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British TV series

       The World of Peter Rabbit And Friends

     The World of Peter Rabbit
   and Friends
   (1992 - 1995)

     producers: TVC London for Frederick Warne & Co.
     animation: 2D animation

       episodes: 9 x 25mins

    "The rain has moved on, and left a new day..."
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    Take a classic collection of stories and characters from a world-famous author,
    add a clutch of multi-award winning producers and production companies and
    an array of the very best British animation directors and animators, mix in an
    extraordinary list of actors voices and you end up with "The World of Peter Rabbit
    and Friends", a series of animated films baked to perfection and exquisitely

    The films were originally produced to tie in with the 100th anniversary of Beatrix
    Potter's "Picture Letter", and they were subsequently broadcast over a number of
    years (much like the Brambly Hedge films). There were nine films made in total,
    and each has its own live-action bookend, with Niamh Cusack playing Beatrix as
    she settles down to write her latest tale. And similarly, each is wrapped up with
    the haunting series song "Perfect Day" playing over the credits. Beatrix Potter's
    creations may not be everyone's cup of tea, but no one can deny the quality of the
    translation here, with her miniature watercolours brought beautifully into life by the
    animation teams and the whole package enhanced by the period filmwork, shot in
    and around Potter's actual Hill Top Farm home. What's more these were hand-drawn
    films, produced at the time when folks were beginning to make the big leap in to
    computer-driven animation. And with the names of John Coates, Geoff Dunbar,
    Ginger Gibbons, Dave Unwin, Tony Guy and Roger Mainwood on the credits 
    students can view the series as if it were an animation masterclass.

    Though produced overall by TVC London, the scale of the project called for
    additional production partners in the form of Jumping Jack Animation, Grand
    Slamm Partnership and Stuart Brooks Animation who directed and
    shepherded individual episodes through to completion...

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     Award nominations

    1993 BAFTA Nomination - Best Animation
    1993 Emmy Award Nomination - Outstanding Animated Program

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     Peter Rabbit on DVD

     UK DVD The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle
Region 2 / three films / 2 Entertain / March 2006

     UK DVD The World of Peter Rabbit & Friends
Region 2 / three films / 2 Entertain / Nov 2006

     UK DVD The Beatrix Potter Collection
Region 2 / all nine films / 2 Entertain / Nov 2006

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     Series credits

     series producer:   
John Coates
     exec producer:     
Jonathan Peel
     series director:
    Dianne Jackson
     live-action dir:      
Dennis Abey
     live-action prod:   
Chris Johnson
Colin Towns
"Perfect Day" sung by Miriam Stockley
Niamh Cusack (Beatrix Potter)

The films

The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny

     director:      Geoff Dunbar  
     producer:    Ginger Gibbons

 June Whitfield
                        Richard Wilson
                        Rory Carter
                        Andrew Clitheroe

The Tale of Tom Kitten and Jemima Puddle-duck
  Dave Unwin
     producer:    Catrin Unwin
     voices:        Sandra Dickinson (Jemima Puddle-duck)
                        Su Pollard
                        Rosemary Leach
                        Alan Bowe
                        Enn Reitel
                        Dinsdale Landon

     The Tailor of Gloucester
Jack Stokes, Dennis Abey   
John Coates
     anim dir:    
Roger Mainwood
 Ian Holm (Tailor Of Gloucester)

     The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or The Roly-Poly Pudding
Mike Stuart  
Nick Comley
Struan Rogers (Samuel Whiskers)
                        Sheila Hancock (Anna Maria)
                        Rosemary Leach (Tabitha Twitchit)
                        Patricia Routledge (Cousin Ruby)
                        John Gordon Sinclair (John Joiner)

     The Tale of Pigling Bland
 Mike Stuart  
 Nick Comley
 Chris Lang (Pigling Bland)
                        Mark Lockyer
                        Pam Ferris (Aunt Pettitoes)
                        Josie Lawrence (Bigwig)
                        David Neal (Farmer)

     The Tale of Mrs Tiggywinkle and Mr Jeremy Fisher
Geoff Dunbar   
Ginger Gibbons
Derek Jacobi (Mr Jeremy Fisher)
                       Prunella Scales (Mrs Tiggywinkle)
                       Rebecca Hall (Little Lucy)
                       Richard Wilson (Mr McGregor)

     The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies and Mrs Tittlemouse
  Dave Unwin   
  Catrin Unwin
     anim dir:     
Tony Guy
Anna Massey (Mrs Tittlemouse)
                        Richard Griffiths (Mr Jackson)
                        Adrian Scarborough (Mr Benjamin Bunny)
                        Sheila Steafel (Mrs Flopsy Bunny)
                        Andrew Robertson
(Mr McGregor)
                        June Watson (Mrs McGregor)
                        Mary Jane Bowe, Nichola Dawson, Jenny More,
                        Kim Parker, Sarah Woolcock (Flopsy Bunnies)
                        Enn Reitel (Robin / Insects)
                        Suzanne Bonnetti (Insects)

     The Tale of Mr Tod and the Further Adventures of Peter Rabbit
     director:     Geoff Dunbar
     producer:   Ginger Gibbons
     voices:       Dinsdale Landon (Mr Tod)
                       Don Henderson (Tommy Brock)
                       Enn Reitel (Mr Bouncer)
                       Sheila Steafel (Mrs Flopsy Bunny)
                       Adrian Scarborough (Mr Benjamin Bunny)
                       Mark Lockyer (Alexander)

     The Tale of Two Bad Mice and Johnny Town-Mouse
Roger Mainwood     
John Coates
Felicity Kendal (Hunca Munca)
                       Rik Mayall (Tom Thumb)
                       Hugh Laurie (Johnny Town-Mouse)
                       Alan Bennett (Timmie Willie)
                       Enn Reitel (Mr Bouncer)

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