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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
    "Rocky and the Dodos" from Cosgrove Hall Films


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Rocky and
  the Dodos
   (1998 - 1999)
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producers: Cosgrove Hall Films
stop-motion animation
      episodes: 26 x 10mins

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    Dodos aren't all extinct you know. Oh no. There's still at least one glorious
    gaggle of them rocking and rolling along quite happily on an isolated outcrop in
    the middle of the southern ocean. Rocky shares his cave with Elvis, who's part
    penguin, part blue-footed booby and completely barking. Bill is the lisping, highly
    camp dodo barman at the Loose Juice Bar, who's obsessed with creating new
    cocktails for the delectable Wonda to test. Oh, and he's equally obsessed with
    perfecting his magnificent rock'n'roll quiff. Tantra is all punked-up with nowhere
    to go. And as for Astra, well, she's the island's astrological sage - a pink
    Professor Trelawney, if you like - who studies the island's flotsam and
    jetsam quite compulsively in the hope of finding artefacts from the Beyond.

    When these multi-hued misfits stop squawking and squabbling around
    their nesting holes, they like to hang out together
at Bill's kitsch
    beach bar. The Loose Juice Bar is also host to their pals, including a
    droll Swedish puffin called Bjorn and
Dougan the dour and dozy
    red walrus. And then there are the little limpets, who slither in and around
    the antics of the dodos and get up to their own interstitial tricks and
    manoeuvres. Occasionally, they even come to the aid of our flightless
    friends, because - well - dodos have a certain reputation for daffiness,
    after all, and Rocky and his pals are very, very daft indeed...

    Go Limpets! - "Rocky and the Dodos" is a Cosgrove Hall Films production

    This slapdash, slapstick series is stuffed with pop culture references
    and even some teen toilet humour - from fart gags to regurgitation.
    The stories are driven along in vignette-style scenes, with limpet acrobatics
    in-between, and - dang! - those Limpets are clever little things. If they're not
    making paperchains, they're stunt-jumping on motorbikes, or playing
    limpet-in-a-saucepan jokes on their pals. They generate a great big part
    of this show's appeal, so it's no surprise that they even get their very own
    starring episode "The Limpet Olympics" in which they gather en masse
    to light a miniature torch and partake in a host of li'l limpet sports events,
    including pole vaulting, the parallel bars, the discus, and even
    synchronised swimming!

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     Season One                                        Season Two
    It's Good to Squawk                       Friends and Anemonies
    Rock Chick                                   Café Dodo
    Eggs Stink                                    Mind Over Mutter
    Eye of the Dodo                            Dodos Just Wanna Have Fun
    Dodo Abduction                             Double-O-Dodo
    When the Green Stuff Turns Fluffy    A Creep in the Night
    Three Footed Fartians                    Seeing is Deceiving
    On the Rocks                                The Root of all Weevils
    Cheese Means Dreams                    Listen With Rocky
    Hey Blue Foot                               You've Been Blamed
    The Limpet Olympics                      Peck to the Future
    Cry Beak                                      Dodos That Go Flap in the Night
    Cheatin' Chick                               Where Have all the Dodos Gone?

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     Rocky and the Dodos on DVD

     These two titles are getting hard to come by now,
     but they're all that's been released thus far:

     UK DVD Series 1 - episodes 1 to 6
                Region 2 / six episodes / Cinema Club / Jan 2003

     UK DVD Series 1 - episodes 7 to 12

                Region 2 / six episodes / Cinema Club / Jan 2003

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     a Cosgrove Hall Films production

     producer:             Jackie Cockle
     exec producer:     Mark Hall
     director:              Sarah Ball
     original music:     Sam Sutton

     script writer:        Chris Allen
      & script editing:
   Jackie Cockle, Sarah Ball
     design & art
     direction:             Bridget Appleby
     animator:             Paul Couvela
     animation:           Monica McCartney, Will Hodge,
                                Hayden Secker, Lucy Gell,
                                Rory Bresnihan
     puppets:              Mackinnon and Saunders
                                Lucy Gell, Joe Holman,
                                Justin Exley, Georgina Hayns,
                                Robbie Manning, Michelle Scattergood,
                                Carloine Wallace, Christine Keogh,
                                Vilija Kontrimas, Bethan Jones,
                                Bridget Smith
     set makers:          Jeff Spain, Richard Sykes,
                                Samantha Hanks, Lucy Burscough,
                                Bill Martin, Rick Kent
     props & limpet
              Jon Fletcher, Owen Ballhatchet
     prod asistant:       Debbie Peers
     model lighting
     camera:               Tim Harper, John Duffy
     camera assist:      Andy Crofts
     audio production:  Hullabaloo Studios
     off line editing:     Zyggy Markiewicz
                                Flix Facilities
     on line editing:     4:2:2 Manchester
             Bill Dufris
                                Maggie Fox

                                Marc Silk

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