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British TV series
Postman Pat

      Postman Pat  
Woodland Animations        (1981 - 1994)
      producers: Ivor Wood / Woodland Animations 
      animation: stop-motion animation

       1981 / 13 x15mins      POSTMAN PAT TAKES THE BUS
       1991 / 15 x 15mins     1991 / 24mins

                                          POSTMAN PAT AND THE TOY SOLDIERS
                                          1991 / 24mins

                                          POSTMAN PAT AND THE TUBA
                                          1994 / 24mins

                                          POSTMAN PAT AND THE BAROMETER
                                          1994 / 24mins

  "Postman Pat, Postman Pat,
   Postman Pat and his black and white cat..."

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   Pat Clifton, his bright red post van, Jess the cat and that song have been
   with us for three decades now, and in that time they've become an icon for
   Post Office workers everywhere, and a figurehead to celebrate, mock or
   spite as our relationship with the UK's delivery service has swung through
   extremes. But right here is where it all kicked off, in this charming Woodland
   Animations production from 1981.

   Do we need to fill in the details? - Well, just in case you've been hiding in
   a post sack all these years, we'll remind you that Pat began life as a postman
   in the Lakeland village of Greendale. He pickes up the post from Mrs Goggins
   the grey-haired post-mistress at the Greendale store, and then he's away
   delivering to Mrs Pottage and the twins Tom and Katie, Reverend Timms,
   Alf and Dorothy Thompson, Granny Dryden, Miss Hubbard, George Lancaster,
   Sam Waldron, Peter Fogg, Ted Glen and so many others.

   Greendale itself is an idyllic place. The Lakeland scenery is crisscrossed with
   drystone walls and hedgerows and farmland. The narrow roads get blocked with
   snow or sheep or farm machinery from time to time, but it's no bother for Pat who
   somehow always manages to stay cheery and get the post and deliveries through 
   to his friends come wind or rain, hail or sleet...

    Alf & Dorothy Thompson   Mrs Goggins

   As is so often the way, simplicity is best. Here is a very simple premise, beautifully
   designed and executed by Ivor Wood and his Woodland Animations and based on
   stories by author John Cunliffe. The package is wrapped up neatly with the addition
   of Brian Daly's title song and Ken Barrie's cockle-warming vocals. Greendale
   seems such a cosy place to live.

   Pat's endeavours struck a chord with the Royal Mail who aligned  themselves
   with the character for several years. Indeed, he was proven to be something of an
   ambassador for the company, gracing promotions and making public appearances
   in his "official" Royal Mail van. But it's interesting to note that this tie-up wasn't
   in place at the beginning, and for first eight of these original shows, Pat's post
   van - PAT 1 - was adorned with a yellow crown logo...

    Pat's original Post Van   Jess - the black and white cat

   And what of Pat now? - Well he returned to a bigger, brighter Greendale via
   Entertainment Rights (ER), who acquired the Woodland Animations catalogue
   at the turn of the millenium. They commissioned Cosgrove Hall to produce
   new episodes and specials and a spin-off series for that most-faithful moggy
   Jess. And now he's in the hands of Classic Media, undertaking Special
   Deliveries from his new Pencaster base, and he's even heading towards
   his first big screen adventure, via Timeless Films...

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     Broadcast info

     The series premiered on BBC1, on 18th September 1981...

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      Series One

     Postman Pat's Finding Day
     Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen
     Postman Pat's Birthday
     Pat's Rainy Day

     The Sheep in the Clover Field
     Pat's Tractor Express
     Pat's Thirsty Day
     Pat's Windy Day

     Pat's Foggy Day
     Pat's Difficult Day
     Pat Goes Sledging
     Letters on Ice
     Pat Takes a Message

      Series Two

     Postman Pat and the Hole in the Road
     Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour
     Postman Pat in a Muddle
     Postman Pat Misses the Show
     Postman Pat Follows a Trail

     Postman Pat has the Best Village

     Postman Pat Paints the Ceiling

     Postman Pat has Too Many Parcels
     Postman Pat and the Big Surprise

     Postman Pat and the Robot
     Postman Pat Takes Flight
     Postman Pat and the Beast of Greendale
     Postman Pat and the Mystery Tour

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     Ivor Wood's Postman Pat on DVD

     UK DVD
Postman Pat in a Muddle
                Region 2 / three episodes / December 2002

     UK DVD Postman Pat / Bertha / Gran
                Region 2 triple bill box set / 4 Front Video / September 2005

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     designed and directed by Ivor Wood
     produced by Woodland Animations Ltd

    writer:         John Cunliffe
    music:         Brian Daly
    vocals:         Ken Barrie
    editor:         Martin Bohan
    narration:    Ken Barrie

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     On the web

     Postman Pat
     The official site...

     Classic Media
     Pat's current rights holders...

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