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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
"Romuald the Reindeer" (Siriol Productions / La Fabrique)

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  the Reindeer
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producers: Siriol Productions/ La Fabrique
2D animation
     episodes: 13 x 10mins

    "He doesn't have a fancy pad,
     (Rom-Rom-Romuald The Reindeer!)

     He lives at home with his Mum and Dad,
     (Rom-Rom-Romuald The Reindeer!)..."

   Welcome to the Lapland home of Romuald Haroldson, a put-upon, woebegone
   Christmas reindeer who seems to be forever dragging around a sled-load of
   teenage angst. There's his knitting-mad mum Hilda, his dad Harald, his younger
   sister Ulrika and the leather-clad reindeer-gang of Clint, Kirk and Burt jostling him
   hither and thither. They're all havin' a rockin' good time of things, whilst Romuald
   just can't get with the Lapland beat, poor thing. But never fear, life's twists and
   turns nearly always work out in our boy's favour...
     You what? - Doo-wop!   Romuald & Ulrika in natty Knitting

   With its doo-wop soundtrack, "Romuald the Reindeer" is billed as "Happy Days"
   with antlers, which tells us that Romuald is the Richie Cunningham of the North
   Pole. These jolly reindeer walk on all fours, but are able to use their antlers as extra
   "hands" to pick things up, knit, throw things, play instruments, hold phones and
   - well - anything else you care to mention. And being special Christmas reindeer,
   they can fly too. Or in Romuald's case, fly very badly. The gangly fellow is always
   colliding with things. Living close by is a rambunctious elf called Grandpa Ivy. He
   and his elf associates operate the Christmas toy machines for Santa Claus, and
   they tend to the witless sheep who wander around Reindeersville. Romuald's angst
   levels aren't helped by the fact that his Mum just loves him to wear her latest knitted
   creations. Oh, and then there's that younger sister of his, Ulrika - baby sitting a
   three-and-a-half year old can be so embarrassing...

   This is a fun series, with lots of pop culture references and gags shoehorned into
   each episode. Romuald was animated by Siriol Productions, the Cardiff-based outfit
   who brought us the award-winning SuperTed back in the 1980s. Our reindeer friend
   previously appeared to two half-hour specials. In "Santa and the Tooth Fairies",
   Romuald finds himself left behind by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve because he
   has such a bad winter cold. But the chap saves the day when he comes to the aid
   of some overwrought Tooth Fairies desperate to make their own toy-delivery.
   Romuald's second appearance was in the mock-umentary special Santa's First
   Christmas which detailed Santa's very first night delivery prersents around
   the world.

   Notice the names of Roger and Nigel Planer in the production credits. The brothers
   previously brought us 39 rediscovered episodes of The Magic Roundabout.

   Notice too, the name of Joe McCaffrey lurking in the animation crew. Joe came
   to animation via a spell working for Fleetway comics, and The Hound chatted to
   him about his days drawing Mustapha Million and friends in our Toonhound Q&A.


    Some details, deer...

    » In "Knitting Patterns" we are introduced to Mrs Haroldson's knitting teacher
        who is guest-voiced by Molly Sugden. Mrs Haroldson's knitting skills take her
        to a tv knitting show called "The Froze Show", named after it's real-life
        counterpart "The Clothes Show"...

       Orange Hilda / Tan Hilda
       It's also interesting to see that, in this episode, Hilda Haraldson is an orange
       reindeer. In subsequent episodes she is tan in colour...

» Grandpa Ivy likes to water ski. In the episode "Deerwatch" he tells us that
       it's good for his arthritis. That episode titles is, of course, a spoof on the
       title of "Baywatch", the bums and beaches hit series that was airing around
       the globe when this show was being animated...

    » In the episode "Music Maestro", a toffee-nosed caribou Prince gets stuck in
       Reindeersville. Grandpa Ivy gives him a tour of the town and shows him the
       new Civic Center for the reindeer. "What a hideous carbuncle!" mutters the
       Prince, echoing the words of our very real royal Prince Charles and his views
       on modern architecture...

    » In "Pen Pals", Romuald tells his trendy pal from Florida, Renaldo, that he's
       won the lead role in the musical "Guys and Does" and that his family live
       at Haroldson Hall - which is actually the local stately home, Elk Hall.

    » In "Space Reindeer", Romuald shares a bath with his sister Ulrika and her
       imaginary friend ZuZu. Cheeky ZuZu blows bubbles in the bathtub between
       the two deer. Or is that Romuald....?

       In that same episode, we meet Romuald's own fictional friend ZumZum and
       we discover that cool Clint runs a Donut Shop...


    Romuald episodes

Baby Sitter
Flee on the Wall
Migration World
Knitting Patterns
Reindeer School

Ulrika's Solo Flight
Camping Trip
Space Reindeer
Computer Whizz
Pet Swap
Pen Pals
Music Maestro


    Broadcast info

     The first episode was broadcast on BBC1, 24th September 1996.
     at 3.40pm. The series continued each week for thirteen weeks,
     concluding on 20th December 1996...


     See also

    Santa's First Christmas


    series created by
    Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler


programme associate:

executive producers:

story editor:
character designers:



music producer:
doo-wop vocals:

studio manager:
production manager:
unit director:

Robin Lyons
Wayne Thomas
Michael Carrington for BBC Television
Patrick Moine, Mikael Shields, Steve Walsh
Roger Planer, Robin Lyons, Andrew Offiler
Andrew Offiler
Robert Brown, Chris Glynn, Andrew Offiler
Andy Janes, Adrian Jenkins, Wayne Thomas 
Tom Bailey, Christophe Barret,
Jean-Louis Garcia, Adrian Jenkins,
Lionel Kerjean, Mathilde Lafabrie
Dale Edna Evans, Mike Hill, Graha Howells,
Dominique Kerjean, Miuchel Simon,
Theresa Whatley
Jean-Charles Andre,
Les Brooksbank,
Robert Brown, Gilles Burgard, Mike Coles,
Laurince Commeyras, Nigel Davies,
Jean-Claude Dandrieux, Sega Fayre,
G.B.H., Ken Hayes, Dick Horn, Steve John,
April Johnston, Lionel Kerjean,
Mathilde Le Fabrie, Ionel Luca,
Alexis Madrid, Nicola Malborough,
Joe McCaffrey, Les Orton, Gary Owen,
Phil Parker, Mike Price, Manuel Rodriguez,
Jose Solis, Wayne Thomas, Hugh Workman
Roger Planer
John McBurnie
John McBurnie, Amanda Driver,
Roger Planer
Lynne Stockford
Mary Pollinger
Henri Heidsieck
Nigel Planer (Romuald)
Kenneth Waller (Grandpa Ivy)
Howell Evans
Julie Higginson
Jonathan Kidd
Christian Rodska
Arthur Smith
Molly Sugden                          
Emma Wray


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