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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

    Pedro and Frankensheep

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Pedro and
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      producers: The Brothers McLeod
2D animation
        episodes: 10 x 5mins

    "Sleep Guinea pig sleep!
     If you don't your head will explode!"


    In the heart of Bolivia, in the depths of Lake Poopo, beneath a devil-headed
    island, you'll find a great clunking laboratory belonging to the world's most
    hyper-intelligent Guinea pig scientist who goes by the name of Pedro. Now
    this poor chap's been brainzapped one too many times himself, and he's used
    his newly-acquired talents to construct and bring to life his very own, West
    Country Frankensheep called - um - Frank. Frank is a sort of metal and
    bone and tentacle sheepy thing. Naturally. Oh, and he comes with his
    own resident marracca-wielding, guitar-strumming, song-singing Brain Ticks
    who just can't resist passing comment on their host's nefarious enterprises...

    In case you haven't yet realised, this series is stark-bleating-mad. And it's
    busting at its chunky-knit seams with lunacy, courtesy of Phil Cooper
    and The Brothers McLeod. T'was Phil who was first struck by creative
    lightning. He was an assistant producer at BBC Factual before he and
    executive producer Gillian Scothern brought their madcap package to
    Greg and Myles McLeod. There's a hint of Clasky Csupo in its freehand
    design and several shades of SpongeBob yellow in its freewheeling
    stupidity. So far, ten terrific episodes have been commissioned by the
    BBC, and we've seen plucky Pedro and his Frankenfriend tampering
    with the moon and tides, depriving themselves of sleep, and having to
    contend with a sneezing problem in their own, unique way. And no matter
    what comes asunder and undone, those Brain Ticks have a suitable song to
    to sing to us in accompaniment with the shenanigans...

   Pedro, Frank and The Brain Ticks from Pedro & Frankensheep



    In Deep Poopo
    Sleep Guinea Pig Sleep
    What a Nugget!
    Fool Moon
    Icky Sticky Web
    Red Hot Poopo
    The Sheepinator
    The Big Sneeze
    Pedro’s Bright Idea
    Flower Power


    Broadcast info

     Pedro and company actually made their debut online, prior to
     any tv appearances. A selection of episodes have been viewable
     on the CBBC website from January 2008...


  The Brothers McLeod
            Philip Cooper
    The Brothers McLeod, Philip Cooper
     & animation:
      Greg McLeod
    music:                The Brothers McLeod
    exec prod:          Gillian Scothern

    storyboards:       Natalie Hinchley, Sophie Angela Davis,
                              Lizz Lunney, Mark Ireland,
                              Tracy Bartlett
    animation:          Alison Crawford, Bartlomiej Witulski,
                              Dave Cropley, Emma Lazenby,
                              Ginny Robertson, Grzegorz Zarebski,
                              Hamish Baird, Kate Sullivan,
                              Kirsten Kelly, Joe Wood,
                              Louis Jones, Lukasz Kacprowicz,
                              Luke Allen, Marcin Wasilewski,
                              Natalie Hinchley, Nick Wade,
                              Ryszard Siring, Sophie Angela Davis,
                              Stefan Warren, Stephen Whittle,
                              Tom Evans, Tracy Bartlett,
                              Zoran Jankovic
    sound:                Paul Johnston, Steve Hudson,
                              Nick Mottershead
    prod executive:   Dominic Parry
    prod managers:   Debbie Tuff, Victoria Goodwin

    voices:                Simon Greenall (Pedro / Hector)
                              Myles McLeod
(Hugo / Frank)


      On the web

       The Brothers McLeod
       The producers' info-packed web site...

       You can watch several episodes here...

       Sleep Guinea Pig Sleep
       And here's one on YouTube...

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