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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

     Philbert Frog

   Philbert Frog   
Fat City Films / Heather Pedley
                     & Philbert Frog Ltd.

2D animation
13 x 5mins

   "The silliest frog in the world..."


    Philbert Frog was billed as the silliest amphibian ever to have hopped through
    Noggit Wood. And he was. He had thirteen fabulously daft adventures with his
    friends Tiffany Tortoise, Monty Mole, Oscar Owl, Melvin Mouse, Willie Worm,
    and Bertie Bird. He was a Super Hero, a Super Detective and above all,
    Super Silly.

    The series was narrated by Rob Rackshaw and the package pitched perfectly
    at that indefinable point between bright enthusiasm and keen idiocy. Philbert
    hops around somewhere just to the left of utter stupidity. In "Philbert and the
   Sleepless Night'
he can't get to sleep because he's forgotten to close his eyes.
    In "Philbert and the Dinosaur" the dozey frog mistakenly reconstructs a
    Philbertsaurus dinosaur out of
underground sewerage pipe. Yep, he's that
    stoopid he even forgets how to hop!

    On three occasions, Philbert had to seek medical advice from a vole-like
    Doctor, who took great pleasure in stating the obvious. Philbert also had to
    deal with the unwelcome attentions of his annoying nephew Kevin, and Naughty
    Nora the Naughty Witchbat who attempted to steal the woodlanders' voices.

         Philbert and his Noggit Wood friends

   Philbert's nearest toon relation is that equally green keen canine Roobarb.
   Like our wobbling friend, Philbert spends a lot of time pondering the perculiar world
   around him - usually perched upon his favourite log by the pond. The show also
   features a similarly addictive electric theme tune; kids singing Philbert's name
   over and over in that kind of uncoordinated pleasurable way that kids have.
So where on earth has Philbert hopped to now? Sadly he was only around
   for this single series and the 1995 compilation video is now a deleted title.
   That should be rectified at once. Indeed The Hound reccomends a DVD release
   to catch a slice of the kids-tv pie that's all the rage right now. This daft frog is
   a hoot, and he's hopping around out there in Noggit Wood with his pals just
   waiting to be re-discovered...   

» Animator Mark Mason apparently animated and inbetweened all
      13 episodes singlehandedly, in 13 weeks - a spectacular feat!

» And pendants should note that the correct title is "Philbert Frog" not
      "Philbert the Frog"
. No one told Paul Joyce, though, because the
      lyrics to his bouncy title tune include just that error.  A fate that
      previously befell Rupert Bear, of course...


    Philbert Frog episodes

     Philbert Frog Super Hero              Philbert Frog and the Giant Ape 
     Philbert and the Sleepless Night    Exotic Frog
     Philbert and the Dinosaur             Philbert and the Swimming Adventure
     Philbert Builds a House                Philbert the Detective
     Philbert Goes to the Moon           Philbert Frog Forgets to Hop
     Philbert the Artist                      Philbert and the Snowy Day
     Philbert and the Race


      directed and produced by Vincent James
      executive producer Heather Pedley

      for BBC:           Theresa Plummer Andrews
      music:             Paul Joyce
      scripts             Phil Jackson
      storyboards:    Vincent James, Jez Hall
      layouts:           Jez Hall, Paul Salmon
      animation:       Mark Mason
                             + Tony Garth Animation Ltd
      backgrounds:   Michelle Graney, Aileen Raistrick
      paint & trace:   Greg Smith, Aileen Raistrick,
                             Michelle Graney, Cel Mates
      xerox:              Wendy Senior
      editing:            Flix
      dubb mixer:      John Wood

      voice:              Rob Rackshaw


    On the web

      Fat City Films
      Fat City's web site used to be here...

      Mark Mason Animation
      Here's Mark Mason with details of his extraordinary Philbert feat
      and plenty more info about the rest of his toon work...

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© Fat City Films / Philbert Frog Ltd / F2006