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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
    Peppa Pig - from Astley Baker Davies / Contender

Peppa Pig    (2004 -)
     producers:  Astley Baker Davies
                        & Contender Ent. Group
 CelAction 2D animation
      episodes:   104 x 5mins

                            1 x 11mins special

 "I'm Peppa Pig - Snort!"

     Peppa Pig lives in a bright square house on a big green hill, with her Mummy
     and Daddy and younger brother George. Peppa loves playing games with her
     brother and parents, and the latter are always there to solve any problems,
     and to pick up the pieces if things go wrong.

     "Peppa Pig" is Astley Baker Davies' very first pre-school production. Those
     already familiar with their work will notice their trademark character design on
     display once more. The stars feature flattened heads with both eyes on the
     same side of the face. Their arms are stick-like and therefore perfect
     for waving frantically up and down in times of trouble. Peppa and George
     wave theirs a lot. And George likes to cry as lot as well, usually in great
     rainbow-like arcs of tears. There's plenty of intuititive detail to pick up on too:
     Take the time when Peppa and George make a snowman. As they roll the
     snowman's body, their snowball turns in a lumpy, angular way, just like a
     real snowball should - it's terrific.

      Peppa & George play "Hide and Seek"

     As for the soundtrack, well frankly, it's inspired. All the piggies snort and
     grunt as they speak, each in their own particular way. And similarly, Peppa's
     animal friends bark and bleat accordingly. Peppa and George love to laugh too,
     and their giggling is infectious. There are times when all four members of
     Peppa's happy family will literally fall on their back and kick their legs in the
     air in a fit of giggles. You'd have to be dour indeed not to giggle along with
     them. Peppa's giggly girly voice is provided by Lily Snowden Fine, the daughter
     Alison Snowdon and David Fine of Snowden Fine fame. Alison guest stars
     here too, as the voice of Grandma and Grandpa' s Parrot - who is also,
     coincidentally, the same parrot featured in the earlier, award-winning
     Astley Baker short film "Jolly Roger". Peppa's brother George, however,
     is a boy-girl combination, with young Oliver May and Alice May providing
     the snorts and grunts. To get us in the right mood, each episode has its
     title spoken enthusiastically by Peppa/Lily.

     This is a fun-tastic little series, beautifully animated and presented, and full
     of little pleasures for big pigs and piglets alike. Little wonder it's been such
     a hit on Channel 5 (it airs in the "Milkshake" slot). And it's no surprise to
     find that the tie-in toys and DVDs have proven hugely popular too...

» In May 2005, "Peppa Pig" picked up two Pulcinella Awards at the prestigious
         Cartoons on the Bay festival, in Italy, including the coveted title of "Best
         European Programme of the Year". Here's why it won:

      "For being light but not superficial! Peppa Pig is a European
       programme which is so well crafted and the charming main
       character so universally appealing, that it crosses all borders...."


2005 Children's BAFTA - Best Pre-school Animation
2005 Annecy - Cristal for Best TV Production
2005 Cartoons on the Bay - Pulcinella for Best Pre-school series
     2005 Cartoons on the Bay - Pulcinella for Best European Prog. of the Year


     Current promos/Tie-ins

    Peppa Pig toys from Character Toys

     Peppa Pig toys
     Peppa's main UK licensee - Character Toys - have produced a fantastic range
     of tie-in figures, playsets and vehicles which have been expanded with the
     series, taking us away from Peppa's home onboard Grandpa Pig's train, his
     boat, to the nearby playground, Miss Gazelle's classroom and even into
     space on Peppa's dreamy spaceship!...

     signed limited-edition Peppa Pig prints from Art You Grew Up With

     Peppa Pig giclee prints
     And our friends at Art You Grew Up With have a terrific range of
     limited edition art prints starring Peppa and friends. The core range
     launched in Spring 2007 and it was composed of 5 ultra-limited giclees.
     Since then, we've had a larger Pop Art portrait selection, more limited
     editions and a fabulous Peppa & Friends character print to oink about!

     Signed ltd edition of 25         200 numbered editions   
    Bedtime                               Peppa Pig
    Daddy's Office
                     Daddy Pig
    Emily Elephant                      Mummy Pig

     Bubbles                               George Pig
 Muddy Puddles 
100 numbered editions
    Signed ltd edition of 50
          Peppa & Friends
    Autumn Leaves
    Space Friends
    Flying Kites
    In The Kitchen
    At The Castle
    Castle Fun
    Princess Peppa & George Knight
    The Magical Picnic
    The Picnic
    The Wizard
    Treehouse Fun
    Princess Peppa & Her Friends At The Castle


     In the news

The Hound: Sept 2007              The Hound: June 2005
A piggin' Art Event...                        A piggin' Annecy award...

     The Hound: April 2007
              Three Little Piggies
Peppa Pig giclee prints...                 The Hound talks to Astley Baker Davies...

     The Hound: January 2006

     Peppa helps Tommy's charity...


     Episode titles
     Series one
                  Series Two
     Muddy Puddles                     Bubbles
     Mr. Dinosaur is Lost              Teddy's Day Out
     Polly Parrot                           Emily Elephant
     Best Friend                           Polly's Holiday
     Hide and Seek                      George's Friend
     The Playgroup                      Mysteries
     Mummy Pig at Work              Rock Pools
     Camping                               Windy Autumn Day
     Gardening                             The Time Capsule
     Bicycles                                Mr Scarecrow
     The New Car                          The Boat Pond
     Snow                                    Recycling
     Flying A Kite                          Pirate Island
     My Cousin Chloe                    Cuckoo Clock
     Daddy Loses his Glasses         Pretend Friend  
     Hiccups                                 The Long Grass
     Picnic                                    The Dentist
     Mummy Pig's Birthday             Zoe Zebra, the Postman's Daughter
     Dressing Up                           Nature Trail
     The School Fete                     Pen Pal
     Musical Instruments                School Bus Trip
     Babysitting                            Granny & Grandpa's Attic
     New Shoes                            The Balloon Ride
     Ballet Lesson                         George Catches a Cold
     The Tooth Fairy                      Rebecca Rabbit
     Treasure Hunt                        Grandpa's Little Train
     Not Very Well                         Painting
     Windy Castle                          Ice Skating
     Pancakes                               Dens
     The Museum                          The Baby Piggy
     Secrets                                 The Cycle Ride
     Thunderstorm                        George's Birthday
     Piggy in the Middle                  Sports Day
     Fancy Dress Party                   The Eye Test
     A Very Hot Day                       Granddad Dog's Garage
     Mister Skinnylegs                    Foggy Day
     Lunch                                    Swimming
     Sleepy Princess                       Tiny Creatures
     The Tree House                       Daddy Pig's Office
     Daddy Gets Fit                        Traffic Jam
     Shopping                                Bedtime
     Chloe's Puppet Show                Jumble Sale
     My Birthday Party                    The Quarrel
     The Playground                       The Toy Cupbaord
     Tidying Up                              School Camp
     Frogs & Worms & Butterflies      Captain Daddy Pig
     Daddy Puts Up a Picture
            The Powercut
      At the Beach                            Bouncy Ball
     Cleaning the Car                      Stars
     Grandpa Pig's Boat                   Daddy Pig's Birthday
     Daddy's Movie Camera              Sleepover
     School Play                              Cold Winter's Day

     + Peppa's Christmas (special)



     Peppa Pig on DVD

We'll start with the big one:

     UK DVD
Peppa Pig Bumper Pack - Vols 1-12
                Region 2 / Vols 1-12 / Contender / October 2010

     Then there are these three box sets you might want to consider,
     if you're starting from scratch:

     UK DVD Peppa Pig - Vols 1 to 3

       Region 2 box set / Contender / Nov 2005

 UK DVD Peppa Pig - Vols 4 to 6
Region 2 box set / Contender / August 2007

 UK DVD Peppa Pig - Vols 8 to 10
Region 2 box set / Contender / Sept 2009

     And now, here we go with all the individual releases.
     We've had sixteen, so far:

     UK DVD 

     Vol 1 : Muddy Puddles and Other Stories

     Vol 2: Flying a Kite and Other Stories

     Vol 3: New Shoes and Other Stories

     Vol 4: Piggy in the Middle and Other Stories

    Vol 5: My Birthday Party and Other Stories

     Vol 6: Bubbles and Other Stories

     Vol 7: Peppa's Christmas and Other Stories *

     Vol 8: The Balloon Ride

     Vol 9: Cold Winter Day *

     Vol 10: Stars

     Vol 11: Princess Peppa

     Vol 12: The Fire Engine and Other stories

     Vol 13: Santa's Grotto

     Vol 14: Potato City

     Vol 15: International Day
     Vol 16: Champion Daddy Pig

* Vols 7 and 9 both include Peppa's special Xmas episode


     First series credits

  an Astley Baker Davies Ltd / Contender Entertainment Group
      production in association with Nick Jr. and Five

     created and directed
 Neville Astley and Mark Baker

     exec producer:   Joan Lofts
     producer:           Phil Davies
     line producer:     Claire Waxler
     composer:          Julian Nott
     writers:              Neville Astley & Mark Baker,
                              Sarah Kennedy, Ange Palethorpe,
                              Chris Parker, Alison Snowden
     anim director:     Joris Van Hulzen   
     animation:          Aaron Powell, Karen Ullmann,
                              Nick Gibson, Phil Hall, Sarah Roper,
                              Tim Frost, Christian Chessell
     designer:            Gideon Rigel
     layouts:              Glenn Whiting
     editor:                Ben Campbell
     prod assistant:    Lucy Benson
     prod acct:           Annie McGeoh
     sound design:     Jake Roberts & Barnaby Templer 
                              @ Fonic Sound
     CelAction 2D
            Simon Lipowicz & Andy Blazdell

     Lily Snowden Fine (Peppa Pig)
     Oliver May (George Pig)
     Alice May (George Pig)
     Morwenna Banks (Mummy Pig / Aunty / Mdm Gazelle / Tooth Fairy)
     Richard Ridings (Daddy Pig)
     John Sparkes (Narrator / Uncle Pig / TV Voice / Camera Voice)
     David Graham (Grandpa Pig / Mr Zebra)
     David Rintoul (Dr Brown Bear / Grandad Dog)
     Frances White (Granny Pig)
     Debbie MacDonald (Mrs Sheep / Mrs Dog)
     Kate Gribble (Mrs Pony)
     Sarah Ann Kennedy (Mrs Rabbit)
     Alison Snowdon (Parrot)
     Meg Hall (Suzy Sheep)
     Hazel Rudd (Rebecca Rabbit)
     Harrison Oldroyd (Pedro Pony)
     George Woolford (Danny Dog)
     Eloise May (Chloe)
     Daisy Rudd (Candy Cat)


      On the web

       Peppa Pig

       Peppa's online home...

       Astley Baker Davies

       The official studio site, with plenty of info on the creators...

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