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British TV series

      Oakie Doke has the answer...

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Oakie Doke    (1995 - 1996)
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producers: Cosgrove Hall Productions for the BBC
     animation: stop-motion animation
       episodes: 26 x 10mins


    "If you have a problem and you need a helping hand,
     Cross the dell and ring the bell - he'll understand,
     Don't worry, 'cos here comes Mr Doke,
     The friendliest of folk is Mr Oak-ie Doke..."

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     Oakie Doke is a jolly helpful woodland chap - a wisp, a forest spirit or sprite -
     garbed in oak leaves with twig limbs, leafy ears and an acorn crowned head.
     Oakie dwells in a splendid hollowed oak tree house with a terrific helter-skelter
     built around the outside upon which rides every episode, down to meet
     his forest friends...

       Moses Toad  at play   Root gets 'cute'

     Those friends included the mice (Grandad Albert, Snoot and young Root),
     the Mole family (Mum, Marcia and little Milly Mole), the Toad family (including
     mischievious Moses), and a Hedgehog family (Mum Lizzie and little Shrimp).

     Whatever the problem, large or small, good old Oakie can always fathom
     just the right solution. This gentle series is exquisitely designed and
     animated, down to the last twitching whisker - like super-cute Root (above),
     who even carries a miniature knitted toy everywhere. The show was actually
     conceived and designed by long-serving Cosgrove Hall employee Bridget
     Appleby whose associations with Brian and Mark go right back to the
     Stop-Frame days of Noddy...

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     Series One

    Oakie Doke and the Lonely Mouse
    Oakie Doke and the Nut Mystery
    Oakie Doke and the Party
    Oakie Doke and the Birthday Cake
    Oakie Doke and the Hiccups
    Oakie Doke and the Hat Hunt
    Oakie Doke and the Scooter
    Oakie Doke and the Cheeky Breeze
    Oakie Doke and the Orchestra
    Oakie Doke and the Treasure Hunt
    Oakie Doke and the Monster
    Oakie Doke and the Jam Puddle
    Oakie Doke and the Wishing Well

     Series Two
    Oakie Doke and the Wheelbarrow Nut
    Oakie Doke and the Missing Mouse
    Oakie Doke and the Little Helpers
    Oakie Doke and the Burnt Pizzas
    Oakie Doke and the Talking Stone
    Oakie Doke and the New Pet
    Oakie Doke and the Birthday Surprise
    Oakie Doke and the Runaway Bowls
    Oakie Doke and the Oakie Hollows Fete
    Oakie Doke and the Helpful Mouse
    Oakie Doke and the Go Cart Race
    Oakie Doke and the Messy Day
    Oakie Doke and the Shooting Star


Broadcast info

     Series One

     First broadcast on BBC1 from 11th Sept 1995
     to 4th December 1995, once a week, at 3.55pm

Series Two
     Broadcast on BBC2 from 7th April 1997 to 15th June 1998,
     with no set pattern to the scheduling.

     Episode one screened in April, episodes two to twelve followed
     between July and September. Then there
was a nine month
     gap until the last episode screened...


     Oakie Doke on DVD

Series One: episodes 1 - 7
     7 episodes / 70mins / R2 / Cinema Club / Jan 2003

Series One: episodes 8 - 13
     6 episodes / 60mins / R2 / Cinema Club / Jan 2003


      director:         Brian Little
      producer:       Jackie Cockle
      exec prods:    Theresa Plummer Andrews,
                           Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall
      writer:            Jimmy Hibbert
      music:            Ernie Wood
      orig concept
      and design:     Bridget Appleby
      editor:            Zyggy Markiewicz
       & lighhting:
     Joe Dembinski
      digital dub:     Simon Hall, Darren Cox
      dubbing mix:  John Wood
      animation:      Sue Pugh, Stuart Sutcliffe, Paul Couvela
      puppets:         Mackinnon & Saunders
                            Noel Baker, Lucy Gell, Georgina Hayns,
                            Darren Marshall, Bridget Smith, Christine Walker
      sets:               Jeff Spain, Richard Sykes, Rick Kent
       & props: 
         Clare Elliott, Geraldine Corrigan
      voices:           Kate Harbour
                            David Holt   


      On the web

      Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain
      Nyanko's fine pages feature Oakie of course, as well as every other
      Cosgrove Hall creation under the sun...

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