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British toon resources

    Linking you to other British toon
    indexes,news and guides...


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        The pigs' British comics library provides a useful introduction to titles,
        but this site's main aim is to serve as a vehicle for buying and selling
        Brit. comics online. Independent sellers can sell their stock through
        the site and now there are splendid online comic auctions too....

        Down The Tubes

        John Freeman's excellent comics resource is updated regularly
        with all the latest British comics news of note, and a whole lot
        more besides...

        British Comics

        Bruce Milne is attempting to put the British comic collecting community
        in touch with one another. You can share wants lists, information, etc.
        via his online message board...

        Centre for the Study of Cartoons and Caricature

        A massive online and offline library of editorial toons here for us to
        peruse, with 90,000+ toons in the collection - fantastic!

        Comics UK

        An ever-expanding, hugely informative guide to British comics,
        from the earliest times right through to the present day. This site
        also includes a fantastic comics forum that's well frequented
        by industry bods, fans and those-in-the-know...

        The Forbidden Planet Web Blog

        Your essential daily round-up of comic news, from the UK and
        further afield...

        Heroes Of The Spaceways
Dan Dare, Captain Condor, Jet-Ace Logan - You'll find all those rip-roaring
        golden heroes from British comic books of yore here...

        Indie Review

        Does exactly what is says on the tin, and features news and reviews
        from the UK's indepenent and underground comics scene...

        Tony's Trading
A extraordinary site for an extraordinary collection of comics material.
        Individual character annuals and anthology covers are indexed en masse,
        together with scans of every regular comic annual published in the UK
        in recent years.You can search by title, character, or even
        by year - fantastic!



        Animation World Network
        For the serious Toon Hound, AWN offers up-to-minute animation information,
        news, interviews, profiles and more. This place covers all aspects of the
        animated world, from movies to music videos to commercials...  

The online home for the British Animation Awards, with info on
        the nominees and winners, past and present...

        The Big Cartoon Database
        An ever-expanding encyclopedia of toons from around the world compiled
        from inumerable sources and resources (Toonhound included!)...

        Cartoon Brew 

        Part news site, part blog, the Brew covers all cartoon bases.
        It's not specifically British, of course, but Brit toons and films are
        frequently included in the round-ups and discussions....


        This fine fan site indexes all the major movie toon releases from the 
        'key' studios, plus series too. Mostly American toons, but us Brits
        are in the mix, too...

        Screen Online
        Elaine Burrows and the BFI present an excellent guide to British
        animation and its historical development...



        80s Cartoons             
        Claire presents lots of toons, lots of pics and pieces from British and
        American series, DVD info and more...


        Head to the 'classictv' section for toon guides, images and sounds


        Lots of tie-in info, clips and games here for all the toons currently
        airing on CBBC...


        The official Children's ITV site is similarly fun and funky...

        Classic Kids TV

        Lots of shows and files here, presented speedily and effeiciently...

        Jedi's Paradise
        Jediman started his site with pics of original cels, cut-outs and puppets
        displayed as part of a 'Watch With Mother' children's TV exhibition held in
        Dudley, in1998. But now the site's grown much bigger, with lots of
        screen grabs and series info...

        Little Gems
        A terrific site featuring self-created scrolling pages on those UK toons
        and series oft forgotten by others. And they've even got interviews. You
        really aren't going to find this stuff anywhere else...

        Nostalgia Central
        They went away for a while, but the Nostalgia boys bounced back
        on to the web in 2003 with a bigger, flashier site and lots of television
        memories to share - and more!...         
        The original tv nostalgia site, open to contributions by one and all.
        The forum is also a popular haunt for tv enthusiasts...
        Television Heaven
        Toon fans should aim for the 'KidsKorner' section of this
        informative site...
        TV Cream 
        Taking its lead from the familiar ATV logo, TV Cream explores the giddy
        world of classic TV past...


        Dedicated to 1950s British television nostalgia, this is the best
        you're going to find for info on those first 'Watch With Mother'
        shows and other oh-so-early tv productions....



        Steve Augarde
        Steve's a busy illustrator, author, cartoonist and musician...

        Peter Gray
        Peter's an enthusiastic comic collector and cartoonist...

        Steve Holland
        Steve is a fount of comics knowledge, and his blog is always
        stuffed-to-busting with info...

        Curtis Jobling
        The designer of Bob the Builder has an excellent, informative blog...

        Lew Stringer
        Cartoonist and writer Lew Stringer has a wealth of comics knowledge
        and info to share...

        Jason Tammemagi
        Mr Tammemagi was the creator of Fluffy Gardens, don't you know...

        Chris Weston
        Comic artist supremo, whose career has taken him from 2000ad
        to DC Comics and beyond...

all characters © their respective creators and licensees / F2008