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British TV series

    The Adventures of Parsley - from FilmFair


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    The Adventures

   of Parsley
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    producers: FimFair
    animation: stop-motion animation

      episodes: 32 x 5 mins


     A spin-off from the The Herbs, this series starred Parsley the humble lion
     and his energetic friend Dill The Dog. It was set in the same secret garden as
     the original series but dispensed with the opening introduction and "Herbidacious!"
     entrance in favour of a spoof of MGM Studios' Clarence logo, featuring 
     Parsley's head...

     Unlike its predecessor, "The Adventures of Parsley" was specifically
     conceived for a teatime tv slot, just before the evening news on BBC1.
     Episodes were thus boiled down to little more than 5-minute music-hall
     vignettes. Parsley and Dill would get up to some mischief, embark on some
     great crusade or t'other, and normally encounter one of the other Herbs.
     Things would then wrap up with a droll remark from our Parsley, or a
     knowing wink to the "audience". It was all quick clean fun, beautifully
     animated by Ivor Wood and the FilmFair team, and delivered with the
     same deadpan panache as the original, by voice man Gordon Rollings.

     Trivia Hounds will note that it's in this series that Parsley actually speaks.
     In the original show, he merely reacts to events around him.

      Parsley and Dill by Ivor WoodParsley and Sir Basil by Ivor Wood

      Nine of the episodes feature in a "Parsley The Lion" book written by creator
      Michael Bond and illustrated by animator/director Ivor Wood. These fine pics
      (above) are from the cover of said volume. Of course, Michael Bond is even 
      more famous for having created Paddington and for producing 19 books
      about that little bear from Darkest Peru...

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     Episode titles

     Cowboys and Indians
                  Dill's TV Set
     Aunt Mint's Barbeque Party
          The Quiz
                                Eggs and the Golf Ball
     Dill's Who's Who Enrty
                 On Strike
     Parsley's Invention of
                The Pop Group
     a Mechanical Dog
                       Mahatma Dill
     Holidays at Home
                       The Art of Self-Defence           
     Parsley at a Loose End
                Parsley's Insomnia
     Dill's Restaurant
                         Parsley's Car
     Sage's Birthday
                         Ugh Day
     Buried Bones
                            The Nap
     The Conch Shell
     Putting on a Show
     Works of Art by Dill
     The Crystal Ball
     Dill's Day

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     Broadcast info

     The series was first broadcast on 6th April 1970, on BBC1...

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     Parsley on DVD

     Green fingered fans may want to track down this complete collection:

     UK DVD
The Herbs/Parsley - The Complete Collection
                Region 2 / Tempo TV Classics / May 2008

     Alternatively, there have been two separate releases from
     Tempo/Abbey Home Media:

     UK DVD
The Adventures of Parsley: Cowboys and Indians
                Region 2 / Tempo TV Classics / February 2006

     UK DVD
The Adventures of Parsley: Works of Art By Dill
                Region 2 / Tempo TV Classics / February 2007

    The Adventures Of Parsley by Michael Bond
    produced by FilmFair London

    director:            Ivor Wood
    exec prod:         Graham Clutterbuck
    puppets:            Ivor Wood
    music:               Tony Russell
    lyrics:                Brenda Johnson
    story editor:      Gordon Rollings
    designer:           Rafael Esteve
    asst animator:   Claude Copin
    narrator:           Gordon Rollings


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