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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

    Roobarb and Custard Too 

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   Roobarb and
  Custard Too
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   producers: Grange Calveley / A&B TV
2D animation
     episodes: 39 x 7mins


   In 1974, Grange Calveley teamed up with Bob Godfrey to bring to life his
    great green canine star Roobarb. And what a star he was. Those wonderful
    wobbling episodes ingrained themselves in the mindset of  a teatime

    So now we jump forward thirty years, and look who's here again?
    Yes, Roobarb's back and the great news is, he's barely aged a day. He's
    still making mechanical mischief in his shed, his pal Custard the cat is
    still basking upon the garden fence, and the birds are still twittering and
    chattering in the trees. What's more, all of them are
still wobbling

    The witty tales have once more been penned by Grange Calveley, and
    Richard Briers has returned to voice the show, in that brilliant breathless
    way. There's even the same whoop-a-diddling theme tune to get your toes
    tapping. Producers A&B TV have worked closely with director Jason
    Tammemagi and the team at Monster TV to rebottle that brilliant boiling
    magic of the original. It was originally caused by tonal differences between
    the felt-tip drawings, as the frames whizzed by. Many animators saw it
    as a curse, but Bob Godfrey's team used it to bring an extra vitality to their
    70s toon star. The folks at Monster may have ditched the felt pens,
    but they've recreated the effect with their computer software...
    A lot's happened it thirty years, and consequently, some of Roobarb's
    mishief has been upgraded to include computers and gizmos. He's also
    gained a few new pals, including a very Welsh mole called - er - Mole,
    Poodle Princess, Mouse and Walter and  Rookie and Jeremy Barker.
    But at the end of the day, Roobarb's as effevescent as ever, and
    Custard's a conniving pink pain-in-the-behind - Just like always!


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   When There Was a Surprise
   When Custard Was Grounded
   When Custard Wrote a Book
   When There Was an Elephant
   When Custard Was Very Naughty
   When the Books Went Bye Bye
   When There Was a Wind-up
   When Roobarb Found the Heiroglyphics
   When it Ended in Tears
   When There Was a Big Band
   When There Was a Time Warp
   When the Garden Was Dry
   When it Was Cool to be Smooth

   When Modern Thingamujigs Needed Tweaking
   When There Was an Opera
   When the Wind Blows the Space Age Will Stop
   When There Was a Pottery Party
   When Roobarb Went on Fitness Drive
   When the Computer Went on the Blink
   When Mouse Arrived for Christmas
   When There Wasn't a Boiled Egg
   When There Was a Cuckoo
   When There Really Was a Something
   When There Was a Duel
   When Communications Weren't the Best
   When the Astrognomes Landed
   When it Was Wibbling Week    
   When Walter's Web Caught Roobarb's Eye
   When There Was a Dance Festival
   When Rookie Fell Out of the Sky
   When a Dinosaur Broke Loose
   When Everything Went Lumpy
   When Roobarb Was Bowled Over
   When the Laughing Had to Stop
   When There Was a Country Fayre
   When the Ballet Hit the Skids
   When There Was Magic
   When Jeremy Barker Turned Up
   When the Molecules Got Loose


Broadcast info

    The series premiered in the UK on FIVE, on Monday 8th August 2005
    at 8.45am, as part of their "Milkshake!"
morning line-up...



    Roobarb and Custard Too badges, from Sue Ryder Care

    In Autumn 2006, Sue Ryder Care launched 4 fantastic
    charity badges featuring Roobarb and his pals. Proceeds
    from each sale benefit the cancer charity...

 Wing Commander Roobarb
 Custard       The Birds

    Roobarb and custard giclees from the Animation Art Gallery

    And these two limited edition giclee prints from The Animation
    Art Gallery are simply stunning. Here we get that great green dawg
    and his pinkilicious pal, surrounded by a selection of model sheet
    sketches, straight out of Jason Tammemagi's notebook. Each
    print measures 24"x29" and is restricted to just 200 editions.
    So do you go for Roobarb, or Custard, or both? - Oh, decisions,


When There Was a DVD

    UK DVD Roobarb and Custard Too - Vol. 1

               Region 2 / 10 eps / Pathe / July 2006

    UK DVD
Roobarb and Custard Too - Vol. 2
               Region 2 / 10 eps / Pathe / October 2006


             Jason Tammemagi
           Adam Sharp
               Grange Calveley
          Richard Briers


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