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British TV series

Rex The Runt

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Rex the Runt    (1998 - 2001)
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producers: Aardman / Egmont for the BBC  
animation: stop-motion animation
     episodes: 26 x 10mins

   "Rex the Runt...  Rex the Runt...
    A wobbly, bobbly, dribbly, squiggly dog..."

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Rex, Wendy, Bad Bob and Vince are four absurd clay dog creations experiencing
    the ups and downs, ins and outs, rounds and abouts of life, death, sex, the universe
    and seemingly everything else in between from the confines of their regular,
    everyday suburban home. In the Runts' world the The University of Love can be
    found under your bed, Wendy is in fact a Nobel Prize winning scientist, Birmingham
    is the first prize in The National Lottery, and Gordon's Garden Centre harbours a
    carnivorous pot plant bent on world domination. Even the most mundane of workaday
    tasks like laying a patio can evolve into something extraordinarily perverse and
    unexpected. Truly, it's a funny old world...

    These four fun characters were created by animator Richard Goleszowski. He
    joined Bristol-based Aardman Animation in 1983, and began working on the likes
    of Morph and Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" video. He has also brought us the
    award-winning frolics of "Robbie the Reindeer in Hooves of Fire". He's also
    directed Aardman's hugely-successful "Creature Comforts" series.

    As well as being totally off-the-wall, and featuring an inexplicable fondness for
    Tuesdays, Jam, Hoovers and more, "Rex the Runt" also features a handsome
    line-up of famous voice artistes like Arthur Smith, Paul Merton, Pam Ayres,
    Jonathan Ross, June Whitfield, Bob Monkhouse, the late Stanly Unwin, Eddie
    Izzard, Kathy Burke, and - well - almost too many to mention. But we must
    also mention the name of animator Steve Box who provides mad Vince with
    his vicarious vocal gabbling. Steve is credited with bringing that merciless
    penguin-turned-jewel-thief Feathers McGraw into animated life. Prior to his
    Aardman fame, Steve brought us The Trapdoor and Stoppit & Tidyup with
    his pals at CMTB Animation.

    And speaking of voices, the eagle-eyed and keen-eared amongst you will
    note that there was a voice credit change for both Rex and Bad Bob between
    series one and two - in keeping with the utterly mad scenario of the show,
    "Rex the Runt" is thoroughly surreal, totally skewed, and a little bit more than
    just bonkers. And that has made it somewhat awkward to shoehorn into
    television schedules. Here in the UK, series two was dropped in all over the
    place on BBC2, at different time-slots every week. Hmm. At least it was in
    keeping  with the spirit of the piece...

» Richard Goleszowski 's pre- during- and post-Rex project was Tortoise
       Vs Hare, a feature film destined to be Aardman's second theatrical release
       after Chicken Run. But complications with the story and scripting bumped the
       project away, back down the development slate...

» An early version of Rex featured in Richard's short film"Ident". Two pilot Rex
       films, "Dinosaurs" and "Dreams" followed, whilst he tinkered with the line-up
       of characters and settings for his notion of a comedy series starring three
       dogs in a suburban semi.  Alan Gilbey and David Freedman of Peafur
       Productions (Mr Hell) helped Richard explore, compile, and extrapolate
       stories and scripts for what eventually became the first series...

» A Rex-like dog has recently featured in series of animated commercials
        for the National Accident Helpline...

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     Broadcast info

     The series premiered on BBC2, on 21st December 1998...

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     Rex the Runt episodes

     Series 1                                       Series 2
     Holiday in Vince                              Patio 
     Stinky's Search for a Star                The Plasticene Gene
     Easter Island                                  Rocket Raymond
     Too Many Dogs                               Bob Joins a Gang 
     The City Shrinkers                           Wendy's Hot Date
     Adventures on Telly - part 1             Crap Day Out
     Adventures on Telly - part 2             Art of Cooking  
     Adventures on Telly - part 3             Private Wendy
     The Trials of Wendy                        Hole in the Garden
     Under the Duvet                             Mouse in the kitchen
     Bob's International Hiccup Centre       Slim Bob
     Johnny Saveloy's Undoing                 Wayne the Zebra  
     Carbonara                                      Wendy's New Hairdo

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     Rex the Runt on DVD

     One episode is included on this animated compilation:

     UK DVD
Aardman's Darkside
                Region 2 /
2Entertain / September 2006

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    an Aardman Animations Production for BBC Bristol
    in association with Egmont Imagination

      creator:          Richard Goleszowski
      producer:       Jacqueline White
      exec prods:    Colin Rose for the BBC
                            Poul Kofod, Tom van Waveren for Egmont
                            Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Michael Rose for Aardman
Richard Goleszowski, Dan Capozzi, Chris Sadler, Sam Fell, Peter Peake
      writers:          Richard Goleszowski, David Freedman, Alan Gilbey (series 1)
                            Ben Caudell, Peter Holmes, Andrew Viner (series 2)
      music:            Stuart Gordon
      voices:           Andrew Franks (Rex - series 1)
                            Colin Rote (Rex - series 2)
                            Elisabeth Hadley (Wendy)
                            Kevin Wrench (Bad Bob - series 1)
                            Andy Jeffers (Bad Bob - series 2)
                            Steve Box (Vince)
                            Arthur Smith (Arthur Dustcart)
                            Paul Merton (Dr Dogg)
                            Phil Jupitus (Sgt Major / Mouse / Ants)
                            Bobby Ball (Wayne The Zebra)
                            Graham Norton (Plants / Osvaldo Halitosis)
                            Tommy Cannon (Tiddles)

                            Sean Connolly (
Valerie Bona Gallery Owner / Keith & Marvin the Dingos
                            Brian the Welsh Two-Headed Sheep / etc...)

                            Loyd Grossman (himself)
                            Jonathan Ross (Handsome Rex / Awards Announcer)
                            Morwenna Banks (Mrs Bloomers)
                            Judith Chalmers (Judith Poodle)
                            Simon Day (Constable Funnyname / Taxi Driver)
                            Antoine de Caunes (Stinky Basil / Euro MP)
                            Bob Holness (Mr Formal)
                            Frank Passingham (Mr Chittock / Patient / Voice In The Bag)
                            Eddie Izzard (Easter Island Head / Melting Blob Man)
                            Tom Espiner (Lottery Presenter)
                            Kathy Burke (Mrs Mandelbrotska)
                            June Whitfield (Judge Pickelit)

                            Peter Atkin (Court Usher)
                            Peter Peake (Gary Nudog)
                            Abigail Youngman (Student)
                            Pam Ayres (Auntie Brenda)
                            Stanley Unwin (Mr Wangle)
                            Bob Monkhouse (Johnny Saveloy)
                            Sarah Walden (Nurse)
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     On the web

     Rex the Runt
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     Aardman Animations
     And here's the studio site...

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