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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
Little Princess from Illuminated Films


Little Princess      (2006-2009)
   producers: The Illuminated Film Company
   animation: 2D animation

                          Series One            Series Three
                          30 x 11mins           35 x 11mins

                          Series Two
                          34 x 11mins

    "She's a little princess!"

    Little Princess lives in a castle, with Mum and Dad (the King and Queen),
    the Maid, the Chef, and the Gardener, her teddybear called Gilbert and her
    pet pals Scruff the dog and Puss the cat. And this being a rather important
    home, from time to time The Prime Minister and The Admiral also drop by
    to see what's going on in her demanding little life. You see, our Little Princess
    is always up to something and learning how to get along with the world
    at large - be it learning how to share, when to go to bed, learning how to
    whistle, or eating her greens. And even though she wears a pointy crown,
    this Little Princess is no different from any other little girl, with smiles
    and tantrums a-plenty to share with us all...

    This playful series is adapted from the popular picturebooks by Tony Ross.
    And it's a fabulous production, with a shuffling singalong theme tune to
    get us in the mood for fun. Oh, what a great premise this. All little girls
    are princesses, but this particular little girl just happens to be one.
    And despite the castle trappings, her King and Queen parents are
    just an ordinary Mum and Dad, in ordinary everyday clothes... except
    that they also sport crowns... as you do... and the characters have
    been brought to life magnificently by Iain Harvey team at Illuminated
    Films. Their adaptation is completely faithful to its source material and
    any changes or additions compliment the creation beautifully. Most
    notably, we now have a Narrator (Julian Clarey) on board who's used
    as if he were an additional character, nudging along the stories and
    breaking the so-called Fourth Wall to sparr with Little Princess. Jane
    Horrocks gives voice to our title character, and even though her pipsqueak
    tones have become a little too familar of late - she features in an awful lot
    of toon shows these days - here in this particular series, she's fits
    the bill perfectly...



    2007 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film - Best Animated Series
    2007 Cairo Intl Film Festival - Gold Cairo award for Best TV show
    2007 Fifth Tehran Intl Film Festival - Best TV Film


    A potty little star...

    "I Want My Potty" by Tony Ross

    Tony Ross introduced his Little Princess to the world in 1986. I Want My Potty 
    won the coveted Dutch Silver Pencil Award and remains a favourite read today.

    As for the author himself, well, he surely needs no introduction. Tony Ross'
    stories and illustrations are known the world over, and toon fans will recall that
    Towser was another of his famous characters to be given his own tv series,
    back in 1982...  

» Little Princess books at


    Potty, but true

    Little Princess has been brought to life before. In 1991, King Rollo Films
    gave us "I Want My Potty"as part of a series of Anytime Tales. It was
    a straight adaptation of the picturebook with voices performed by Victoria
    Wood and Steve Steen...


    Broadcast info

    In the UK, "Little Princess" premiered as part of Five's Milkshake! morning
    line-up on Monday 9th October 2006, at 7.30am...


    Episode titles

    Series One                              Series Two
    What's Wrong with Gilbert?          
I Want a Shop
    I Don't Know What to Be             
I Want to be a Pirate
I Want My Tooth                       I Want to Dress Up
    Can I Keep it?                           
I Want to be Tall
    I Don't Want to Tidy up              
I Want a Swing
    I Want my Snail                        
I Want to be a Baby
    I Don't Want Help                      
I Want to be a Cavegirl
    I Want my New Shoes                
I Want my Puppets
    I Didn't Do it
                             I Want to be an Explorer
    I Don't Want to Go to Bed      
     I Want to be Queen
    I Want to Win                           
I Want my Sheep
    I Want to Whistle                      
I Want to do a Show
    I Don't Want a Cold                   
It's Sports Day
    I Don't Like Salad                      
I Want to go to the Fair
    I Don't Want to Share                
I Don't Want to Kiss Great Aunty
    I Want a Trumpet                     
I Want a Midnight Feast
    I Want to Do Magic                   Mother's Day!
    I Don't Want to Comb My Hair     
I Want to Play Football
    I Can't Remember                     
I Want to Play in the Rain
    I Want my Sledge                     
I Don't Want to Dance
    But They're Mine...                   
I want to go on Holiday
    I Don't Like Autumn                  
I Don't Want to Miss it
    I Don't Want Nits                     
I Want to Find the Treasure
    Maid's Day Off?                       
I Want to be Good
    I Want to Cook                       
I Want a Bicycle     
    I Don't Want a Bath                 
I Don't Want to Leave Home           
    I Want My Dummy                   
I Want a Best Friend
    I Want My Tent
                      I Want my Crayons       
    I Don't Like Worms
                   I Want my Plaster
    I Want My Voice Back
              I Want to Collect            
                                               I Want Baked Beans
                                               Can I Have it Back Now Please?
                                               I Don't Like Thunderstorms
                                               I Can Keep a Secret


     Little Princess on DVD

     UK DVD 

     The first two series of this royally good show are available
     as box sets:

     Little Princess - Complete Series 1 Box Set
     Region 2 / Vols 1-5 / Starz Home Ent. / March 2010

     Little Princess - Complete Series 2 Box Set
     Region 2 / Vols. 6-8 / Starz Home Ent. / Oct 2010

     And here are the individual releases:

     Little Princess: Vol 1 - Bumper Special

     Little Princess: Vol 2 - Adventures at the Castle

     Little Princess: Vol 3 - Winter Special

     Little Princess: Vol 4 - Royal Mischief

     Little Princess: Vol 5 - Playtime In The Kingdom
     Little Princess: Vol 6 - Let's Play
     Little Princess: Vol 7 - Lets Celebrate
     Little Princess: Vol 8 - Let's Be Good


    based on the books by Tony Ross

    exec producer:
    line producer:
    theme tune:

    script editor:
    head of scripts
    & development:
    art director:
    scene planning:

    & prop design:

    asst editor:
    sound editors:
    sound design
    & mix:
    voice recording:
Edward Foster
Iain Harvey
Lee Marriott
Ian McCue
Dave Ingham, Cas Willing
, Kelly Marshall
written and performed by
Grant Mitchell & Graham Dickson

Bradley Miles

Rachel Murrell

Alison Gentleman
Sue Tong

Roger Mainwood

Paul Stone
Sam Bailey, Michelle Dabbs,
Peter Mays, Richard Nye

Shaun Blake, Tim Fancourt, Chris Scott
Loraine Marshall

Alan Case, Angeline de Silva

Andy Blazdell, Simon Lipowicz
Steve Austin, Jimeno Farfan,
Mark Francis, Rachel Glodowski,
Nick Harrop, Ellen J Kleiven,
Cath Lloyd, Ramon Mondiano,
Miles Peters, Kenny Robinson,
Sarah Strickett, Pauline Trapmore,
Simon Tuner, Abby Wilkinson
Richard Overall
Anthony Hull
Ian MacBeth & JM Finch

Jake Roberts & Barnaby Templar @ Fonic
Dave Peacock

Vicky Gooding

Ann Lucas
Julian Clary (Narrator)
Jane Horrocks (Little Princess)
Colin McFarlane
Maggie Ollerenshaw
Edward Peel
Victoria Willing


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