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British TV series

    "The Pinky & Perky Show" (Pinky & Perky Enterprises / Method Films)

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The Pinky
  & Perky Show
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producers:  Pinky & Perky Enterprises,
Method Films, DQ Entertainment
    animation:  CGI animation
    episodes:  52 x 13 mins

   "Better get ready, get set - let's go!
    It's the Pinky and Perky Show!"


    Pinky and Perky, the porcine puppet idols of yesteryear return to our screens
    without strings in a shiny CGI series. And in this razzledazzle reincarnation the
    piggling siblings run amok inside and outside the studios of PPCTV whilst
    somehow putting together and presenting their very own live TV show-within
    -a-show. How they get anything on air inbetween their feuds, spats, and
    upsets defies logic. Their antics enfuriate their anthropomorphic production
    team, irk their celebrity guests and antagonise their rival presenters, but the
    tweenage mice who assemble to watch each show being filmed squeak with
    glee as their heroes run rings around everyone...

    ..And so do we, because this is an infectious, effervescent series. It positively
    revels in its up-to-the-minute lampooning and tomfoolery and it's stuffed full of
    perky puns and pop culture silliness. It's sharp and it's clever. And so's the
    design. The producers have given the production a trendy 50's chrome-over to
    reflect the characters' origins. There's a "TV Comic" feel to the character
    designs too. But the pacing and storytelling are thoroughly modern. Think
    "Ant & Dec", if you will, because Mssrs. Pinky and Perky share the same
    kind of back-and-forth banter and bickering. And their spoof guests are often
    on the butt of their jokes. If you're looking for hidden themes here, you'll
    find them in the way the duo pull the wrappings off these celebrities, unmasking
    them for us to ridicule and exposing their falsitudes. For sure, those celebrity
    references will date the thing quickly and the CGI will soon lose its lustre,
    but right here, right now, this series is like a big bottle of fizzy pop to gulp
    down and burp right up again in a fit of giggles!

    "The Pinky & Perky Show" (Pinky & Perky Enterprises / Method Films) "The Pinky & Perky Show" (Pinky & Perky Enterprises / Method Films)

    Perks of the past

    Jan and Vlasta Dalibor's porcine puppet stars first appeared on BBC screens
    in 1956, stealing the show on "It's Up To You". They got their own series in 1958,
    and over the course of the next fourteen years Pinky and Perky racked up 220
    BBC half-hours and a  veritable sty's worth of hit records. Their squeaky piggy
    renditions of numerous top tunes were ubiquitous, back in the day. Alvin and
    the Chipmunks may have conquered America, but we had dem piddies,
    crooning away on the TV and the radio through to the early '70's.

    Failure to Oink

    There were attempts to ressurrect the duo's career
in 1993 and 2001, but
    these only met partial success. So let's jump forward to 2005. Camilla Deakin
    and Ruth Fielding of Lupus Films  and PPC (Picture Production Company)
    teamed up to form Pinky and Perky Enterprises. They took their new CGI
    offering to Cartoon Forum, where it went down a storm, broadcast partners
    climbed onboard and Pinky and Perky's return was sealed...

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   Pinky or Perky?

    Pinky is the creative piglet with a penchant for yellow shirts. Perky, his brother,
    is the pushy pig in the red top.
He's got a thing for shades and a red beret too.
    Whilst Pinky is quick to enthuse and excite, his brother prefers to adopt a
    standoffish stance. But his aloofness is often his undoing...

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    Na na na

    The show's infectious "na na na" theme tune was co-written by Glenn Gregory
    of Heaven 17 and Keith Lowndes, a former member of ABC...
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   "The Pinky & perky Show" (Pinky & Perky Enterprises / Method Films)


   KT (ever-stressed feline floor manager)
   Wilbeforce (tottering turtle studio security)
   Vera (foxy Morning Morning Morning TV presenter)
   Eric (dogged Morning Morning Morning TV presenter)

   Morton (froggy director)
   Tara & Tamara (streetwise poodle receptionists)
   Sir Percival (porcine PPCTV CEO)
   The Mice (the P&P show's tweenage audience)

   Celebrity time

   Simon Cow (bovine celebrity)

   Jason Jasons (Pup Idol)
   Barry Trotter (porcine celebrity)
   David Peckham (eagle celebrity)
   Batty & Riff (bat and vulture from the group Bat Sabbath)
   The Eternal Warrior (a Worldwide Really Really Real wrestling bull)
   Sporticle (an
obsessed keep-fit penguin, straight out of Lazytown)
   The St Kittenwitten's Cute As A Button Choir (singing kitties)

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    Broadcast info

     The series premiered on CBBC on 3rd November 2008...


    Episode titles

     Pup Idol
     The Menacing Phantom
     Keep Fit
     The Balloonatic
     License to Swill
     Axe Factor
     Cartoon Mash-up
     What's Up Documentary
     Pretty in Pork
     You'll Believe a Pig can Fly
     Punk Rocker Pig
     It's Christmas
     Harry Trotter
     The Day of the Living Gunge
     Prod it Like Peckham
     Lights, Camera, Auction
     Quiz Me!
     Some Like it Not
     The Incredible Sulk
     Red Snout Day
     Dr Roo
     Most Definitely
     The Apprencticeship

Virtual Insanity
Card Times
The Pig and the Porker
Don't Try This at Home
The Alfie and Artie Show
The Pig Chill
This Episodes Has a Title But it's a Secret
The Pinky and Eric Show
What a Pal
Robin Hood and his Merry Pigs
By Royal Aporkment
Nannygoat Gruff
Pig Issues
Pinky Goes Green
The Pig Sleep
You Must be Joking
This Little Piggy
No Strings Attached
The T&T Factor
Piglets of the Caribbean
Where is Everybody
Most Definitely Haunted
Meet the Beakles
Pret the Porker

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     Pinky & Perky on DVD

UK DVD The Pinky & Perky Show: License to Swill!
                Region 2 / eight episodes / ITV Studios / April 2009     

    a Pinky & Perky Enterprises co-production
    with Method Films & DQ Entertainment

    for CBBC in association with Three


executive producer
on behalf of CBBC:
series producer:
executive producers:

series creative director:
head writer & script editor:

storyboard artists:

theme tune composed by
line producers:

first director assistants:
storyboard supervisor:
character designers:
design team:

modelling supervisor:
animation supervisor:
compositing supervisor:
production coordinators:

sound engineer:
finance & legal advisors:

head of studio:

management team:

creative director:
project manager:

lead artists:

production coordinator:

programming team:


Ruth Fielding

Jesse Cleverly
Vincent De Mul
Tapaas Chakravarti, Camilla Deakin,
Steve O'Pray, Aton Soumache,
Alexis Vonarb, David Willing
Cyril Adam
Ray Merritt
Alan Gilbey
Alan Gilbey, Fay Rusling & Oriane Messina,
Joel Jessup, Ian Carney
Olivier Schramm, Francois Rosso,
Dorothee Robert, Stephane Annette,
Nicolas Moscini
Ben Lee Delisle
Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes
Vanessa Kowalczyk, Sally Marchant,
Albert Sharpe
Julien Charles, Patricia Magniez
Anne Bonnefoy
Laurent Blot
Steve Small, Anne Pellerin
Bastien Jalibert, Erick Remy,
Alexis Gachet, Pauline Merlaut,
Romain Trystram, Caroline Van Den Abeele,
Karell Clara, Rozenn Peronno
Pierre Lasbignes
Gerald Clevy
Claise Tscheiller
Mueser Aliby, Florence Biansotti,
Imogen Dentith, Antoine Ormieres
Dave Williams
Elizabeth Guery, Anne Davin, Vincent Stevenel,
Anne Esteban-Barriere, Robin Hilton

Fanny Le Floch-Vergnon

Vishal Dudeja, Srikanth Pottekula,
NV Subba Rao, Srinivas Katta
Siddharth Vasudeva
S Parasuraman
Ram Ganapathi Rao G, D Devendra Kumar,
Satyanarayana Padhi, Vinod Bharat C,
Ch Gandhi, Krishna Deepak B,
KGS Bhishmachryulu, Mudunuri Kavitha,
K Srinivasa Rao, Ravishankar N
N Sridhar, Roy V Kumar,
Abhishek Jain, V Srinivasa Kumar,
Ani Mathew, Ravikumar,
Santosh Kumar, Nayash D,
Shinil AG, Akshayabar Nath Tiwary,
T Andrew Jomon, Janardhan,
Venkatesh P, Narendranath Reddy P,
Jawahar Sadath S, Sharat Kumar A,
Venkateswara Rao T, Sardar Surjeet Singh
Arti Mishra

Julien Borde, Annick Marchand, Voyelle Acker

David Holt (Pinky)
Duncan Wisbey (Perky)
Ella Kenion (Tara, Vera)
Niky Wardley (Tamara)
Jimmy Hibbert (Wilberforce)
Theresa Gallagher (KT)
Steve Brody (Eric)
Mike Hayley (Sir Percival)
Renton Skinner (Morton Frog)
Kevin Bishop (Power Pig & Porker, comedy cameos)
Mark Perry (Simon Cow)
Lizzie Roper (various comedy cameos)
Jessica Robinson (various comedy cameos)


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      And so did they...

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