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British TV series

        Redwall : The Series


    Brian Jacques'


    producers: Nelvana / Alphanim / Telemagination
    animation: 2D animation

     REDWALL                        MATTIMEO
     1999 / 13 x 22mins           2000 / 13 x 22mins

     2001 / 13 x 22mins

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    Redwall Abbey is the monastic home to a band of warrior mice and forest folk,
    and its hallways and towers are rich with history and ancestory. Over the course
    of almost two dozen bestselling books, heroic critters and their descendants have
    fought in the name of the abbey, and roamed far and wide around its environs.
    They have endured hordes of rats, deadly otters and marauding wolverines,
    joined patrols of marching hares, encountered legendary warrior badgers,
    and more...

    Nelvana/Alphanim's lively adaptaions of the "Redwall" stories qualify for the
    Toonhound index by virtue of the creator and author of those original stories,
    Liverpool's Brian Jacques, and by the involvement of Telemagination, the
    third partner in this three-way co-production.

    Three series wer produced, each comprising of thirteen episodesand
    introduced by the author himself. In the first series the abbey folk must
    defend their home against the onslaught of Cluny the Scourge and his malevolent 
    horde. Series two is an adaptation of "The Story of Mattimeo", with Slagar the
    fox wreaking havoc on our heroes. "Martin the Warrior" rounds out the animated
    trilogy and pitches the titular mouse against Bedrang the stoat. It's worth
    noting that the three books they were based on do not actually run
    consecutively (they were the first, third and sixth published, respectively),
    but the "Redwall" books weave backwards and forwards in time, from title
    to title, allowing readers to explore at their leisure.
    Author Brian Jacques was a merchant sailor before he put pen to paper and
    created the bricks and mortar of the abbey. "Redwall" was published in 1986,
    to great acclaim. Jacques skilfully blends the vivid naturalism of Watership
    Down with the blood and thunder of medieval England. The ongoing series
    proved just as popular, with new titles published regularly and a host of
    spin-offs and tie-ins extending the fan experience, right up to the author's
    untimely death in February 2011.
This animated series captures something
    of the spirit of the books, although the swords have been dulled
    somewhat for television...

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     Episode titles

     The Story of Redwall               The Story of Mattimeo
     1. Cluny the Scourge - part I     1. Slagar the Slaver
     2. Cluny the Scourge - part II    2. The Magician Revealed
     3. Treachery                           3. Where the Little Folk go
     4. Sparra's Kingdom                  4. Found... And Lost            
     5. Cluny's Clowns                     5. To be a Warrior
     6. High Standards                    6. Ironbeak                   
     7. Captain Snow                      7. Peril in the Toplands
     8. Battle Plans                         8. Feathered Friends and Foes
     9. The Visitor                          9. The Abyss
     10. A Favour Returned              10. Malkariss
     11. Asmodeus                         11. Battle
     12. Underground                      12. Reunited
     13. The Final Conflict               13. Return to Redwall

     Martin the Warrior
     1. Captured!
     2. Return of the Clog
     3. Escape from Marshank
     4. New Partners and Old Friends
     5. The Play's the Thing
     6. Freedom and Monsters
     7. The Great Escapes
     8. From Marsh to Mountain Heights
     9. Heroes and Fools
     10. Tunnel Vision
     11. Felldoh's Revenge
     12. Battlefield Marshank
     13. Rose of Noonvale

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    Redwall books by Brian Jacques

      The Redwall books
     1986 - Redwall                      
1999 - The Legend of Luke
     1988 - Mossflower                 2000 - Lord Brocktree
     1990 - Matimeo                     2001 - The Taggerung
     1991 - Mariel of Redwall          2002 - Triss
     1992 - Salamandastron           2003 - Loamhedge
     1993 - Martin the Warrior        2004 - Rakkety Tam
     1994 - The Bellmaker              2005 - High Rhulain
     1995 - Outcast of Redwall       2007 - Eulalia!
     1996 - The Pearls of Lutra       
2008 - Doomwyte
     1997 - The Long Patrol           2010 - The Sable Queen
     1998 - Marlfox                      2011 - The Rogue crew

     + 1990 The Great Redwall Feast (for younger readers)
        1998 Redwall Abbey (for younger readers)

» Redwall at

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    Redwall on DVD

     The first "Redwall" release edited episodes together to make a feature
     length movie.
 Fremantle subsequently released the first eight episodes
     in their original format. Alas, there's stil no sign of episodes 9-13...

     UK DVD Redwall the Movie

                Re-edited episodes / R2 / Maverick Ent /
November 2002

     UK DVD Redwall: Cluny the Scourge
                Episodes 1-3 / R2 / Fremantle / June 2008

     UK DVD Redwall: Clunys' Clown
                Episodes 4-8 / R2 / Fremantle / June 2009

     These three "Mattimeo" discs, meanwhile, run through
     series two in proper episodic order...


     UK DVD Mattimeo: Slagar the Slaver
                Episodes 1-4 / R2 / Maverick Ent /
May 2004

     UK DVD
Mattimeo: To be a Warrior
                Episodes 5-8 / R2 / Maverick Ent /
September 2004

     UK DVD
Mattimeo: The Abyss
                Episodes 9-13 / R2 / Maverick Ent /
May 2005

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     Redwall created by Brian Jacques
        directors:           Raymond Jafelice (Redwall / Martin the Warrior)
                               Raymond Jafelice, Luke Bihan (Mattimeo)
        co-director:       Pascal Pinon
         exec prods:         Michael Hirsh, Christian Davin, Patrick Loubert,
                               Clive Smith, Dan Maddicott
         sup prods:        Stephen Hodgins, Patricia R. Burns, Jocelyn Hamilton
        adapted by:       Michelle Goodeve, Brian Jacques, Glenn Norman,
                               Steve Roberts, Tony Roberts
        music:               Jack Procher, Daniel Fernandez
        line prods:          Lynne Warner, Corine Marcel
        developer:         Steve Roberts
Chris Baker
        design sup:       Alan Knappett
         design co-ord:  Mart Matsoo
         designers:        Todd Kauffman, KoKo Maung, Mark Poulin,
                               Pat Rowsome, Marijan Trpkovic, Christopher Williams,
                               James Wood, Isabelle Python, Katia Surmenian,
                               Jean-Charles Ripell
         key animation:  Cynthia Ward
         colour stylist:    Trudy Binder
        b'grounds:           Mike Doherty, Michael Hitchcox,
                               Christine Rother
Sandra Catherine Yeaman

      Redwall voices   

        Tyrone Savage (Matthias)
        Diego Matamoros (Cluny the Scourge)
        Alison Pill (Cornflower)
        Chris Wiggins (Abbot Mortimer)
        Richard Binsley (Basil Stag Hare)
        Janet Wright (Constance)
        Graham Haley (Foremole / Shrew #2)
        Wayne Robson (Methuselah)
        Susan Roman (Jess)
        Lawrence Bayne (Fangburn / Killconey / Shrew #1)
        Andrew Gillies (Redtooth / Friar Hugo)
        John Stocker (Brother Alf / Cheesethief)
        Ben Campbell (Voice of Martin the Warrior / King Bull Sparra / Darkclaw)
        David Hemblen (Asmodeus)
        Bruce Dow (Log-aLog)
        Marion Day (Guosim)
        Tracey Moore (Warbeak)
        Marc Donato (Young Matthias)
        Alyson Court (Myrtle)
        Cole Caplan (Mattimeo)

         Mattimeo voices

         Tim Curry (Slagar the Cruel)
         Michael Seater (Mattimeo)
         Tyrone Savage (Matthias)
         Anthony Bekenn (Orlando the Axe/Deadnose/Scringe)
         Wayne Best (Ironbeak/Jabez Stump/Skinpaw)
         Richard Binsley (Basil Stag Hare/Fleaback/Fengal/Ragwing/Weasal Guard)
         Ben Campbell (Stonefleck/Voice of Martin the Warrior)

         Melissa McIntyre (Cornflower)
         John Stocker (Father Mordalfus/Three Claws/Skan/Old Rabbit/Guard)

         Amos Crawley (Elmtail)
         Catherine Disher (Mrs.Churchmouse/Winifred/Sparra)

         Sarah Gadon (Cynthia Vole/Tess Churchmouse/mouse slave)

         Alex House (Sam/Tim Churchmouse - child)

         Jonathan Wilson (Tim Churchmouse - adult)
         John Gilbert (John Churchmouse)
         Janet Wright (Constance/Ghost of Martin)

         Marc Donato (Young Martin)
         Bruce Dow (Log-a-Log/Black Robed Rat)
         Kristin Fairlie (Auma)
         Kyle Fairlie (Cheek)
         Andrew Gillies (Sir Harry the Muse/Malkariss/Grubclaw)
         Jake Goldsbie (Vitch/Hedgehog Slave
         Graham Haley (Foremole/Nadaz/Andes/Halftail/Loamdog)
         Ellen-Ray Hennessy (Stryke)
         Raymond Jafelice (Flugg/Damper)
         Tracey Moore (Warbeak)
         Ali Mukaddam (Jube)
         Ezra Perlman (Baby Rollo)
         Fiona Reid (Sister May)
         Noah Reid (Scurl Droptail)
         Susan Roman (Jess/Rosyqueen Stump)
         Paul Soles (Ambrose Spike)
         Chris Wiggins (Mangiz the Seer/Crow)

      Martin the Warrior voices

         Amos Crawley (Martin)
         Lindsey Connel (Rose)

         Diego Matamoros (Bedrang)

         Andrew Gillies (Ballaw)
         Graham Haley (Grum)
         Ellen-Ray Hennessy (Rowanoak)
         Tracey Moore (Queen Amballa)
         Ali Mukaddam (Felldoh)
         Deborah Odell (Pallum)
         Luca Perlmam (Brome)
         Tyrone Savage (Matthias)
         Noah Reid (Keyla)
         Colette Stevenson (Aryah)
         John Stocker (Cap'n Clogg)
         Jonathan Wilson (Skalrag)

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      On the web

      Brian Jacques
      Brian Jacques' official site, stuffed to the abbey rafters with info...
      A fortfied and portcullised official series site from Nelvana with info
      on their adaptation, characters, episodes and downloads...

      Katie Sullivan
      A Redwall fan-site from Katie Sullivan, or "Snowfur" as she's called.
      Stacks of things to look at here, like a smart covers library, and a thorough 
      A-Z indexing of all the people places and events in the  Redwall realm,
      from the books to the tv series. Plus more links than you can shake a  
      stick at - well worth a look....

      The Long Patrol
      Another extraordinary fan site, stuffed with news, interviews and
      Redwall chatter...

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