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British TV series

PC Pinkerton (Trevor Bond Associates Ltd)

 PC Pinkerton
      producers: Trevor Bond Associates
                        for the BBC
2D animation
        episodes: 13 x 10mins

"There's a figure riding through the misty morning,
    bringing safety to our streets - It's PC Pinkerton!"

    PC Pinkerton is an old-school community policeman who lives with his
    family in the fictional village of Cleybourne.
Sergeant Walker and
    Inspector Bell join him at the local police station, and together they
    aid the villagefolk, they solve their day-to-day problems and thwart
    low-level crimes.

    So how easy-going are PC Pinkerton's adventures? - Well, he gets wet
    on his bicycle, he makes a daring rescue via a ladder, finds a missing
    tortoise and teaches his daughter Jane and the children at the local
    school all about cycle safety.

    This isn't a sophisticated series, then, but it isn't supposed to be anything
    more than a gentle introduction to the life of a policeman. PC Pinkerton is
    here to help you. He's the friendly copper you can always turn to when
    you're in trouble...

    » The series was producd by Trevor Bond, whose toon credits include
        Bananaman and The Mr Men

» PC Pinkerton also has a station dog called Slipper, who arrives in
        episode three...

    » Cleybourne residents include Dai Rees the mikman, elderly
        Mrs Crumble and the Reverend Brown...

    PC Pinkerton (Trevor Bond Associates)  PC Pinkerton (Trevor Bond Associates)

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    broadcast info

     The series premiered on 13th September 1988, on BBC1.
     In that initial run it aired once a week, through to 6th December...

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    episode titles

    Rain Rain Go Away
    See You in the Morning
    Head for Heights
    Practice Makes Perfect
    Calling All Units
    A Piece of cake
    Mrs Crumble's Tumble
    Hide and Seek
    Nearly Late
    Behind the Scenes
    On Your Bikes

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     devised and written by Geoffrey Bourne-Taylor
     and John Murphy Edwards

     produced and directed by Trevor Bond

            John Kelham
     & animation:
   Thomas Barker
  Jess Ridgeman
     ink & paint:
     Victoria Bond, Annie Cook
          Jay Holloway
            Douglas Weymouth
           Ian Lavender
                          Jessica Martin
       Sam Kelly
       David Shaw Parker

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