that much-anticipated TV adaptation with Martin Clunes is due to be
    aired this Winter...

Amazon.co.uk   Gentleman Briggs


    Leaping Leopards!

    As if the return of 'Beano' favourite 'Billy The Cat' last month wasn't enough, 
    comics fan can now lick their paws in anticipation of another returnee to the
    comics scene. Young Billy Farmer, aka 'The Leopard of Lime Street' is being
    reprinted in all his action-packed glory in the pages of 'Starscape' - Meow!

        The Leopard From Lime Street!

    Billy Farmer was The Leopardman, and he was a 'Buster' comic star of the
    1970s. Scratched by a radioactive big cat, Billy acquired a certain feline sixth
    sense and agility. When the need arose he'd don his leopard catsuit and take
    to the rooftops of Selbridge, thwarting ne'erdowells and bullies, but always
    seemingly on the verge of exposing his secret identity. And folks like 'Selbridge
    Sun' news editor Thaddeus Clegg and Chief Inspector Craddock were determined
    to have that identity revealed. The strip first appeared in 1976, and stories were
    printed and reprinted off and on until the mid-1980s.

    And 'Starscape'? Well, that's a new sci-fi, fantasy and superhero comic
    magazine from Superherostore Comics. Superhero's Christian tells us they
    have acquired repro rights going back to Billy's very first origin strip, and that
    Mr Farmer will be presented alongside new work from  a tasty selection of
    2000AD, Marvel and DC Thomson writers and artists.

    The first issue hits selected comics stores very soon and can also be
    purchased online direct from the Superherostore web site. You can choose
    between a traditional printed A4 format or a thoroughly modern pdf file.
    And just to whet your comics appetite even more thoroughly, The Hound
    has been told there are plans to rerprint other top Fleetway toons from that
    golden era too - Yummy!

    My money's on 'March of the Mighty Ones', a top strip about rampaging
    robot dinosaurs which predated 'Jurassic Park' by a decade-and-a-half...



    That's yer lot, Wullie

     Och, will you look at that? - Compal's latest comics auction has been
     announced today, my, and there are some splendid lots there for the
     serious DC Thomson collector.

       'OOr Wullie' - up for grabs at Compal 's auction!

     First up are the first six 'Oor Wullie' books, dating from 1939 to 1955.
     Very smart, but you'll need deep pockets for these. The first edition
     alone has an estimate of £2000 - £2500.

     In addition, Compal are offering the earliest piece of 'Oor Wullie' artwork
     ever offered at auction. The piece dates from 1939, as drawn by Dudley
     Watkins for 'The Sunday Post' and the estimate is set at £900 - £1200.
     Methinks the wee lad might go a tad higher than that, though.

     A few early issues of the 'The Dandy' are also listed: issues 4, 6, 7, 8
     and 9 with estimates between £200 - £400. And then there's a tasty
     original 'Desperate Dan' strip by Dudley Watkins, dating from 1939.
     Like the ' Wullie' art, this is said to be the earliest piece ever offered
     at auction, with an estimate of £550 - £600.

     Meanwhile, 'Topper' fans will notice the first edition from 1953,
     as well as issues number 2 and 3, all with no reserve on them.

     The Compal auction closes Thursday November 27, 2003 at 8pm GMT.
     So what are you waiting for? - Get to their web site and start perusing
     that catalogue!

Compal Comics


    Dust storm

    'Monkey Dust' returns to BBC3 this week, on the crest of a whole new wave
    of controversy. For those who don't know, 'Dust' is the BBC's politically
    barbed cartoon show, segueing together loud and lewd animated skits
    about current affairs, violence, sex and celebrity and daring to tread
    on toes that many would prefer to avoid altogether.

    As reported previously, the first series upset its commissioners so much
    they pulled the tie-in web site and banned the release of advance screener
    tapes. Now the new series is in even hotter water for its savage lampooning
    of BBC director-general Greg Dyke. One particular skit has reportedly been
    reedited after it was revealed that a Dyke-like buffoon is seen staggering
    drunkenly around a lavish television party and swearing profusely at all
    and sundry, including a young boy. (The new version keeps the drunkenness
    but loses the explicit effing and blinding...)

    Coo. There's nowt like a little controversy to get your show in the papers,
    is there? - The furor should guarantee a few more viewers for the first episode
    at least.

    'Monkey Dust' starts Tuesday 4th November, 9.30pm on BBC3.


New associations...      (11.11.03)

    The Hound has never liked clutter on his web site, so Toonhound has nearly
    always been free of advertising and affiliate pop-ups. I use the word 'nearly'
    because there have actually been three exceptions. The first was a rotten
    tie-in with eBay which ended in tears when agreements were breached and
    coding went awry. And the second is one that's still with the site today.
    It's that little Hitbox ad box that sits and flashes up links to casinos and
    mortgages. It's a rather distasteful little critter, but a necessary inclusion
    because it enables Yours Truly to track visitors without having to find
    a chunk of money each month.

    The third is an association which no one can complain about, and that's
    those links to ToonsToGo.com. That particular site is run by myself
    and, frankly, if I want to associate Toonhound with our nifty little online
    store, then that's up to me. So there. And anyway, The hound has always
    kept that particular association as low-key as possible. Indeed, too low
    key for some tastes. Many business associates have urged me to splash
    ToonsToGo around the site a bit more.

    Well, from this month, there's a fourth association for you to keep your eye
    on. That's because The Hound has finally bitten the bullet and signed up
    to be an Amazon.co.uk affiliate. Now hold on, don't get your knickers in a twist
    just yet. This, like the rest, will be a very low-key affair. But from time to
    time I will indeed be trumpeting a link-or-two through to a relevant Amazon
    product. Why? Well, it simply makes sense, is all. There are many items
    out there which ToonsToGo doesn't stock, or can't stock, and folks like
    yourself might want to purchase. Why not nudge you in the right direction?
    At the end of the day, The Hound pours an awful lot of time and money
    in to Toonhound for no money - gratis - for free. ToonsToGo is ticking
    along very nicely, but Toonhound remains a wholly separate entity which,
    right now, doesn't put anything back into The Hound's not-so-deep pockets.
    Rest assured, there will not be affiliate video or DVD links on every page.
    But yes, there will be a link like the 'Blooming Books' one every now and
    again, when the time is right. And let's face it, a new book release like
    that is utterly valid here, and it's utterly relevant to tempt you in to buying it.
    Wouldn't you agree?     

    Till next time!

        Pooch says 'Stay tooned!'     thehound@toonhound.com

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