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British TV series
Percy the Park Keeper

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Percy the Park Keeper  
   (1996 - 1999)

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producers:  Grand Slamm for HIT Entertainment
   animation:  2D animation

   1996 / 22mins special           1997 / 22mins special

   1997 / 22mins special           1997 / 22mins special

   1999 / 13 x 10mins              4 x 15mins promos


     Percy the Park Keeper lives alone in a little hut in the middle of a park. He
     spends his days tending to the greenery, the lawns, the trees, and the
     shrubbery before retiring to his hut once more, where he partakes of cocoa
     and gingernut biscuits and listens to his olde worlde radio. But his days
     and nights are never lonely, because Percy also happens to be a surrogate
     father to all of the park animals, who look to him for advice and guidance,
     care and affection.

     Percy's pals include the Rabbits, Owl, Badger, Fox, the Ducks, Squirrel,
     the Mice and Percy's particular little favourite, Mole. Our Percy takes a little
     green wheelbarrow with him on his park rounds, and the animals are often
     to be seen perched on, in or around about both it and Percy himself. 
     Day or night, sun or rain, Percy the Park Keeper is always there for

     Percy was created by author/illustrator Nick Butterworth, and the first tale
     "One Snowy Night" published in 1989. Since then, the numerous Percy books
     have sold more than 4 million copies worldwide, and they've been translated
     into 16 languages.

   Grand Slamm Childrens Films brought One Snowy Night to our screens
     as a 22min special, in 1996. Three more films followed, before a 13 x 10min
     series was put together. The adaptations are topnotch. There's a jaunty
     marching theme tune leading in to every story, and each is brimming with
     genuine warmth and affection. It helps that the voice work is so good.
     The quartet of voice artistes is lead by Jim Broadbent who brings Percy
     to life with a performance which deftly balances affection and gravitas.
     Percy loves his animal children, but like any good parent, he sometimes
     has to lay down the law. Whether finding a new home, helping folks through
     scary dark nights, or seeking buried treasure, Percy's the one to help...

     In addition to the above, 4 x 15mins promos accompanied the video releases.
     These compilations explored various facets of Percy's world; the park seasons,
     the animals, etc.

     Grand Slamm have made adaptations their particular forte. Be it "Percy",
     Angelina Ballerina or Kipper, all have been skillfully and faithfully translated.
     Recently, the team have attempted something a little different by bringing us
     the bawdy delights of "Bosom Pals", two films celebrating the creations of
     artist Beryl Cook. And here again, their work is spot-on....

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     Episode titles   

     1. The Hedgehog's Balloon        
7. The Owl's Lesson
     2. The Fox's Hiccups           
      8. Badger's Bath
     3. One Warm Fox  
                       9. Owl Takes Charge
     4. The Rabbit Who Was
             10. A Very Useful Little Friend
         Afraid of the Dark
                   11. Treasure Island
     5. Sledge Ride
                              12. The Cross Rabbit
     6. The Hedgehog's Wings
            13. The Last Acorn

     The 15min promos                

     The Animals of Percy's Park
     Counting and Colours in the Park
     The Seasons of Percy's Park
     The A to Z of Percy's Park      
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     Percy in print

     There have been six fully-fledged stories published thus far.
     The seventh, "Four Feathers in Percy's Park" published in 1998,
     is an interactive pop-up book...

    1989 One Snowy Night       
1996 The Treasure Hunt
1992 After the Storm         1998 Four Feather's in Percy's Park
  1993 The Rescue Party      1999 Percy's Bumpy Ride
1994 The Secret Path 

    Picture Lions have also published a series of tv tie-ins, based on
    the 13 tales from the series...

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     See also

     Percy the Park Keeper: After the Storm
     Percy the Park Keeper: One Snowy Night
     Percy the Park Keeper: The Rescue Party
     Percy the Park Keeper: The Secret Path

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     Percy on DVD

 Two of the specials are available, as a double-bill:

     UK DVD The Secret Path & The Rescue Party
Region 2 / double-bill / HIT Ent. / April 2007

Then there's our tv series:

Percy the Park Keeper: The Classic Collection
                Region 2 / ten episodes / HIT Ent. / January 2004

  UK DVD Children's Favourites

                Episodes from the series are also included on several
                compilation DVDs from HIT Entertainment...

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    a Grand Slamm Children's Film Production
     for HIT Entertainment PLC

    based on the books by Nick Butterworth

    directors:      Ginger Gibbons, Roger McIntosh,
                        Geoff Dunbar

music:           Bob Heatlie
    voices:          Jim Broadbent (Percy)

                         Enn Reitel (Squirrel / Badger)

                         Kate Harbour (Owl)

                         David Hart

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      On the web

      Grand Slamm Childrens Films
      The producers' home...

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